Friday, March 30, 2007

Crazy Week

We started out the week with Avery staying home sick on Monday. She complained on and off for a few days about a sore throat and head and neck ache but only had a fever on Monday. Then Trey started missing school on Wed. with a fever and sore throat and is still home today. I have put off taking him to the dr because Avery's went away on it's own, but i made an appt finally today to take him in to see if he has strep. Ethan has stayed well but has had some really cranky nights waking up at 3:30 and wanting to be rocked, i'm hoping he get's back into his good sleeping pattern soon!! We are needing to switch him to a toddler bed in the next couple of months so he can adjust before the baby get's here but i just can't imagine doing that right now! Although i thought taking the bottle from him was going to be a nightmare and didn't end up being that big of a deal, so he may do ok in a big bed.
Monday nights at the dr's office became available and they asked if i would want them (Julie and i switch off every other Thurs night) so i took Monday nights on as well, which has made it so that i don't need to pick up a night at Chilis during the week. I have loved going back to just my Sat and Sun nights at Chilis, that's when i get my exercise but 2 nights doesn't wear me out too bad. I told Johnny i was going to wear a pedometer one of these nights to see how far i walk on my waitressing nights, i bet it adds up to a lot! Well enough of my rambling post, i just hadn't posted since Monday so i had to post something. :)

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Greg & Susan said...

Wow a toddler bed already. I see some exciting times ahead for you:)