Tuesday, March 09, 2010


This past Saturday was the final day for the basketball league that Trey has been playing in. His team won the first game,and he got a basket for mommy, since i missed his first basket! We hung around and watched the girls play and then his team was playing for the championship following that. It was a close game but we ended up losing that game, so got second place. Not bad. This has been a great learning experience for Trey, and Ethan is now obssessed with basketball too and can dribble like nobody's buisness.

We will have our Saturdays free again until April when soccer games start up. We seem to always keep busy with one sport or another. I'm sure once Trey starts playing sports in school "this" busy will seem like nothing!

trey showing off his form. the ball did go in!
ethan was worn out from dribbling in between games

trey's team
a couple of his buddy's that he will be playing soccer with as well
raegan loving on "magan" (meagan)
lizzie, mia and raegan. lizzie and avery will be playing soccer together as well
it was a beautiful day so the kids enjoyed playing outside during part of the day

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grammaneir said...

Good job Trey! Congratulations on 2nd place.