Friday, June 29, 2007

Trey's Mountain Climb

On Monday some of the group went to climb the WestPeak. Since i didn't want to give birth on top of a mountain, i stayed back.:) Avery really wanted to go but i decided to keep her back because of her asthma and the fact that i wouldn't be with her if she did have any trouble. Trey made it to the top of the mountain, we were so proud of him!! You can see in one of the pictures he has his cap gun that he took so he could shoot any bears or mountain lions he might encounter. I climbed to the peak when i was in high school and Johnny did it the year we got engaged, so one of these days we will go back and do it as a family.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Our Tree

Here are a few pictures of our tree in Colorado.

Hike To The Meadow

On Sunday we went to Laveta and headed up to the trail that leads to a meadow where we have for years carved on trees. Johnny and i started our tree when we got engaged on family vacation their in Colorado in 1994. He added Trey and Avery in 2003 when he and Greg took a motorcycle trip up there. I added Ethan and Raegan and 07 this time. I couldnt get a really good picture of all of it because it is taking up a good long portion of the tree, but the kids initials and o3 showed up pretty good. The hike was fun, Ethan was carried by Aunt Susan the whole way there and back (Thank you Susan!) He loved watching and hearing the stream and would just stare at it. We had a little service with singing and the kids sharing Bible verses they know and then my dad shared a bit. After we all carved on our trees we headed back. It was a nice hike, i was tired but not hurting like i had been after the day at the sand dunes. It was fun telling the kids that daddy had asked mommy to marry him there.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Sand Dunes

my little mud princess
"is this how i do it, sissy?"
Aunt Dee Dee feeding sandy kids grapes
Being left in the van after getting cleaned up

On Saturday we went to the Sand Dunes. At the bottom there was a big beach type area with running water through it. This is where the little ones and some adults stayed while some of the rest climbed the dunes. It was quite the muddy sandy mess, let me tell you. Ethan thought he was in heaven, he didn't stop running around in the water for a very long time, that was until he learned from his sister to just sit down and start getting covered in the sand. He fell in the water before i had the chance to get his suit on so i left him in his clothes to trash them, and he didn't seem to mind at all. Trey climbed some of the dunes with some of the others, he and his cousin Trevin had quite the time, it got really windy and they didn't have shirts on so needless to say they were really beat when they got back! I'm sure Susan will elaborate on that whole story:) My mom ended up sitting in the van with it running for an hr or 2 with some of the babies and we one by one took babies to the van and cleaned the sand off with paper towels and left them with Grandma. For me this was by far the most exausting day, even though i did no climbing.


My dad and Roger loading up Friday morning
Trevin and Trey were "twins" for the trip there
Avery and Malia
waiting to get into the lodge when we arrived

The kids and i went to Colorado with my family to celebrate my parents 40th wedding anniversary that they just celebrated in May. You will have to bear with my several posts of our Colorado trip, i want to do several so i get everything in for the kids to look back on. We got back to Hutchinson at around 6:30 last night and then Phil (my brother-in-law) went with me and the kids back to KC since he had to work today. Several of the other families were staying till today or later in the week. We had a great trip, all 34 of us (21 of those were kids). We traveled in two 15 passenger vans and my brothers expedition with a uhaul trailer attached for all the luggage. We had all the babies that were in car seats (5) in one van with the moms, and the dads had the bigger kids plus two other car seat babies in their van. All the kids did awesome for the trip! We stayed near Cuchara, CO in the Spanish Peaks Lodge, which was huge and accomidated our family well. There was tons of room for the kids to run around, and they had a blast! It was a very fun trip and i think the kids made a lot of memories! Thank you so much Dad and Mom for planning and providing for this special trip!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sharing Some Breakfast

The boys were up earlier than Avery today (she was up at 2:00 am itching bad so had a bath in the middle of the night) so they had breakfast together. The kids and i are packing up our stuff this morning and heading to Hutchinson and will be leaving with my entire family minus Johnny for Colorado. I'm sure we will have some exciting times, the kids are so excited that they get to spend the next 6 days with their cousins nonstop!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Our Little Sweetie

Our little pumpkin Avery, 6 yrs ago. I see some Ethan in her, especially in this picture.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

31 Week Appt

I had my 31 week ob appt. today. Everything was good, i gained another 4 lbs. and am measuring at 32 weeks but she was not concerned about that. I am starting my 2 week appts now and they will do a sono at 35 weeks. I passed my glucose test, i figured i had since i hadn't heard anything. The kids were all very good for me at the dr today, i think they have heard the speech they get one too many times before drs visits because Trey started saying it for me before i even had the chance. :) The most difficult part is trying to pee in a cup while trying to keep Ethan from opening the door for anyone who might be passing by to see, i think i would die! Avery took a picture for me of my belly, i thought she did a pretty good job.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Love To Swing

Ethan loves to swing and Avery is very good about gently pushing him so that he doesn't fall off. She keeps hopping off her swing to push him when he stops. He loves playing outside and goes to the back door and say's "side" when he wants to go out.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Pictures Once Again...

Ready to be taken back to surgery
Not so happy when waking up
"I want to go home"

We have been going through some computer changes, the reason we have had no pictures in a while but we are now set up again and ready to go! Here are a few the day of Trey's tonsil surgery...

Another Weekend Down...

I am counting down the weekends that i have to work before the baby. I am off a couple of them so if i work till the end there is 8 more (although i don't know if i will make it all the way to the end). After a few more i may go down to one night instead of two.

Trey is doing pretty good. He is still eating pretty soft stuff, but his appetite is picking up. He has had us write his name on a bag of Doritoes and cookies to be saved for when his throat feels better. He is still having to take tylenol for the pain especially in the morning it seems to hurt him. He doesn't talk very well, and we have a terrible time understanding what he is saying half the time, which really frustrates him. I am really glad we did his surgery in enough time before going to Colorado, because i think it is going to be a 2 week recovery time for him to feel back to normal.

Avery has her cat scan tommorow morning, so that is going to start our day off fairly early. Fun Fun! They are going to try to do it without sedation, so hopefully they can. She is pretty cooperative so i think she will do fine. I just can't be in there with her because of being pregnant, but when i talked to the lady on the phone she said she was going to be there and would stay with her the whole time.

Ethan has a new fun thing to do around the house. Get mommy's deoderant and rub it all over the walls, i don't even know how he get's it because it's up on our dresser where he can't reach but somehow he does. I'm sure i will catch him in action one of these times.

Johnny is spending every night that i don't work, working on a side job, we are both looking forward to him being done with that so that we can actually spend some time together! It is a blessing though because it is providing some extra income so i can take off time when i have the baby without putting us behind, so i am thankful for that! I appreciate him working so hard for that.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Better Day

Trey had a better day today. He started out the day again with a fever but has gotten better throughout the day and even ate chicken noodle soup for lunch. He seems to be getting more of an appetite because he ate spagettios for me tonight. The nurse called this morning to check on him and told me if he didn't have anything besides water by 1 pm that i needed to call the dr. so i told Trey that and i think that helped in his motivation to have something besides water. He will get up and walk around a little today for a short period of time and then go lay back down, so i'm sure tommorow will only get better.

I am for some reason not able to leave comments on blogs right now, i have wanted to comment on several of yours but somethins up, so i will have to catch up on comments later:)

Ethan is a cranky boy right now and trying to pull me out of my chair so enough for now...

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Day 2

Trey is not feeling so hot today. He started out the day with a high fever. I woke him at about midnight to give him his pain medicine and he fought taking it because he was hurting, so i let him sleep the rest of the night without waking him. He coughed alot during the night, and he was hurting pretty bad when he woke up. Once we got the pain medicine in him again he felt a little better. The dr. called to check on him so i was able to ask about the fever, and he said that was a little high but as long as we were able to get it down it was ok. I can't get him to eat anything today at all but he will still sip water for me. I had to get out of the house (even if it was for 10 min) so we went and grabbed mcdonalds for lunch and i got him a choc shake but he said it didn't taste good to him. He has a fever again this evening and feeling really yucky, seems to be needing to cough a lot which of course must hurt really bad. Daddy came home and loved on him a little before heading off to his side job this afternoon. Avery is being really sweet to him too, today when we had mcdonalds in the car, he said "Avery will you please chew with your mouth shut" (this is an ongoing issue between them) and i was shocked to hear her respond " ok Trey, i will try" . Usually that request is met with a snappy response from her, so at least i may not have any fighting for the next few days. :)

A milestone for Ethan today was that he shook his head yes for the first time in response to something. We have been working on this for some time now, but he still would shake his head no and say no for everything even if he meant yes. After dinner tonight i asked if he wanted a popsicle and he shook his head yes. Way to go Ethan, now we just have to get the word yes down!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Surgery Day

Trey had his tonsils and adenoids out today. We had to be to the hospital at 6am and surgery was at 7am. He said he wasn't nervous last night but sure had a hard time going to sleep, he watched a movie with daddy till late and slept in the recliner. Grandma Seaba kept Ethan and Avery so that daddy and mommy could both go be with Trey. We ate popcorn last night as his last snack before midnight and he kept his eye on the clock, he was worried about eating at 10 pm. This morning he was starting to get nervous on the way to the hopital and then when they called him back to get checked in he was getting very nervous we could tell but he was being such a brave boy! They brought the mask to him that he was going to be breathing in to go to sleep and let him take a strawberry chapstick to it to help with the smell for later. He later told me he didn't smell the strawberry and that it smelled like "poop and rotten eggs mixed". The nurses said he had a little hard time waking up, he was really upset i guess. When we got to go back to see him he kept asking the nurse if she could take out his iv. He kept saying "i want to go home". The dr. told us that his adenoids were large and that his tonsils were inflamed. After awhile in the recovery room we were able to take him home. He is doing well, we are giving him lortab every 4 hrs for the first 24 hrs so i'm sure that is helping. He is talking very carefully when he talks. We are loaded up on popsicles, jello, applesauce, soup, cool straws and drinks for the next couple of days. I'm sleeping on the couch with him in the recliner tonight in case he wakes up during the night, and Avery decided she needed to join the party too so she is sacked out on the floor. They fell asleep watching Star Wars, imagine that:) I took some cute pics of him in the hopital today so once i can post pics i will have to put a few on.