Saturday, July 29, 2006

Watch Where Set Your Food!

Daddy set his plate of biscuits on the arm of the couch and then got busy with something. Ethan enjoyed daddy's biscuits for him...

Friday, July 28, 2006

Having Fun At Grandpa and Grandma's

Ethan's mission for the week of Camp Gramma was to get out the back door where all the other kid's were going in and out. I've never seen him move so fast! He would get so frustrated when the door kept getting shut in his face. When i finally did take him outside he would get so excited and loved just crawling around in the grass.

Ethan warmed right up to Grandpa and Grandma and had fun spending some time with Grandpa the day before we left.

The kids had a fun time at Camp Gramma and were exausted tonight when we got home.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Camp Gramma Pictures....

More pictures of the week....

More Camp Gramma Pics...

Some more pics....

Camp Gramma....

Camp Gramma is well under way... This is the third yr that my parents have had all the grandkids that are potty trained for several days of activities. There are 13 cousins that are here plus the 4 non-potty trained ones that are here as well. This year's theme is "Building Character". The boys are all sleeping in tents each night with Grandpa and the girls are in the air-conditioned play house with Grandma. Today we went to the Hutchinson Zoo, had a tour of Uncle Greg's firestation, and then had a picnic at the nature center. Tonight after dinner we all watched "Chronicles of Narnia". Tommorow they have another busy day planned. Ethan has had fun exploring Grandma and Grandpas house but doesn't want mommy too far out of sight.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Air Show

Today we went to an air show/display of World War II planes. They were flying those planes around really fast and would zoom down really close to the ground then go straight up. It was pretty neat and the kids enjoyed it.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

What's The Munchkin Up to now?

He seems very fascinated with the bathroom.... the culprit escaped through my legs while i tried to take a picture with our turtle-slow camera....

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Some more Hiking

Ready to Hike!

Here we are ready to hike. Before we began to sweat... I will tell about it in the third post...

Friday Night Family Night

Last night we had promised the kids we would take them hiking (they had each gotten canteens, hence the sudden desire to hike). We went to the Ernie Miller Nature Center that is just a couple of miles down the road. Johnny and i assumed it would just be paved pathways but we were wrong! We hiked a very long ways and felt like we were in Colorado. Trey had a blast and did not stop talking the whole time. He said he was clearing our path of the cobwebs with his hiking stick, but i think he missed them all and mommy and daddy took them in the face instead. Avery decided early on she didn't like hiking so much, apparently she doesn't like to sweat, but she made it the whole way without being carried (she kept begging for a piggy back ride) Ethan as you can tell decided it was a great time for a nap. He was awake quite awhile but finally conked. We had a great time! We went and got some ice cream and then came home to get all of our stuff out to the tents. Yes Ethan and i stayed out there too!! We don't have a pack n play so we just got him to sleep and then took him out. Avery was asleep in 5 minutes and Trey wasn't too far behind, Ethan slept till 5 this morning and then he and i came inside. I think today we will just be laying around the house!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Learning Some Music

We got our cd in the mail today of the music for Camp Gramma for the kids to begin learning. They were excited when they heard the song "Kids Under Construction" again. We have listened to the cd a couple of times already. You can't tell in the picture but Ethan was bouncing up and down with one of the songs while playing with a water bottle. He was trying to sing too in his own way.

We are waiting on daddy to get home to go "hiking' on a trail and then he has the tent up in the backyard to go "camping" tonight.

Ethan broke two more teeth through today (his eye teeth). I think he and i might be sleeping in our nice cool house tonight!!

Monday, July 10, 2006

HMM... How To Open The Door

Ethan is 9 months old tommorow. He has been trying very hard this last week to pull up on things to stand up and he finally can do it! So far the front door is where he can do it the easiest. A little dilemma in this... I carry Ethan in set him down then go back with the older two to get the groceries.... and that's the dilemma... how to get in the door with this little munchkin teetering very unsteadily...we obviously worked it out (trey going through back door and moving him) and went back out to take a picture:) of course leaving one inside to move him. He has started to like his swing again a little lately and we have been using it some to get him to sleep through these teething days. i was about to put it up but have decided we may just need it awhile longer!

Conversations With My Boy....

Trey woke up this morning wanting to talk about Heaven. I want to journal some of this on here so that i can remember our conversations from when he was little when he get's older. He has so many questions these days...some silly and some that daddy and i just look at each other wondering 'how in the world do we answer that?" Today we talked about how he couldn't wait to get to Heaven... "will we hear the trumpet mommy?" "how fast will we get there?" "can Ethan share my mansion?" "i really wish i could have a dog in Heaven, will there be any dogs mommy?" "i'm going to meet Moses" "i just can't wait mommy, i wish we could go today" "is there really going to be gold?" "i get to meet our three babies we have there mommy" "will we be sad if we look down and see bad people destroy our things?" "i bet we will have cool toys" "im going to tell shadrack meshack and abednigo i know who that fourth person was" "it could be in ten years mommy or it might be tommorow" "we just don't know mommy" I love my little deep thinker!....

Friday, July 07, 2006

Mmm Mmm Good!

Ethan seems to like his corn on the cob last night! Today has been a pretty relaxing day. Trey went over to one of his friend's house this afternoon so i took Avery and Ethan to Mcdonalds playland. I was sitting close letting Ethan crawl around a little (actually just stand there by the steps because he is so happy to be standing holding onto something). A little girl came up to him and grabbed his face and pushed him over. Boy did i see a defensive big sister! She first stared down the little girl and then ran to her brother's rescue. It was sweet! It really didn't phase Ethan that much because he's so used to being dragged around, smothered, and well loved on to the point of frustration for him. Our 4 most commonly used words in the Seaba house these days are "get out of his face!!!"

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy 4th Of July

Yesterday we went to the Roeland Park Aquatic Park with Johnnys brother and family and mom and dad. There were a couple of waterslides and that was where Trey and Avery spent almost their whole day! I couln't believe that Avery went down the big one by herself. They are growing up! After a long day of swimming we went home and relaxed awhile and then went out to Phil and Julie's to watch Gardner's fireworks from their backyard. The kids had fun doing sparklers.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Monday, July 03, 2006

Doctors Visits

Well we got the kindergarten shots behind us for Avery and... she didn't even cry! She was a big girl and very proud of herself when it was over! She didn't pass her hearing test. As a baby she had not passed and then they referred her and tested again and she still didn't pass so we were to follow up when she got a little older and just decided to wait. Today she didn't pass either so they referred her to an audiologist so we will get that done before school. Ethan has an ear infection in the opposite ear as last time and the dr asked if i would like to have them give him an injection antibiotic so we chose to go that route this time which of course he didn't like one little bit!! So much easier than 10 days of antibiotics though!! Hopefully it will make him feel better soon!

I Taught My Kids To....

VACUUM their own rooms!! We have had a major cleaning day here at the Seaba house today. Johnny is off work and i have been way behind on thorough cleaning. He promised me he would help me today and i of course made sure he kept that promise.:) I feel so much better already, i got alot of the major things done that have been bugging me. Avery has her kindergarten physical this afternoon which she is very nervouse about because she gets 3 shots. She starts crying everytime we mention going. I called to get Ethan in to the dr too because i think he may have ear infections he has been pulling at his ears, waking up throughout the night and being pretty grumpy in general!!