Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Easter snapshots

Photo shoots with our family bring out the craziness in my kids. They cooperate for a short time and then they get silly. I have learned to snap a few and then just go with the silliness because they love looking back at the silly pictures just as much! After Easter services we stopped at a little park to get some pictures. The boys were a little more into chasing the geese and digging dead fish out of the water than taking pics but finally we got some...

My girls are cracking me up with their poses here...

stealing a kiss from my boy...who is now taller than me...


If only you could hear and see Daddy behind the camera you would know why all four were smiling!

My boys!

Trey always looks for the nearest tree to climb!

Trey's face says it all!

Three handsome dudes!

Monday, April 08, 2013

Playing hoops

Ethan played basketball through the YMCA this winter. He LOVES basketball and spends hours out in the driveway shooting hoops!

It's so cute watching the 1st graders develop their skills from the beginning of the season to the end...BIG difference! He got much better at dribbling by the end!

He is a pretty tough little defense player too but don't have a picture of him doing that

Getting his medal after the last game...

final team huddle...

He wanted us to sign him up again right away so he will be very excited for next fall when he can play again!!

Way to go Ethan, you did great!