Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Avery's allergy appointment

Avery had her allergy appt that she goes to twice a year. We were really hoping that she could start allergy shots this year, so that she could mabye get some relief and be able to go outside without having an asthma attack. No such luck this year. She had to pass the test of doing a peak flow meter successfully because they have to do that before and after shots to check breathing, and she couldn't do it, so they decided she needs to wait. They did retest her for all the things that she was tested for when she was 3 that at that time she was not allergic too, and sure enough every one except for 2 immediately got a hive, showing that she is allergic to it. So let's see most all trees, grass, ragweed, dustmites, molds, cats, and dogs (which Trey is not happy about at all). I may have left some out, but you get the picture... She did really good at the dr but was pretty miserable for a little while because her back was covered in hives. They have to wait a little while so they can measure the hive and then they finally gave her some calamine lotion all over her back and she was much better!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Ethan update

A little update on Ethan. I spent 2 and half hrs at urgent care, it was very busy. The dr thought he probably has rsv, she did hear a little wheezing but not too much, we are just supposed to watch him closely and if he's not better tomorow take him in to see his dr. She said we could do the test for rsv but that she would treat him the same way regardless so she decided not to do the test which was fine with me. She gave me drops for his eyes and told me if he started wheezing anymore that i could try a breathing treatment of Avery's with him and it may help or she said it may not. Last night i had him sleep in the swing and i slept on the couch out with him. Our night was better than the night before because i didn't worry with him coughing quite as much when he was not flat on his back. He has wanted to be held a lot today. This is after his bath this morning after i cleaned all the gunk out of both his eyes (they were both stuck shut this morning).

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ethan has the crud

Off to urgent care with Ethan today. He has a swollen eye with green coming out and was up at 3am coughing so much mommy couldn't go back to sleep cause i was worried, so i slept in the recliner with him. We didn't get a lot of sleep but sure tried.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Johnny had an accident

At around 8 this morning i got a call from Johnny. His first words were "now don't freak out, I'm ok but i had a car accident" He was driving down I35 heading to Emporia in his work van in the far left lane, and a car in the middle lane swerved and hit several cars in the right lane which in turn shot him over to Johnny's lane and cause Johnny to smash right into him. Johnny was worried about the driver of the other car because of the way he hit their car, but thankfully everyone involved was ok!! His work took him to the hospital to get checked over, he is fine, just very sore and he jamed all the fingers in one hand, apparantly from bracing himself, and his shoulder on that same side is hurting. I am very thankful that God protected him!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ethan Rolls Over

This morning when we got home from taking Trey to school i had Ethan laying on his back on a blanket and he decided to do it. He rolled from his back to his tummy. He was grunting around and working hard and then was very happy when he got over. I wasn't expecting it so of course didn't catch the puke that came out all over his quilt (yikes) once he got over. Avery was there to congratulate him and give him a big hug!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Spring Break in Hutch

The kids and I just got back in town today from Hutchinson. We spent the week down there, and the kids had a blast with their cousins. Ethan had been sleeping through the night, but had to readjust to a new place so was up several of the nights ( he finally slept through the night the last night we were there!) To add to my exciting nights were several times a night of Avery waking up having trouble breathing and needing either the inhaler or the nebulizer. The tricky part was to try to keep her from crying (she panics) so that Ethan didn't wake up at the same time, because he was in the room with us. Did i mention i love allergies??? Soo tonight Johnny is on full duty and i hopefully will get to sleep the whole night through, just mabye!! I had fun hanging out with my mom, Julie, and Susan. Ethan very quickly got reaquainted with Grandma, and got rocked and sung to alot.
The kids were very happy to see their daddy, as was daddy to see them. Avery informed Grandma last night that she needed to get home because her daddy missed her. Tonight we went to TGI Fridays to eat and hurried home for the KU game. That's what we have been up to this week.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Big Helpers

Trey and Avery have been begging me to feed Ethan his cereal, so tonight i let them take over and i must say they did a great job. Ethan liked it too and ate good for them, they even did pretty good catching what came back out of his mouth.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Strep AGAIN!!

Yes, once again we have strep in our house. AAARRGGG!! This is the third time in 2 and half months for Trey. After getting the antibiotic today we went ahead and picked up some new toothbrushes at the store.The dr said if he continued to get it like this through the spring several more times they would probably say he needs his tonsils out,but not at this point yet, immediately when the dr said this i saw a worried look come onto Trey's face, and as soon as the dr left he went into tears and said "what are my tonsils, mommy?" I told him it was nothing he needed to worry about now. Sooo. he can't go back to school till Fri. which means Lot's of homework to do here at home. YUCK!! We went and picked up his work for Tues and Wed so that he could get started.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Art Time

Daddy, Trey & Avery love to draw. Hopefully they will get some of there daddy's artistic ability, because they defintely won't get any from mommy! Trey is working on pictures for his schools art fair on Friday.

Cough Cough Cough!

It's obvious that allergy season is officially here! Avery was up coughing and needed her inhaler 3 times at grandmas the other night, and then last night was coughing and wheezing so had to use the inhaler. We will probably start doing breathing treatments at night for awhile and get her back on her preventitive meds for the asthma. It really stinks that as it get's nice outside and she wants to go outside to play it just causes her problems!
Trey was complaining that his eye hurt yesterday, and woke up today with his eye stuck shut, so he stayed home from school today, i made a drs appt but then remebered we still had drops from the last time he had pink eye, so cancelled the appt and just started using those. Last night he said his throat hurt a little when he swallowed and had a low fever, so i'm really hoping something else is not going on, like say... strep, which we have had our fair share of this yr. Trey has had it twice and shared with mommy.
I think Ethan is starting to teethe. He is a faucet at the mouth, and if i rub his bottom gums he loves it and just might knaw off my finger! He also has been a bit more fussy than normal.

Friday, March 03, 2006

I want to be a doctor

Avery and i took Ethan to the dermatologist the other day, and they gave Avery some gloves so she has been being dr to all of us and all of her animals and babies and barbies and pollypockets and whatever else she can find... Came home from running yesterday and she wanted me to lay down so she could work on me.. boy i needed some working on, that mile about KILLED me:) It's so fun listening to her as she plays, she has quite the imagination!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ethan get's some cereal!

We were supposed to wait till Ethan is 6 months before giving him cereal because of his eczema and the possibility of allergies, but this big boy wants food!! He has been getting up twice a night for a bottle, so we tried some rice cereal yesterday and last night he slept for 10 hrs straight!!! WOO HOO!! Soo.. he got some more cereal tonight and we will see what happens tonight.

First post on our blog

Well i am just getting this started and don't really know what i'm doing yet, but hopefully this will all work. We are keeping busy as always. The kids are all well at the same time, and have been for awhile thank goodness. Johnny just finished his basketball season and i am Very happy about that!! I will have fun keeping this updated to share a little of our lives.