Monday, March 22, 2010

Back to school

Spring break is over, time to head back to school. Resetting alarms...time to get back to our routine.

A 16 hr workday and two days of not getting to bed till 2 am trying to keep up with the house and i hit my wall hard today, making for a cranky, teary mama! After a nice long nap this afternoon, i feel so much better!

Daddy knows just how to keep the kids entertained. When i woke up from my nap this is how i found Ethan...

I was also very happy when i headed out to work tonight that the snow is quickly disappearing! Happy Monday! Have a great week!

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Val said...

Josh and Johnny must have gone to the same parenting class. When I was gone, he texted me, "I put a bunch of those little plastic Princess dolls in Deacon's crib, so when he woke up he just played for an hour and a half! I'm going to put them in there tomorrow night too." Princess doll...

I'm glad you got a good rest in. Those breaking points aren't ever fun!