Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Boys New Pastime...

We had a basketball goal given to us by a neighbor, and the boys are having a blast with it! Ethan is obsessed with the basketball and wants to be right out their with Daddy and Trey. We got home from church today and Trey said "can i go shoot some hoops, daddy?" Daddy is having fun working on his shot with him and Daddy is having a little fun himself, lowering the rim and pretending he can dunk.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Loving Their Little Sister...

We took a few pictures with the kids and mommy's belly tonight. We have talked about doing professional pics this pregnancy since we intend on this being our last, but we will see if we end up getting that done. I am 24 weeks tommorow and feeling pretty good. Reagan has become quite the little wiggle worm. She gave her brother a nice little kick on the cheek while we were taking one of the pictures which he thought was pretty funny.

Trey's Field Trip

Trey's class had a field trip on Wednesday to a theater at Union Station, and then came back to Antioch Park afterwards for a picnic and lot's of playtime. We went over and met him at the park for about an hr before i had to take Avery to school. I didn't catch too many pics because as soon as the kids were done eating they were off and running, never to slow down! Ethan was perfectly happy to sit in the swing!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Trying To Break The Habit...

Avery heard that her Cousin Malia was trying to stop sucking her thumb by putting tape on her thumb at night and she didn't think that was such a bad idea. For two nights now daddy has taped up her thumbs and the tape has stayed on all night. Last night she was very tired and once in bed started asking me if she could please take the tape off, but after some convincing ended up leaving it on. I took a picture of her sleeping right after she fell asleep when she usually has her thumb in her mouth. Our goal right now is to go this whole week with the tape at night. She didn't want me to take a picture of her at first and doesn't want anyone to see it so, shhh, but i posted it because she will want to see it someday. When i got home from work last night she had some new for me too. She learned how to ride without her training wheels!! Daddy worked with her for a long time last night and she rode all over the parking lot. Daddy said she took quite a few spills, and he did a lot of running! I will have to take pics tonight because i wasn't there to catch any pictures.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Trey had his first soccer game on Sat. finally. We had a couple of practices and a game cancelled because of weather, so he was excited to finally get to play. The other team only had 3 players show up so the boys took turns playing for the other team. Trey did a good job and hustled. He got to try out being goalie too. He is getting to play with a couple of buddies from Berean which makes it that much funner for him!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Garage Sale

I went to my sister's yesterday for our "annual" garage sale. We have been putting it off due to our cold weather but decided this week was the week, and we had a perfect day!! I took the kids out of school partly because i would spend half the day driving back and forth and partly because they begged me to be at the garage sale. They were so excited to be able to spend the whole day with their cousins. I put all those "little toys that just accumulate" in bins in our attic periodicly and pull them down at each garage sale for quarter boxes. Amazing how quickly quaters add up and it also keeps our kids busy, they pick a few toys they haven't seen in awhile and woila, you have happy campers! We had a pretty good day, sold lot's of clothes which is pretty much what we had. At 4 when we were trying to clean up we started getting busy again, people were going through our tubs and finally by 5:30 we were able to get everything cleaned up. I rushed home and stuck my filthy dirty, itching (Avery & Ethan) kiddos in the bathtub, and then grabbed a shower myself and we were out the door by 6:30 for church. My face got sunburned, and feels like it is on fire, and the kids all got a little sun too. On the way home from church the kids all sacked out , they were completely exausted! Ethan had a rough night, i think his poor little legs were bothering him (exzema), so i was up from 2 am on with him in the recliner. I finally just decided to sleep there the rest of the night.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Look What Trey Learned To Do...

It was finally feeling like spring outside today again so we decided after lunch it was time for daddy to teach Trey to ride his bike without training wheels! Unfortunately the kids don't get to ride bikes around our house much because lot's of cars park on the streets in our neighborhood so it's not real practical or safe for kids riding bikes (or else Johnny and i are just overprotective and scared to let them out of our eyesight :) Anyway Trey has been riding with one training wheel for the last year, and today it came off! We went over to a church parking lot by our house so that he had lot's of space. He is quite the perfectionist and if it doesn't work just like how he plans the first time he get's a bit frustrated, but after sticking with it for about 20 minutes he was off on his own. He had a hard time getting started and stopping for awhile and had a couple of crashes, one into the van and he wanted to stop but daddy told him to get back on his bike, and then the other one him and Avery crashed into each other. When he was getting frustrated with the starting, he was trying to convince me "that he was going to hurt himself really bad and have to go to the hopital". We had to be a little tough on him and say "get going!" He is very proud of himself now that he can do it, and excited to tell his cousins. A few more times over to the parking lot and he will be feeling a lot more comfortable!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Spring Carnival

Trey and Avery's school had their spring carnival tonight. We got their at 4:45 and didn't even use up all our punches on the punchcards for the games by 6:30. The kids did a cake walk and both won a plate full of cookies on their first try. Avery got her face painted and jumped in the moonwalk. Trey wanted to stick to games that gave tickets! The prize room at the end was packed full! I was about to have a heat stroke and Ethan was about to have a meltdown after being an angel for two and half hrs in the stroller. And you all know how those prize counters go, so many decisions!! The kids had a blast and mommy was worn out, Johnny went to Nebraska with a friend today to watch the football game so i was solo. The kids were very wound up tonight when we got home and are having a hard time settling down to sleep, hmmm i think a few too many cookies mabye! Ethan is in his crib talking away and it is an hr and half past his bedtime, he should be exausted! Trey just came out complaining of a tummy ache and took a pan to bed, could be an interesting night...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

18 Months

Our little guy was 18 months old yesterday. He is growing up way too fast! He has all of a sudden started saying ma-ma all the time now. It's about time! :) He has a major shoe obsession, he will come out in daddy's basketball shoes one minute and then out with Avery's princess shoes the next.(which he can now run in, daddy just shakes his head and smiles) Obviously anything on his feet will work for shoes as you can tell in the picture. He is like clockwork everyday as far as his schedule goes. He get's up at around 7:30 when i am starting to get the other kids moving for school, he is exausted and getting pretty cranky by 12:15 when we take Avery to school, and then driving home from dropping her off he always conks out. I carry him in and he sleeps till about 3 or sometimes i even have to wake him at 3:30 to go get the kids, so needless to say i enjoy my quiet afternoons and either nap myself or get stuff done around the house. He is always very happy to see Trey and Avery when we pick them up from school. By 7:30 if we haven't put him to bed he is walking around the house whining and reminding us with his whining that "it's my bedtime!" So that is Ethan's day in a nutshell at 18 months, in between all that he makes many messes, shouts "NO" 1000 times, and gives lot's of hugs and kisses to make up for it all!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Banana Trix Surprise

Avery made this special drink for her daddy tonight. She even put a piece of banana on the side like a lemon. Daddy convinced her it needed to sit in the fridge for awhile to get cold.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Egg Hunt

It was a cold Easter egg hunt this year! Trey's favorite find was his can of Vienna sausages from Grandma Seaba by special request. Ethan did pretty good, he got a little sidetracked by the neighbor dogs for a couple minutes but with Grandpa's help he got back on track and even helped himself to a few eggs out of Avery's basket. We once again have way more candy than we could possibly eat in this house. I just finished going through all the eggs and putting candy in baggies and getting rid of all this easter "grass" that is going to drive me crazy, i tell ya!!

Easter Snapshots

We took a few snapshots of the family today after church. Hope you all had a Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Coloring Easter Eggs

I wasn't quite quick enough on saying "now you can't stick your whole hand in the coloring"! Trey's came off pretty well but i'm still working on Avery's. They had fun coloring their eggs and made several for Ethan and one for Reagan.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

These Days...

Trey- is into writing stories and drawing about super heroes. He will talk you leg and arm off and has at least a hundred questions a day. He can entertain himself by the hour. He is becoming a big eater and loves to make a snack after school called his "man sandwich". a sandwich with meat and cheese cut in fourths.:) He insists that he is going to have a stand this summer to sell his "man sandwiches" because "people would love them mommy!" I am enjoying his cute toothless grin right now, but it's not going to be long because his top two teeth are already coming through. He is starting soccer this Thur. and gets to play with a few buddies from Berean so is very excited about that. Avery- has several imaginary friends that she talk with and has to tell goodbye before we head to school each day. She loves to be little miss mommy to Ethan. Today when driving back home from taking Trey to school she pops out with "Ok, everyone that hates the devil raise your hand" She then told Ethan, "You need to raise your hand Ethan becasue the devil is very bad" I think she is on a mission to keep him in line. :) She tells me things all day long and then has me pinky promise that i won't tell anyone. I'm sure i probably just broke one of our pinky promises by telling about the pinky promises, sorry Avery. She kisses mommy's tummy and talks to her sister a couple of times a day. Ethan- has a favorite word right now consisting of two letters NO, doesn't matter what you might ask, the answer is usually "no". He is not really saying any other words besides no, jibberish, and da-da. Occasionally i will get a ma-ma out of him. He is a huge daddy's boy right now, he wants daddy for just about everything if daddy is around. When it's just mommy here during the day then he thinks i'm ok. Daddy is loving every minute of it, a and it's only fair since Avery was a total mommy's girl when she was little. He still keeps things hopping around here by getting into everything and making messes just about everywhere he goes. We are totally enjoying our little guy! Reagan- is busy growing and starting to squirm around alot. She doesn't particularly like when i hold her big brother on my tummy and let's me know about it. She has special requests quite often for ice cream and other sweets, and as her mommy of course i give in every now and then, ok so more often than not.