Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Garage Sale

I went to my sister's yesterday for our "annual" garage sale. We have been putting it off due to our cold weather but decided this week was the week, and we had a perfect day!! I took the kids out of school partly because i would spend half the day driving back and forth and partly because they begged me to be at the garage sale. They were so excited to be able to spend the whole day with their cousins. I put all those "little toys that just accumulate" in bins in our attic periodicly and pull them down at each garage sale for quarter boxes. Amazing how quickly quaters add up and it also keeps our kids busy, they pick a few toys they haven't seen in awhile and woila, you have happy campers! We had a pretty good day, sold lot's of clothes which is pretty much what we had. At 4 when we were trying to clean up we started getting busy again, people were going through our tubs and finally by 5:30 we were able to get everything cleaned up. I rushed home and stuck my filthy dirty, itching (Avery & Ethan) kiddos in the bathtub, and then grabbed a shower myself and we were out the door by 6:30 for church. My face got sunburned, and feels like it is on fire, and the kids all got a little sun too. On the way home from church the kids all sacked out , they were completely exausted! Ethan had a rough night, i think his poor little legs were bothering him (exzema), so i was up from 2 am on with him in the recliner. I finally just decided to sleep there the rest of the night.


Paula said...

Poor kids! Hopefully they will go out of it (at least the most severe symptoms). It sounds like they had a lot of fun though. I am excited for the spring/summer yard and garade sales!!

Crystal Ann said...

sounds like a good time. Naughty little ones already ask to skip school? that's funny. Also-I don't think as moms we ever get a full nights rest after we have children. at least not consistently. hope Ethan is better.

Desiree said...

Interesting to know.