Friday, April 28, 2006

Ethan's newfound toy

I could never get Ethan to take his binky, it would pop out of his mouth in 2 seconds flat! We would prop it in, everything but tape it to his face, don't worry i never thought seriously about doing that, just a passing thought:) Now we have a new use for all these binkies laying around... teethers, he has been perfectly happy to chew on this for most of the day.

They all got away mommy

Ethan's favorite passtime right now is just to be set on the floor with a few toys. He will sit there as happy as can be for a long time. Only problem now is that somehow he manages to get all the toys out of reach withing about 5 minutes and we have to start all over. I'm sure it won't be long and he will start finding a way to move himself towards the toys but for now once the toys are gone he just chews on his blankie. Daddy was working with him last night trying to get him to roll over with no luck at all (either direction) he just has no interest whatsoever!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Faith of a child

Last night during prayers before bed Trey prayed that he would be able to go to his same school next yr. (the plan is to send them both to public school) So once again like when he was praying for a baby for over 2 yrs i am having to remind him of something i don't want to- that God doesn't always answer our prayers just the way we want him to. He very sadly said "i know" It's hard for me to know exactly how to handle things like this, i don't want him to doubt God, but i know also that unless a miracle happened he will be changing schools and i want him to be prepared but not feel that God did not answer his prayer. He breaks my heart -the other day he said " i have lot's of time before 2nd grade, i will save all my money and pay for it" Oh how i wish that would work Trey:) I guess this is the part of parenting i don't so much enjoy, i don't want to see sadness, dissapointment ect. But that is a very real part of life and i guess our job is to teach them how to handle those dissappointments and such...

Monday, April 24, 2006

Boys need a haircut

Ethan's hair was getting pretty fluffy, and since daddy had the stuff out and was going to make a mess anyway Trey got a trim as well. Ethan was quite the moving target this time! They all have had baths and daddy is praying with them and putting them to bed while mommy is off to a little relax time ( go to Target to get formula and wander around aimlessly).

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Now how did you get out of bed?

Oh that's right, your sister! This morning i woke up hearing Avery talking to Ethan (i heard this through the monitor) "Oh Ethan do you want mommy? Mommy is sleeping" Ethan was babbling and happy and Avery was talking away, 5 minutes later i went in and found out why he was so content. There he was sitting on his floor with toys all around him, sissy sitting right beside him. Notice the stool beside the crib which helped in her chore of pulling almost 20 lb Ethan out of bed. Yesterday i had Ethan in the exersaucer and came out to find him sitting on the couch beside Avery. Then i had him sitting on the floor with some toys and i come in to find him in Avery's doll stroller. What am i gonna do with this little stinker. She has been told she is not supposed to move him, but i must say i'm a bit impressed with how well she does, because he is a big boy!

Museeum Field Trip

On Thursday Trey had another field trip, this time to the Children's Museum. Avery loved it, her favorite part was the grocery store with real registers and real boxes, cans, ect. She shopped away! Trey's favorite part was the construction site with a sewer line that they could crawl through, but i didn't get any pics of that one. Since he's in a class with 6 boys we stayed at that site for quite some time. Avery and two other preschoolers that went loved loading up the car with groceries, and me and the other moms did a lot of restocking to the grocery store:)

Monday, April 17, 2006

All dressed up

We had a very nice Easter. Avery was so excited to get all dressed up and get her hair curled. Ethan by the time we took pictures had puked on his shirt only a couple of times after destroying his bib, but oh well. :) They had fun hunting for eggs, and seeing who could get the most candy. Ethan reminded me a little of his cousins Caleb and Brendon when they were little, as he didn't like sitting in the grass! I worked last night so we cut our afternoon short so that we could get home for me to work. Now i have to clean out and gather up all this candy laying around the house before the kids eat it all!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Picnic in the park

Tonight we had Phil and Julie's kiddos while they worked and it was a super nice, even a little hot spring day so we decided we would go for a picnic at the park for dinner. The kids had fun and i think we wore them all out! Ethan had his 6 month dr's appt today. I can't believe my little baby is 6 months already. He is growing up way too fast!! He is doing great, he is 18 lbs. and 27 inches, both in the 70th percentile. He got two shots and cried for about 1 minute then was fine. Trey and Avery stood there and covered their eyes while he got the shots and then comforted him afterwards.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Play Hospital

Trey got to go to Olathe Medical Center on a field trip today. They went to "play hospital" where all the first graders got to play a role, so they could see what it would be like if they are a patient at a hospital. Trey's role was a nurse. It was really neat, they role played the ER, hospital stay, and then surgery.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Big boy bath finally

After Ethan's bath in the baby bath tub the other day i decided that had to be the last time. He had water everywhere!! Today he got to take a bath in the big tub and loved it, by the end he was splashing like crazy!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Trey meets the "strong man"

Today at church we had Paul Wrenn speak. He has been coming to our church since Johnny was Trey's age. He was the world's strongest man in the 80's, has been on "That's incredible" pulled trucks down the road with his teeth and lot's of other stuff.He is now the worlds strongest man in the master's division. Today in church he drove a nail through two boards with his hand, and lifted a 250lb man with his head and neck. Johnny had his picture taken with him when he was Trey's age. Trey had fun meeting the "strong man".

Friday, April 07, 2006

Not lacking in love

I came into our room today and found the kids cuddling so told them not to move so i could get a picture. Ethan doesn't lack in the area of getting loved on, Trey and Avery are always right there and whoever does not have his full attention get's upset because they want him to look at them. Trey always kisses and hugs Ethan when we take him to school and this morning he gave him a little stuffed animal and said" i don't care if he chews on it because his slobber doesn't bother me" We will see how long that lasts. I told Trey before long he will be crawling around and getting into all his stuff! It makes me so happy seeing how much they love each other. I heard Avery say today "oh Ethan i just love you so much, you are the cutest baby ever"

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Look what i can do mom

Today i put the swing in the sitting up position for a while since he doesn't seem to like to lay in it. I thought something was wrong with the swing because everytime i came in the room it was stopped, but no it was just the little stinker in the swing grabbing the pole and stopping himself. Yes little stinker he is!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Avery's run

Avery wanted to go running too, but we let her run on the treadmill after taking a couple doses of her inhaler. She did a good job too, we just had to watch her close because she didn't quite get the fact that she would go off the end into the wall if she stopped, so only had to grab her off once.

Trey's first mile

Trey went running with daddy today and ran his first mile! Johnny said "yep he's gonna be a little runner" he kept up just fine the whole time. He was pretty worn out when he got back. I was pretty proud of my boy!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sleepy pair

Ethan is quite the little daddy's boy. He just grins from ear to ear when daddy comes in the room, it's really cute. He has suddenly decided he doesn't like his swing so much anymore which was our way of getting him to sleep so now daddy is the official "substitute swing". Daddy can put him to sleep quickly every time, and of course it makes daddy feel good that he has the "touch". And of course it's a easy way to take a quick snooze himself.