Friday, June 26, 2009

Later gators

We are going on vacation...we will catch you in a week or so, hopefully with lot's of fun vacation stories and pictures.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wedding weekend

the ring bearer ready for some action

untucked and facing the wrong direction the whole wedding but he stood nice and quiet
he and Elizabeth held hands on the way was cute
this piece of cake terrified me with his dress clothes!
Trey took lots of pictures with the table cameras
yea, still terrifying me!
the PLACE to hang out...all the little ones stayed really close to the ice
"that's it i'm getting in!"
Raegan and her 2nd cousin Eden
miss Avery
Ethan doing some dancing
the little girls were ready to take the stage by the end

I have been slow at getting wedding pictures on this week. Johnny's brother and Denise tied the knot this past Saturday. Ethan was the ring bearer and looked pretty cute in my biased opinion. The one picture that was taken of him coming up the aisle, taken by someone other than myself, but we won't mention any names...was blurry...oh well. They had a fun beach themed reception. Chocolate fountain and strawberries...can it get any better? Not for me, i have a real weakness...the chocolate always wins! Congrats to Duane and Denise...they are off honeymooning.

I've been too busy hanging out at the pool in this HOT weather! Vacation is in 2 days so we are skipping the pool today and actually going to start packing...after i finish blogging...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bet you thought i forgot...

But of course not, it's just been a really busy day.

I have my winners...the first two names out of the ...colander...yep, that's what i used...

were.... CANDY G. and KERRY! If you will both email me @ with your mailing addresses and which set of clips you would like i will get them made and mailed out to you!

Everyone else, thank you SO much for playing and for linking to my blog! You're all awesome!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm in the mood

to give some clippies away. And this time it's a giveaway with options...winner will get to pick which set of clips you would like. AND this time, you will have the option of getting your name thrown in the hat or pot or whatever i might decide to throw the names in not once but twice!

For your first chance, just leave a comment like last time. For a second chance, blog about the contest on your blog and link back to my blog.

Oh yea, and i will make a new pair for you, the ones pictured i grabbed off my girls clippie board...yours will be new, i promise! And i can always add non-slip grips if you need them for that really fine hair!

I will draw 2 names on Tuesday, so get busy commenting :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Messy Monday

i think my words were "johnny can you get raegan she's being too quiet in the bathroom...she found the noxema!
not 5 minutes later Ethan dumped a whole bowl of frosted flakes...thank goodness with no milk! I let him clean up his own mess.
he probably would have vacuumed all night if i would have let him...he was getting a little distracted

I was hoping for a nice pool day today and that's exactly what we got. I also got a nice bright sunburn again. Raegan did great at the pool today, i don't think she stole a single flip-flop (do you hear me knocking on wood?) towards the middle of the afternoon she even ventured out in the water and sat down in the water and LIKED it! The girl has done nothing but get her toes wet so this is GREAT improvement. I took Ethan to the diving board and today's trick was walking backwards till he just fell off the board...scared mommy a bit but he loved it.

Today is day two of "operation bye bye ba-ba" I'm ashamed to say (well i'm not really that ashamed of it to be honest) I am the mommy of a 22 month old very attached to her bottle (ba-ba). When she threw an absolute fit when we didn't have one yesterday for her we decided, now is the time...we have two weeks before vacation...let's get her broke. Last night Johnny said she cried broken hearted for one before bed but finally took a sippy and went to sleep. This morning when she woke up (she always wants her bottle when she wakes up) i brought her a sippy and she cried "" but finally gave in and took the sippy after about 15 minutes. She went to bed like a big girl tonight without one so i think the hardest part is over, or at least i hope so.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Rainy week

craft sticks that Avery spent her $ on kept them busy and getting along most of a morning!

Trey begged but Ethan wasn't about to get the hose turned on him!
and last but not least- sparkle the cat- daddy forbid them feeding her but very apparently not loving her!

We have had to find other things to do this week besides going to the pool since it has rained most of the week. We are having a pretty good summer. If anyone finds the complete solution to cutting out all sibling arguments, i would possibly give my right arm for it! It is once again challenging to get Ethan to take a nap so most days he doesn't get if you see us and he is having a complete meltdown, it is probably because he is in desperate need of a nap... or else his 2 older siblings are taunting, scaring or driving him nuts. I'm convinced they thoroughly enjoy the sound of his ear piercing screams and crying/whining that follows.

Raegan has been sleeping in till at least 8:30 and even almost 9 a couple of morning...bless her little soul! Trey is usually my first one up and outside checking on the cat. insert story on cat/s: Goldie (previously seen in pictures is gone...not sure where she went but cat hanging around the kids have named Sparkle, whom Daddy has now forbid the kids to feed ever since there were 3 black cats hanging around in wait and then proceeded to do obsceen things with Sparkle in our get the picture...enuf said...just wanted to explain why you may see a black and white kitty in pictures. Ethan will every once in awhile come hop in bed with me and watch cartoons if everyone else is still sleeping...while doing so he will lean over and give me a kiss on the cheek aor on the hand every now and then, he is such a cuddle bug...i love it! Avery could sleep till noon if there weren't 3 other kids hootin and hollerin...she usually comes draggin out around 10am.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hospital Hill

This past Saturday i ran the Hospital Hill half- marathon. I signed up only two weeks before the race to run with my sister June who due to some medical issues was having a tough time with her running (though she stuck with it through everything) and didn't want to hold the girl back that she had been training with. So even though it probably wasn't the smartest way to go about running 13.1 miles, i didn't train. I had been running 2-3 miles consistently and i ran 6 miles the week before the race...surprisingly i felt great on race day. The hills were not the funnest (is that a word?) but i was psyched up for them being much tougher than they were! My sister has a Garmin watch. SO. COOL. We could tell when we needed to pick up the pace a little to stay on goal. Coming in to the finish line a shout from the crowd "don't let your sister beat you" lit a fire under both of us and we sprinted...well as much sprinting as you can do after 13 miles that is...and crossed the line together.

Since my goal is to run another marathon, i'm thinking what better time to start training than when i just completed i may do the KC marathon in October...we will see...i so heart running...i know sounds silly...but i really do!

And as for my new style of music?? Just had to put some of our starting line music on here for a while :)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Conversation between the girls

The girls were hanging out on the back patio...i was sweeping off the back patio and Avery was telling me how she had always wished she had a teenage sister. After telling her that she is going to be the teenage sister one of these days their conversation went a little like this: "raegan when you are 10 and i'm 15, we will go shopping together, and i will take you to a movie and we will have so much fun!" Raegan's response to everything Avery said went a lot like this: "yea, yea, yea" It was so sweet i had to go get the camera...but of course... and grab some pictures.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Something's gone missin

After about a week of it barely hanging on, she finally pulled it herself! The other one is just barely loose so we are gonna have a half toothless grin for awhile now.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

"I'm a cowboy"

Raegan slept in till 9:45 this morning...i discovered if i just pull her in bed with me when she wakes up around 7:30. she goes right back to sleep! Love it!!

Ethan had an allergy appointment yesterday along with Raegan and had to have blood drawn. To make matters worse his vein in his first arm blew so they had to do his other arm too. He was BAWLING his head off and Raegan on my other knee was BAWLING her head off as well cause she thought she was getting it (she had just had her blood drawn in the same chair recently, and just had gotten a shot so was a little on edge). Anyway, after all the drama of the day we went to pick the kids some treats because they were very good for me...Ethan picked this cowboy set and was a cowboy/bank robber the rest of the day.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Playing at the pool

he won't even get on the board till the person before is all the way to the side and sometimes out of the pool- the older kids are so patient with him!
here we go
i think he's been watching the big kids
flying little man
Trey hanging out with cousins Evan and Micah
Raegan with her cousin Maggie who was being so sweet and sharing her candy
Avery taking her jump

Well, i did accomplish snapping some photos at the pool today. I discovered what i think may be the key to keeping Raegan occupied enough to stay close....a cup of crushed ice will keep the girl oh so happy! There is a free supply at concessions and they will probably get sick and tired of seeing me.

As promised, pictures of my little jumping man. In other news -Avery learned how to jump off the diving board without plugging her nose today thanks to the help of her cousin Maggie. She was pretty proud of herself. She also learned to dive but i didn't get a picture because when i came over to watch she was a little off and her dive turned into an ouchie belly flop.

I am fried! The kids aren't but i am! Aloe is my friend!