Wednesday, March 31, 2010


A patient kitty we do have. when Raegan picks her up she just goes limp...i think she is really just paralyzed with fear for her life! Trey loves his cat, but who was the one that bawled her blessed little head off when we took "cheeta" to the vet to get fixed? (that's right, no more kittens for us!!) I did not realize how attached Raegan was, and she panicked as we went to the car without her "mommy, cheeta!!" and then cried all the way home. Now that she is fixed, she get's to hang out outside instead of the garage as we don't have to worry about the male cats "fighting" with her like the kids say... which she loves, the being outside that is! Occasionally she will plant herself somewhere in the house and act like she is queen of the castle. And then the kids do this to her...

Monday, March 29, 2010


After 11 years of having a crib in the house(well their were a few years in between with no crib) we have put it up for good. Happy? Yes, i am. A little bit sad? Yes, that too. Daddy got to do the honors Saturday night and put Raegan to bed. She did not get up and went right to sleep. Avery did tell me the next day that a couple of times she was sitting up on the side of the bed and Avery threatened her that she would get Daddy so she never got out of bed.

At naptime yesterday she got up twice but then learned her lesson for the day. Today, all i had to do was say "what is going to happen if you get out of bed? mommy doesn't want that and i know you don't either. "she said "i not get out of bed"...and she didn't, she went right to sleep. Yay Raegan! This picture was from Saturday night, Johnny took a picture for me...he knows me well, and that i would want one :)

no more crib in the Seaba house...see, i have started the girls room project. I am a fourth of the way done removing their border :) I despise taking down wall paper, actually it's not the taking it's the mess it creates!! Getting closer to pink and brown walls!

Love, love the weather this week! I went shopping this morning for Easter clothes for the kids and hit the jackpot getting three outfits all at one store! Ethan has most of his outfit already, so i am almost done (happy dance!) I am a little obsessed with color coordination for Easter. Let me tell you, it is getting really hard, and even harder when you wait till the week of! I have a bad feeling that Trey is going to balk at the pink tie...we shall see...i just have to convince him that all the cool boys wear pink ties!

Friday, March 26, 2010


Going on thirteen! Raegan changed out of her jammies while i was on the treadmill this morning she came strutting by me, casually saying"hi mommy, bye mommy" She even had panties on OVER her diaper!

Yesterday she didn't do quite as well picking out her own outfit. It wasn't what i would consider "leave the house acceptable!" They were playing school and informed me that it was "blankie day"

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Coco Keys

We went to Coco Key on Tuesday afternoon after school. My sister and her family were in town on their spring break, so all 3 of my sisters and our families decided to make a night of it at a water park.

Trey cut his foot in the lazy river and after trying to get it to stop bleeding on our own for at least 20 minutes decided he needed to go to the first aid booth and get it fixed up so he didn't trail blood all over any more than he already had!

Daddy hung out in the hot tub a lot since his back was really hurting him. He decided water slides would not be a good idea. good choice!

Malia, Avery and Meryn

Raegan wanted nothing to do with water slides, even the little ones! She did on the other hand like to hang out at the top of the slides and holler at me.

Ethan loved all the slides. I didn't get any pictures of him going down the bigger slides but he did!

I had picked the kids up from school and gone straight to the water park. When we got home that night Trey's backpack was nowhere to be found. (filled with study guides, 3 text books and his expando file with all of his finished and to be finished papers)

I called the hotel yesterday to check and see if anything had been turned in...nothing. Today i was talking to my sister on the phone and just happened to mention the lost back pack. She said they had seen a back pack on the curb at Coco Key but didn't even think about it being someones from the park...they had crying kids and just didn't think much about it so didn't check it out.

I quickly called the hotel and asked again and sure enough the maintenance man had found the back pack!(sigh of relief!)

Because all of the kids got out of the same door on Tuesday, i believe that someone got into our van and snatched his back pack...and then quickly discarded it when all they found was textbooks! There is really no other explanation with where it was found. Trey prayed this morning on the way to school that he would find it and i can't wait to pick him up and see how happy he is to see that he has it again (redoing math packets was upsetting him big time)!

** edited to add- i did lock my van, we have faulty locks that sometimes unless manually locked do not always lock, so the van was not visibly broke into...and we don't know that is what happened...just the only reasonable explanation i can come up with.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Things i love

The first half of a soda...the last half is never as good!

When something goes on sale right after i buy it and i get some unexpected money back!

When i have a great run and i sweat a lot!

Having kids! Some days are so hard, frustrating & exhausting, but i wouldn't trade my four little stinkers for anything!!!

My cozy house...granted i am writing this at night when the kids are all is a little too cozy when everyone is awake and running around like crazy people...i often day dream about what it will be like someday to have a basement with a play room! Every time i start to complain about our house, my mind get's immediately redirected to how good we have things in comparison to so many. we just happen to live in a very wealthy county, and sometimes that tends to throw things out of perspective!

Ramen noodles...i always have, probably cause i like salt!

Flying down a pitch dark water slide with my daughter while we scream our heads off!

My husband, even though some days we drive each other crazy...we are best of friends. i love that!

Butterfinger candy bars and reeces peanut butter cups...i buy the mini ones for our snack cupboard, i just have to stop!

Hearing my two year old say "i lub you"

Seeing my oldest daughter fix her sister's hair and listen to them talk to each sweet!

Laying down on the couch after i put the little ones down for their naps and dozing off!!

My Sunday morning coffee (with a ton of cream and sugar) that i have during Sunday school every Sunday. It is the only time during the week i drink coffee.

Listening to my boys play their war games with their sound effects together.

The sound of a light rain on a Spring night.

Just a few of the many things i love...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Back to school

Spring break is over, time to head back to school. Resetting alarms...time to get back to our routine.

A 16 hr workday and two days of not getting to bed till 2 am trying to keep up with the house and i hit my wall hard today, making for a cranky, teary mama! After a nice long nap this afternoon, i feel so much better!

Daddy knows just how to keep the kids entertained. When i woke up from my nap this is how i found Ethan...

I was also very happy when i headed out to work tonight that the snow is quickly disappearing! Happy Monday! Have a great week!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

More lazy days

i do take pictures of my other children but this week i have had a hard time catching them sitting still long enough to get a picture of them very close up. raegan still is at that age where she sticks close by and likes to check in with me every now and then. so this week i may look like i'm playing favorites. i will try to make up for it.

enjoying the beautiful day
just hanging round and round...

We are winding down our week in Hutchinson. We will head home tomorrow. Last night the week of being outside caught up with the girls. Avery woke up at 12:30 am not being able to breath(nothing a quick breathing treatment wouldn't help) and Raegan woke up at the same time and was awake until 3:30 on and off itching. All that spring air, love it but hate what it does to my girl's lungs and skin!

We have had the perfect weather week for spring break that i had hoped for. I'm hoping the weather people are dead wrong about the forecast for snow this weekend! In case they are right, i went ahead today and knocked out my 10 mile run on this beautiful day so that i didn't have to worry about it this weekend. Johnny is having a horrible time with his calf, he did something to it while running a couple of weeks ago and has been struggling with it ever since. He is really bummed about not being able to do the half-marathon in April but hopefully we will be able to do one together later this summer. I know how frustrating it is to be slowed by injuries, when you really want to accomplish something, but i have no doubt he will accomplish one...just not this one like he wanted. We did have some fun competition for awhile there.

I'm working a 16 hr day on Saturday so i will probably not be blogging this weekend. At least if it's snowing i won't be missing out on beautiful weather! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 3

The kids have been going strong all day long. no naps. lot's of meltdowns. lot's of tattletaling (boys against girls, girls against boys). lots of fun. lots of cousin time. lots of holes in socks. lots of dirty clothes. lots of dirty faces. lots of baths at night...and lots of sleeping children right now!

this pile of money...a dream come true for my mom. she would have been in coin heaven...if there was such a thing. my sisters came back from their run this morning and started unloading a pocket that was filled with almost a hundred coins. they had come across them all over an area on a street and couldn't pass them up. my mom, maggie and i went back to clean up any they had missed and found 35 more. my mom always comes home from runs with coins, she would never leave a penny. ever. coin heaven, i'm tellin ya!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring break

each spring break for the last four or five years the kids and i have headed to Hutchinson to spend some time with my parents, my sister and cousins. it's always good to go home!

this bridge always excites the kids when they see it! it means we have arrived in Hutchinson

we started out the week with one of the places we "have" to eat at each time we visit. Johnny isn't very impressed so i think you just have to grow up with it to really "love" it!

the kids enjoyed mcdonalds while the adults enjoyed taco hut

my sisters were skyping with their husbands and then the brother in laws were talking to each other...crazy technology

raegan and molly have been together non-sto
eli, lauryn and ethan hanging out
the boys all can all play against each other on their nintendo ds games

raegan watching grandpa dig up some pansies to take to the church to plant

avery doesn't get to play on my laptop at home so she is thrilled that i let her while at grandma's. i stuck headphones on her because we all didn't want to listen to the music on the american girl game!

I haven't been making Raegan take a nap so by 8 she is exausted and slept till 9:45 am this morning!! Needless to say, i got a great nights sleep for my first night away. I'm getting to run this week with a Garmin watch (totally awesome) so i'm feeling a little covetous! We all just had a fun dinner out at Applebees and it is now bath and bedtime so i'm off!

Monday, March 15, 2010


I took my oldest two rollerskating with two of my sisters and their cousins this past Saturday. The kids were thrilled that we moms skated as well!

Avery dancing to YMCA while skating

Trey Not dancing to YMCA

we then went to Jose Peppers and devoured a whole lot of chips, salsa and espinaca!

the girls were up to no good :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Play date

My two littles and i got together with some friends on Friday. Their kids were out of school, but my oldest still had school on Friday, so they missed out. We hung out at Mcdonalds. It was fun to catch up!

me, Jen and Melissa

we came armed and ready

Raegan playing with her big brother's buddy Braden

Jen, Raegan and Paula
very entertained with the computer games

and completely worn out about 5 minutes down the road!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I got nuthin

Couldn't think of even a one word title. I think my brain is tired. I'm going to go rest a bit. We have been working on the bathroom this week. As you can see, still no light. If you are friends with me on facebook you may know that this is because my dear little Raegan shattered not one but two of the glass shades while daddy was working on installing the fixture, only after of course getting a hold of Avery's google artwork that she had worked on for several days (for school) and marked in green marker all over it. Avery handled it amazingly well and she took it to school with her, white out and all. I promised an after picture, so here is the almost after. We still have a few touch ups, racks to put up and of course a light fixture but at least i don't have white splotches all over still

And in case you wondered what it was like to have one tiny bathroom with 6 people in our family?? No, not a lot of privacy, yes we start calling tabs on the bathroom as we pull into the driveway sometimes and yes, one of our boys has been know to run to the back porch and pee in the grass in desperate situations (Ethan) but other than that it is not that bad. When we someday have a second toilet i will just appreciate it that much more. Ok enough talk of bathrooms and toilets...

Raegan wants to go "fwimmin"! I bought the kids new suits. I didn't like how hers fit so had to hide it before she spilled something on it so she took to Ethan's. She wore it all afternoon. I can only hope that she "fwims" this year,
instead of stealing flip flops and rummaging through others bags. I bought my pool passes the other day so i'm starting to get excited to get my "pool bag" ready.

I will be heading to Hutchinson with the kids to spend Spring break at my parents house, so will be keeping busy this weekend trying to get everything done and get packed.

Have a great weekend!

Oh and i have to share this. If you want a little chuckle, just head over to my sister's blog and see why you might not want to go to church after working all night...i laugh randomly still just thinking about it! She will probably kill me, but i just had to share for any that haven't read it :)