Friday, August 31, 2007

What Is That Noise Mommy?

Raegan loves her swing. She takes a nice long morning nap everyday in it. This afternoon she was wide awake when i put her in it and just stared towards the noise of the motor. It seems early, but i swear i got my first smile today. I was talking to her and she just kept smiling big smiles. It was so sweet! She had a checkup on Wed. and was back up to 8 lbs. 13 oz. so is doing great with her weight. Her dr said her eyes were a little yellow, but she decided not to stick her since it seemed to be getting better rather than worse. She will check her again next week. Today is my last day of having my sister, Susan stay with me. She has been such a huge help! Thank you SO much Susan and thank you Greg and kids for letting me borrow your wife and mommy! Next week will be a little jolt of reality for me when i have to load up all the kids every morning to go to school. :) Ethan is getting better adjusted. He is very sweet with Raegan. If he accidentally bumps her he pats her and says "oh i sorry baby". I will have to admit, 4 has definately been an adjustment for Johnny and i, we feel like our house is very full (which it is) but another couple of weeks under our belt and things will probably settle down into a nice routine.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Raegan has been looking a little yellow and her eyes have been kind of yellow so yesterday she was suntanning at our front window. Ethan was jaundiced when he got home from the hospital and we had to spend a few days at Children's Mercy under the lights, so we are trying to avoid that happening! So far she is an easy going little girl. She slept on me in the recliner last night for a 4 hr stretch so that made it feel like i got some good sleep. I have my sister, Susan staying with me this week, so i am enjoying her help! Ethan is having a bit of a hard time adjusting! Last night he was up crying and ended up sleeping with daddy. He likes her and loves on her but just is not happy with all the changes we can tell. Hopefully he will adjust soon! :)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Coming Home From The Hospital

We got out of the hospital Saturday afternoon. The kids were still at Grandma's and we went out later Saturday afternoon to pick them up. It's amazing how much "stuff" you accumilate at the hospital that you shuffle around the house for the first few days until everything finds it's place.

A Few Snapshots...

Just a couple of snapshots of Raegan and her big brothers at the hospital

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bonding With Mommy

My sweet little girl...I love you Raegan!

Meeting The Family

The kids were up at the hospital while Raegan was born and came into the room shortly after i had her. They all just loved her to pieces.

Delivery Day

Raegan's delivery went very smoothly. The dr broke my water but contractions took off kind of slow. She suggested i get my epidural before they started the pitocin a couple of hrs later, so i did and was very glad i did because i went pretty fast after getting the pitocin. After two contractions of pushing, Raegan arrived, healthy as could be. They got to put her on my chest for the first while, which was neat. Johnny didn't pass out during the epidural this time, but they had a chair right behind him just in case :). We thank the Lord for the safe delivery of our newest little bundle of joy!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


I finally got to meet my mommy and daddy at 1:46pm today.

My name is Raegan Elise Seaba

I grew to a whopping 9 lb 2 oz.

I am 20 inches long.

My mommy is doing very well and very happy to finally get to hold me.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Will I Have A Baby?

I don't know, i think i might just be pregnant forever, never to deliver! This afternoon when i got home with the kids from school i started having contractions 2-4 minutes apart for over an hr. I was told on Monday if i had contractions 5 min apart that were regular to get right to the hospital. After spending lot's of time in tears and in pain on the phone with my sis, Johnny got home and took me to the hospital. They got us checked in, promised us we would be staying and that we were safe to bring our stuff in, got my iv and blood work done, and started getting iv fluids. After an hr or so the contractions started spreading out and slowed way down. Apparently the iv fluids slowed things down? They had me walk for 45 minutes but couldn't get them stirred back up. After a call to my dr who we are ever so happy with right now, we were told that she wanted us to go home and come back in the morning. So once again off we went with our bags, actually Johnny took right off so as not to explode in front of the nurse, while i waited on discharge papers. They tell us "they promise we are on for tomorrow, and in no way will be cancelled". You think? since i'm 41 weeks and going to have a very large child??? Ok i'm getting sarcastic so i better stop, i know there may be a very good reason that Raegan is not supposed to be born till tomorrow, but my feelings are... what does tomorrow hold? :) Hopefully my next post will not be a whiny grudegful post, but an announcement that Raegan has safely entered the world.... Now i'm going to try to get some sleep before we have to get up and head up to the hospital again bright and early.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Yes... Still Pregnant

No, the weekend did not bring any desired labor pains or anything like that. On Sat. I cleaned the church, washed and vacuumed out the van, and then walked 3 miles outside at a pretty good pace with no results!! :) I considered breaking into a jog for awhile but decided that might be a bit much. The kids and daddy rode their bikes with me while i walked. I would have walked longer but Johnny told me i couldn't walk all night :) and it was starting to rain so i decided to stop. I did sleep really good Sat night so at least i got something out of it. I go see the dr later today. Ethan stayed with Grandma last night and Trey and Avery are at school so now i can start all over cleaning my house, packing the kids stuff and getting everything ready for round #2. I feel like that movie Groundhog Day. (i think that was the name of it)

Friday, August 17, 2007

My Project For Today

Since i wasn't in the best of moods today, and my kids were with Grandma i decided to do a little project to keep myself busy that i eventually wanted to do anyway. I am going to do Avery's name to but i thought i would only tackle one name today. The kids and i went with Johnny to his side job tonight while he finished up grouting, so he is all finished with that now. Trey has helped Daddy the last few days to earn some $, so he is excited for Daddy to get paid. He has his eye on a couple of toys. :)

No Baby Today...

Well we got to the hospital at 7am this morning only to find out that all the inductions had been postponed due to too many labor patients. UNFORTUNATELY we were not called about this because there had been a clerical error and we had been put in the books for next Friday by accident! Soo when was the next time they could get us in???? Next Thursday! Can you tell i am not happy? Johnny was livid to say the least. We are both concerned about her size, Ethan was almost 9 pounds and he was a week early. The dr's office called around to a couple of other hospitals to see if we could get in somewhere else but the only one that could is not on our insurance, so it looks like unless something happens on it's own it will be next Thursday. I think i will be going for a nice LONG hot walk this afternoon, if it doesn't work and i just overdue it so be it!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Induction Scheduled

I had my last ob appointment yesterday. I held steady at my 32 lb gain, so i was excited to not hit the 40 lb. mark with this pregnancy! I don't even know what i measured, i stopped asking because i'm afraid i measure big and that will just freak me out. Since my body is "doing more of what it is supposed to" to show signs of being ready, they scheduled my induction for Friday morning. She will come in and break my water and hopefully things will get going. Looks like Raegan will share a birthday with Aunt Susan, and be born on Uncle John and Aunt Melanie's anniversary. My biggest dread is the epidural, I get very worked up about getting them even though i have no interest in doing it without one!! My doc asked me yesterday if i was planning on having one and i said "oh heck yeah". She wanted to make sure we don't mess around in waiting too long since each delivery goes faster. I like her way of thinking!! So we are off to the hospital bright and early tomorrow morning...I can tell already i have a lot of nervous energy today... (blogging at 7am being part of that)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

First Day Of School

Today was Trey and Avery's first day of school. When we got to the school Trey asked if he could go ahead and give me my kiss and hug before we went inside. :) I said "of course, Trey". I walked them to their classrooms to take a couple of pictures of them, but Trey did not want mommy taking any pictures. You can tell he is not so thrilled with the one picture he finally agreed to let me take of him. Avery posed with her good friend that we were so excited to find out was in her class this year! She, opposite of Trey gave me several hugs and kisses, and then Ethan and i were off. Today was only half a day, tomorrow is a full day. They both love their teachers already and made several new friends today. (each of them only have one or two from their classes last year)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

To My Sweet Little Raegan,

I've enjoyed having you in my belly from before i could even feel you were there, except for the feeling of having to puke everyday. Then there were those first flutters of movement, how awesome they felt! I felt pretty energetic back then and was thoroughly enjoying being pregnant. I've enjoyed having you all to my self, talking to you and bonding with you when i haven't even seen you yet. I love going to sleep at night with your daddy's hand on my belly feeling his little sweetie wiggle around and watching the kids get so excited when you give them a little kick... Mommy is stretched just about as far as i can stretch now sweetie, i think it is time for you to come on out. Your little kicks have turned into big kicks, you are pretty strong now, and when you wiggle it hurts now. You have the hiccups constantly, and you karate chop at daddy when he pokes mommy in the tummy with a lightsaber, which of course just eggs your crazy daddy on to do it some more.... We all love you very much already Raegan and want to meet you soon! I know i will miss feeling you inside of me, but instead i will get to cuddle you and kiss your little face. Soon... Love, Mommy

Monday, August 13, 2007

Diaper Study Complete

Well i'm taking in my last load of pooped and peed in stinky diapers today. Three weeks of free diapers and $75 made it well worth my time! I was a little concerned finishing it this close to my due date, but Johnny had it mostly figured out or at least the first bagging process (yes they are in several bags, but it is still a bit stinky!) so that made me feel a little better. Ethan is showing signs that he is ready to be potty trained so i think we got this done just in time! (although mommy is not quite ready for the potty training at this particular time) Every morning when he takes a bath he runs to the potty and says "go pee" and hops up there and pees. I know all to well the results of starting to push it too early and having a year long potty training process (been there done that) which i am not ready for, so right now that is all we are doing. :) Although having two in diapers again may change my mind quickly the first time i have to go buy two packs!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Answer To Prayer!!

Johnny got the side job!! The guy called this morning first thing and he will start on it tomorrow. Hopefully he will be able to finish it before Raegan joins us. This was a huge answer to prayer!

Thursday, August 09, 2007


To Johnny's possible promotion- they are talking about it, basically the owners are deciding if they want to pay the extra $ to add him on to that position (responsibilities would be divided between two people) . Things are changing very frequently at his company with the new owners, and he now has a new boss that he thinks will fight to keep him where he is at because he has just been trained on this new way to do the templates, so it may not happen which he is ok with. He loves what he does now so as long as he is happy, i'm happy! :)

On baby Raegan- I had my 39 week appt yesterday. She will check me next Wed. and if my body is "cooperating" she will break my water sometime the end of next week. At first she said we could do it that next day, then said she would be willing to do it on Sat. if the hospital allowed her to, which i would probably pick so that Johnny wouldn't have to miss work or at least only miss one day. He took all his days off for his Philippines trip so he will have to take time off without pay, so a weekend baby would be fantastic! So she will probably make her appearance either Thur. Fri or Sat. I am completely done working with both jobs, which is a big relief! I will be taking a month off at the dr office and for Chilis i am just going to let them know when i'm ready to come back.

We should be getting a call tommorow about a side job that Johnny bid. We were all prepared for my time off work by a huge side job that he started back in May, but things went bad and the guy he was working for (later finding out he has done this to several people) would not pay him for the work he had done. We got a portion but not what Johnny had earned!! SO that left us high and dry for me taking off work, so him getting this side job tommorow is HUGE! Please pray that he get's it! It would take a huge load of stress off both of us!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Gotta Love It

This afternoon Ethan found my brand new bottle of kids shampoo that i had just bought at the store and hadn't put away yet, and emptied the ENTIRE bottle all over the treadmill. When i came in the room he was just smearing away and just looked up at me and smiled. I just stood there in shock and then yelled for Johnny :) He was very quick to want to help clean up his mess. As i stood there and said "oh my word" Johnny said "just go get the camera honey before you get too upset". The next time we go for a run on the treadmill it may be a bit of a slippery run.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Ready For School

This last week we went and got the kids school supplies. On Friday we sat down while Ethan was napping and labeled everything with their names. They are starting to get very excited for school. Trey will be in 3rd grade this year (hard to believe) and Avery will be a first grader. She is excited about going to school all day, and mommy is excited that i will not be making the drive 3 times a day this year! I can't believe we are almost at the start of another school year! We go to a "sneak peek" to see who their teacher is and who is in their class on the 14th and then they have half a day on the 15th for their first day.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My "Basketball"

I have been wanting to do this for awhile now and after our little scare the other night we figured we better get it done before we don't have the chance to. The kids all took a turn with the paint brush, and then we took a ton of pictures. My "basketball" was squirming like crazy the whole time and i reminded her that it was ok to come out and enjoy the excitement anytime she would like, the kids are very ready to meet their little "basketball".

Prayer Request

There has been talk at Johnny's work of a supervisor position for him, and today his boss's boss talked with him and will be taking it before the owners of the company on Friday. He would be changing to an install supervisor if he got the position. It would also mean a couple $ raise which would of course be fantastic! So if you think about it on Friday, pray that they approve this. He enjoys the position that he is in now (templater) but if he can move up that would be great!