Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sure Enough

Trey had strep when i took him in. I was reassured by the dr that it is definitely time to get the tonsils out (that it would def. cut back the strep infections) so when we got home from getting his script i called and left a message with the ent that we saw back before Christmas to get his surgery scheduled late May or early June. He is ready and not terrified anymore like he was back when the dr first started talking about it. He would cry at the mention of the word tonsils back then. Now he is just sick of getting strep throat and ready. He thinks eating popsicles and ice cream for meals sounds kind of fun too. He was cracking me up talking about his tonsils yesterday, he was asking again exactly where they were and if they kept his uvula (??no idea how to spell that!!) from moving around and that if it was going to"wiggle" around all the time when his tonsils are out. The things an 8 yr old worries about:)
I came out to my sister's last night at midnight to sleep so that i can watch her kids today while she and Damon go do a trail duathlon, which sounds really fun. I think i will have to get in shape and do some of those with them after i have Reagan.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Crazy Week

We started out the week with Avery staying home sick on Monday. She complained on and off for a few days about a sore throat and head and neck ache but only had a fever on Monday. Then Trey started missing school on Wed. with a fever and sore throat and is still home today. I have put off taking him to the dr because Avery's went away on it's own, but i made an appt finally today to take him in to see if he has strep. Ethan has stayed well but has had some really cranky nights waking up at 3:30 and wanting to be rocked, i'm hoping he get's back into his good sleeping pattern soon!! We are needing to switch him to a toddler bed in the next couple of months so he can adjust before the baby get's here but i just can't imagine doing that right now! Although i thought taking the bottle from him was going to be a nightmare and didn't end up being that big of a deal, so he may do ok in a big bed.
Monday nights at the dr's office became available and they asked if i would want them (Julie and i switch off every other Thurs night) so i took Monday nights on as well, which has made it so that i don't need to pick up a night at Chilis during the week. I have loved going back to just my Sat and Sun nights at Chilis, that's when i get my exercise but 2 nights doesn't wear me out too bad. I told Johnny i was going to wear a pedometer one of these nights to see how far i walk on my waitressing nights, i bet it adds up to a lot! Well enough of my rambling post, i just hadn't posted since Monday so i had to post something. :)

Monday, March 26, 2007

What Kind Of Mess Can I Make Today...

Hmmm guess who i'm talking about??.Once again playing nice and quiet means... mommy get's to refold all her clothes from her bottom dresser drawer. He worked very hard unloading and neatly unfolding each pice of clothing and throwing on his pile (daddy and mommy were peaking around the corner watching, without him knowing and we decided to let him have his fun because it was pretty cute seeing how hard he was working at it) After the pile was big enough for his satisfaction or at least there were no more shirts to pull out of the drawer, he layed on the pile of clothes for awhile and got another bright idea, hmmm there is that drawer with all those fun pans, let's make some noise!! He finally heard daddy and mommy giggling so we snapped some pics of his fun.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Music Special

Katie Manthe (she and her husband work with the children's choir) asked Trey and Avery to sing a special with her. They were very excited this morning when they got up. Today was faith promise missions day and their song went right along with the message, "If I Gave All" (I think that was the title of the song) by Ray Boltz. They did a great job! Trey even said he wanted to do it again sometime. They brought a couple of tears to their mommy's eyes. Daddy and Mommy were very proud of them, Daddy videoed it so that they could look back and watch their first special music in church.

Friday, March 23, 2007

One Of My Favorite Pics From The Past...

Trey and his cousin Maggie who are only 6 weeks apart, being ring bearer and flower girl at Uncle John and Aunt Melanie's wedding in 2002. I had to swipe it from my mom's computer since i don't have it on mine.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

More Spring Break...

It was gorgeous outside yesterday so the kids played outside most of the day. Caleb and Brendon gave them all rides with the wagon and tractor. Ethan just wanders around outside along with all the others. Greg watched all the kids today so that Susan, my mom and i could go out to lunch. When we got home Ethan was sacked out on Uncle Greg's lap. I had to get a picture of Trey and Trevin and their toothless grins. They are best of buds and disappear togethether the whole time we are here. Trey has always told me "me and Trevin are twins." They have alot of fun together.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hangin At My Parents

The kids and i got down to Hutch yesterday at about 1:00. The kids and i went out to Applebees for dinner with Greg and Susan and their kids last night and then i went to their place to check out their cruise pics and video which make me want to take a cruise! Ethan had a rough first night at Grandmas, i don't know what was wrong but he cried till about midnight and finally fell asleep beside me in bed. Trey and Avery are having quite the time of sibling rivalry right now, they fight over just about everything and mommy is getting quite tired of playing refferee. Last night it was about who would get to sleep on the top bunk in Grandmas playroom. My dumb solution was to tell them whoever gave up the top bunk and slept on the bottom last night would get the top the next two nights Not A Solution at all, just started a fight about who would then sleep on the bottom bunk. Needless to say they ended up in my room with me. AARG!! My mom made us a big breakfast this morning, i am going to put on the weight this week let me tell ya! Her jars of mini candy bars aren't going to help me out any!! Ethan is keeping very busy exploring, and getting into things as usual. He hasn't destroyed anything YET, unless Grandpa's dental floss counts. I am enjoying just relaxing and hanging out. I will post some pics later once i take some :)

Monday, March 19, 2007

And The Name For Our Little Sweetie....

As of right now unless we change our minds is.... Reagan Elyse Seaba.... I had my ob appt today and i have now gained 6 lbs total, and her hb was 135. It was a very quick appt. I am planning on heading to Hutchinson tommorow morning with the kids to go see Grandpa and Grandma Neir for the rest of spring break.

Friday, March 16, 2007

We Are Having....

A GIRL!!! We had our sonogram today and it appears we have a healthy little girl to look forward to in August. She measures about 6 days small but everything looks great! The office has recently gotten a 3D 4D ultrasound machine that they are going to start doing for a fee and the sono tech (who has scanned me with all of my pregnancies) did a 3D ultrasound on me including a dvd and pics. It was so neat, i fell in love with my little girl watching her on the screen! She moved around a lot and likes having her hands by her face, i thought she was going to stick her thumb in her mouth but she moved it. Trey and Avery thought it was great. Avery grinned from ear to ear when she said it was a girl! At one point while the tech was checking for kidneys and bladder Trey said "Are you sure you didn't swallow a frog mommy? It sure looks like a frog to me." We went to Children's Orchard afterwards for each of the kids to pick out an outfit for their little sister.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spring Break Has Begun

Today was the first day of the kids Spring break. Next week is actually spring break but they are out this Thur and Fri as well. Ethan actually slept in till 8:45 this morning so it was WONDERFUL!! Ethan had lot's of full time attention today. When Trey and Avery were giving him a ride in this basket they took turns and they would each push for 5 minutes at a time, then have to switch. They did this for a good 30 min., Ethan was just laying back and chillin the whole time.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bird On The Loose

We have a little blue bird that likes to hang out in our wreath that we have outside the door on the front porch. I always freak out when i walk outside and that thing zooms past my head. Well last night it flew right into the house when i opened the door, and what followed was a hilarious sight of Johnny jumping and waving his arms to try to get the bird to go in a certain direction. It kept getting out in the kitchen, but finally after about 10 minutes he flew back out the front door! Trey was trying to help daddy, Avery was in the other room and screamed and slammed the door and Ethan was chasing the bird around yelling at it, he was excited as could be. I got a good laugh out of it while Johnny did all the chasing.:)

Monday, March 12, 2007

"Hey Mommy What's Up?"

"Been Wondering how i'm doing in here? Well here's a little kick and a little nudge to let you know i'm growing and doing just fine! Just swimming and developing, it's a lot of work you know." I've been feeling little things i have thought were movements this last week but haven't been completely sure but last night i was laying there with my hand on my stomach and i got a definite little kick and movement! So then i waited and waited some more but my little stinker was only giving me a little tease. I have my sonogram on Friday which we and the kids are anxiously awaiting to find out if they are going to be having a brother or a sister.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Spring Is In The Air

Which means it's time for the albuterol inhaler, nebulizer, singulair, flovent, benadryl, zyrtec, nasal spray, eye drops and a variety of skin creams and steroid creams. Oh the fun of springtime for Avery! She has been coughing and wheezing all day and has needed two treatments already. I have had a spot on my wrist that has been itching constantly the last month and it drives me crazy, so it's reminded me how miserable my little girl probably is when she has areas all over her body that itch horribly! It's no wonder she has some crabby days. Typical eczema is worse in the winter (so i've been told by her dermatologist) but Avery's get's so much better during the winter and then in spring and summer is aggravated by allergens. We will be looking into starting allergy shots this year. They didn't allow her to start last year because she wasn't able to do the peak-flow-meter. Hopefully that shouldn't be a problem this year and we can get the process started! They are not sure if she is going to be a good candidate for the shots becasue they worry the shots may aggravate her skin because of the eczema, so hopefully that will not be the case!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Successful Night!

Well there was no waking up for a bottle at 5 or 6 this morning, so we have been bottle free for over 24 hrs. YAY! Hopefully the next couple of nights will go as smooth as last night! The only problem is that he does not want anything to do with his milk in his sippy cup, so i'm giving him watered down juice for now and mabye he will want his milk again once the adjustment period is over.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Here We Go...

We are well past due of breaking Ethan from the bottle, so tonight is night #1 without a bottle. I got this Nuby cup today that has the soft spout and i'm hoping this makes it an easier transition for him at nightime. He drinks out of a regular sippy cup fine during the day but at nap and bedtime only wants his bottle, and mommy and daddy really rely on it to get him to sleep. When i put him to bed tonight he cried and wanted nothing to do with the cup, but went to sleep in about 10 minutes. The real test is going to be at 5 or 6 in the morning when he wakes up wanting a bottle, which he does just about every morning. We will see how strong and determined i am then. :) If i can get through a few days then i know he will probably forget all about his bottles (which i have put away in the cupboard). We will see how it goes...

Monday, March 05, 2007

Afternoon At The Park

This afternoon we went to the park in this beautiful 65 degree weather we are having! Ethan had fun going down the slide with Avery and Trey was busy gathering a pile of pinecones. We went on a little walk and watched the geese. (Ethan get's very excited to see any moving animal and growls at all of them)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

A Toothless Grin

At 2 am this morning i was woke up with someone tapping on my shoulder and when i opened my eyes there was Trey smiling in my face showing me that he had lost the first of his front teeth to come out. The other one was extremely loose and by lunchtime hanging in the middle of his mouth, but he wouldn't let anyone get near it! He left to go to Grandmas for the afternoon and it apparently fell out in the car on the way home. The money he has in the picture is before the tooth fairy even comes tonight so he's making out pretty good with these front teeth.

Friday, March 02, 2007

This Is When You Need A Playroom

or a basement...When i got home tonight i had to climb over a chair to get to the kitchen. Once i got pictures they didn't fight me on putting it all away. Then we had a popcorn and survivor party. Trey and Avery love Survivor and Amazing Race as much as Daddy & Mommy do!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'm All About Free Stuff!

This morning i got up at 4:15 am to go get in the drive-thru line at a Mcdonalds by our house that was having a grand re-opening. The store opened at 5:00 am and the first 100 drive-thru customers and the first 100 lobby customers received a free value meal a week for a year. 52 free meals is worth getting up a little early for me:) When i got there at 4:20 the line was already quite long, there were lot's of people outside, so i decided to go for the drive-thru- which i probably had about 30 cars in front of me or so. As i'm sitting there my sister Julie drove up and got a couple of cars behind me. After gettiing through the line we went to a different parking lot and ate our food and then saw that a lot of the cars in the line had left (assuming they gave up) so we got a little greedy and decided to try it again:) and sure enough got another booklet! So 104 free value meals this year! I'd say a worthwhile morning.:) I got home about 6:30, just in time for Johnny to go to work and for me to konk out for an hr before i had to get the kids up for school.