Monday, March 01, 2010

Avery's hearing update

Avery recently went to her yearly hearing test with the audiologist. They don't bother doing her test at school because she has known hearing loss but has to go each year to monitor to make sure she doesn't continue to lose. She has moderate to sever high frequency loss in her right ear. This current screening has showed moderate loss in her opposite ear with a flat tympanogram. She did have fluid in her ears which they hope and think is probably the cause of the loss of hearing in that ear.

I just got off the phone with the school nurse. Avery was in the nurses office with itchy skin (i'm betting her teacher sent her cause she was clawing herself) since the nurse is well aware of her eczema she didn't put anything on it because she knows that we use special creams and ointments and sent Avery back to class and told her i would lather her up when she got home.

While she had her in there she went ahead and did a tympanogram and it was still flat she said the ear drum was perforated so that she could see the bone. She did not urge me to rush to do anything. She is going to check her again in a couple of weeks. Hopefully it is just a cold that is causing this, but it has been a couple of weeks since the last tympan. and it remains the same. She does complain occasionally about her ear feeling clogged and wants it to pop. So time will tell if she can get rid of some of that fluid. Hopefully so!

Happy Monday all! This nicer weather is really making me happy!!

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