Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The girls

I love the days when they are best of friends! Raegan will get her little stool and sit on it and have Avery do her hair, let her help pick her outfit and so on. Of course there are lot's of days that aren't quite like this, but i love when they come walking out holding hands, with their hair exactly alike, lip gloss on, all smiles...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

City of fountains

On my list of things i wanted to do before the kids head back to school this fall was to go down to Crown Center fountains and let them play in them. We needed a break from the pool today so we packed a picnic lunch and went down town...

i went off without our towels...but who really needs a towel when it is 90 some odd degrees outside!

lunch time!

raegan was not fond of going in to the fountains. she got a little close but would quickly run back. she did cry most of the way home though because she didn't get to play in the fountains...sometimes it's just hard being 2...

we also went to the "Clifford the big red dog" exhibit. i had thought about doing Fritzs' for lunch, but after seeing the massive line waiting to get in there i was SO glad that i opted for a picnic much more relaxing!

Ethan was very upset because he thought we were going to see a real, LIVE Clifford...he did have fun playing but when it was time to go he was ready to go see "the real Clifford"...oops!

we walked across the link to Union Station. i took the kids to the Amtrak station. we are going to St Louis by Amtrak in August so they got excited seeing where we will be getting on the train.

raegan found a couple of friends she would have loved to have brought home but she settled for giving them kisses and leaving them at the toy store!

We had a fun day. I think i enjoyed it as much as the kids and i didn't even run through the fountains!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Someone's been sleeping in my bed

When the little miss is away...the bigger and might i add much taller miss was found sleeping in the little miss' bed...

maybe we could just save some space and go back to two toddler beds. :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Twilight 5k

I'm enjoying doing some shorter distances this summer. Although in a week, i will start my 12 week training program that i am going to follow to get ready for the Kansas City half marathon in Oct.

There was an evening race last night out in Lees Summit that i had signed up for. At about 6 or 6:30 last night it started storming horribly so i was a little bummed cause i thought we might not get to run...but the storm passed pretty quickly and it ended up being a beautiful evening for a run. Would have been more beautiful without the humidity but oh well, getting used to that!

Raegan all day asked if she could run with me and i hold her hand and Ethan did a lot of running with me while i warmed up. He just wanted to keep going but i told him mommy had to stop running or i was going to be too tired to run my race!

And, here are some pictures...

coming in to the finish. The lady in the white tank top...she and i battled back and forth for 4th place woman's overall. She would get ahead a little then i would catch her and we would run right together for a minute or two and then on the last hill she fell back a little. She pushed me pretty hard! My finishing time was 23:19, a minute slower than my last 5k but i was still ok with it, the last one was flat and this one was not!

me and the kids (minus avery because she spent the night with maggie) after the race. notice ethan's batman cape. he wore that all night and everyone loved it...he got a lot of comments :)

resting a bit after the race

my cheering section!

I got a first place medal for my age group which i have been learning is a pretty competitive age group (35-39) not sure what it is...maybe because we are all done having babies and just pour everything into running :) I did the Mass Street mile on July 4th and placed ninth overall and most of the runners ahead of me were around my age and older, of course there were some college aged runners in there too. So...i guess entering next month into my second half of my thirties might not be so bad after all! :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A day of fun with friends

We spent a fun day with the Dixon's at Worlds of Fun on Monday! It was perfect because my two boys each had a boy the same size to ride rides with! We would all stand in line together and Jen and i would take turns riding with the older boys while the other would stay with the little ones and then hop on the next train and send the little ones across with the other.

Always fun to catch up with friends that you don't see very often but can pick up right where you left off!

here are a few pictures of our day...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Camp Gramma Day 3

Well, it only took me about a week to get around to posting day three :) Last Wednesday finished off our last full day of Camp Gramma. We had a very full day...we went to the Rolling Hills Zoo and wildlife museum in Salina, then we went and visited Grandpa Tucker's grave. We finished off the day with the kids singing and doing some talking at church. I don't have pictures of it but it was very entertaining (at least to us parents)! :) We made one last trip to the highway 61 bridge (we have a tradition of taking the kids up there so they can get people to honk their horns) What was i thinking when i said finished off the day...we THEN finished off our day with the bonfire and last camp meeting. All of the kids did awesome learning their memory verses and were rewarded with a Mcdonalds gift card (the kids love getting these, for mine it's about the only time they get a happy meal :) They also each got a plaque with one of their memory verses for the week Deuteronomy 5:29. Our theme of the week was "Thou God Seest Me" and Grandpa talked to the kids about the fear of the Lord.

It was a great week! Here are some pictures of our last day...

i think the zoo caught a new wild animal!

a sweet moment that i caught between my youngest two

raegan and hudson taking a little play break at the wildlife museum

grandpa taking a little sleep break at the wildlife museum

at kids country at the rolling hills zoo

the boy cousins

the girl cousins

the seaba kids with grandpa and grandma

grandpa tucker's grave

grandpa neir took the opportunity to talk to the kids for a minute reminding them where grandpa tucker was now! I love the looks on their faces and how they are listening so intently! i would like to know what was going on in raegan's little mind!

highway 61 bridge getting lots of honks from cars below!

i love seeing the older cousins interact with the younger ones!

bonfire time! maggie, avery, meryn and malia

owen, micah, trey, evan and trevin

My wonderful parents! Thank you so much for making this such a special time for the kids!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Camp Gramma Day 2

Tuesday morning the kids went fishing at Dillon Nature Center. It was a lucky fish catching day for the Seaba kids...Avery caught the first fish, Trey caught one and then Ethan caught one on his first cast out!

Later in the afternoon we went out to a farm and the kids got to go on a horse ride, feed some goats, chase chickens, go for wagon rides, chase some more chickens, play in a tree house and more. They had a great time!

I do have pictures of the oldest two riding the horse but they are on my sister's camera, so i will have to post those later...