Thursday, April 30, 2009

another shot at it

Today i decided to give the library and uploading pictures another try. Thank you Barbie for answering some worked! This picture is a couple of days old of course but Ethan was being so sweet with his sister.

I have been here 10 minutes and am already ready to hit the road. A 1 year old in the library sounds like a group of 10 one is peering over the tops of their computers yet so maybe i have another 10 minutes. We will see...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

first library post

Well, 2 computers in one month...i think i'm resigning to the fact that maybe computer ownership is not in my best interest! I decided to head to the library this morning to see if i could figure out how to upload photos so that i can at least still blog...i have figured out how to upload them just haven't figured out where to retrieve them from yet. I can tell my computer time will be short because Raegan is chomping at the bit in the stroller beside me...Ethan on the other hand is sitting nicely drawing on some paper in the chair beside me waiting patiently to go look at books.

I'm hoping and praying that all the photos that he put back on the computer are also still on the flash drive...i think he said they were but i'm crossing my fingers in case this 2nd computer is fried as well!

Well Raegan is now hollering at anyone that comes near and Ethan is holding his paper in front of my face so i'm off...we will see how often i keep up on posts from here on out...

Monday, April 27, 2009

another way past due

Trey had outgrown his little spiderman bike long ago (to the point of looking ridiculous)! Johnny found this bike at a garage sale the other day and swiped it up, it's a much nicer bike than we would fork our money for brand new! The BEST part of it according to Trey is "IT HAS A KICKSTAND!" And yes our family (at least the kids) are way into naming things...they name all our vehicles and trey named his new bike bumble -bee...

Ethan is the PROUD new owner of the spiderman bike and we are still searching for the training wheels to put back on the bike so that he can give it a go at trying to ride a bike. He did clean it up nice and shiny and wants to sit on it with me holding the bike in place which i'm not to keen on! (at least for longer than a couple of minutes)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Playing house

Ethan and Raegan are starting to play together a lot more. Ethan said they were "playing house" yesterday although it looks like he's a tad confused about who is supposed to carry the purse! Raegan was going around the house loading up her shopping cart (my kind of girl).

Took Raegan to the dr today cause she had another night of throwing up...she is not sick to her stomach but rather has so much mucous in her head that she is coughing till she starts gagging and then throws up...yay fun! They are gonna have us try some zyrtec along with her other medication and see if that helps at all. Her ear still is infected but she just got a shot for that on Saturday so hopefully that will still clear up. Love spring! Hate allergies!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Giggle giggle

I was folding and putting away laundry yesterday while the kids napped. I went in Ethan's room to put some things away and glanced over at him sleeping in his bed,my 3 year old made me giggle. Not sure what he was playing but when i woke him up i told him "i think you might have swallowed a blanket or two Ethan" he grinned sheepishly and started pulling not 2 but all 3 of his blankets from under his shirt...silly boy!

Monday, April 20, 2009

35 years

My hubby is celebrating his birthday today! 35 years! Man it must be tough being so old (he-he) I always get the old jokes for about 6 months) He chose to go out for chinese food tonight which i'm oh so excited for (ha) no actually i have learned to like several things and actually have enjoyed my last couple of times. He used to drag me kicking and screaming out to chinese and i would usually grab a hamburger afterwards...i'm broadening my horizons.

Johnny has been a wonderful husband to me (14 years next month) and a fantastic daddy to his 4 munchkins. There is not a dinner table without laughter with him and even when times are tough he keeps things lighthearted and fun!

I'm very thankful for you Johnny and i hope you have a great birthday and you darn better enjoy your chinese tonight!

Friday, April 17, 2009

What have i done?!

raegan just stands at the window and says "itty"
i think the bowl with milk may have sealed the deal

It's amazing the things your kids can get you to do!! Trey spent the day yesterday along with Avery and Ethan and a couple of neighbor kids making friends with a stray cat that has been hanging around the neighborhood for quite some time...actually i think he lived under our house for awhile. He got the cat to warm up to him. They have a house made for him and everything- i'll have to get a picture of that sometime, it's quite the little contraption.

I am not an animal lover, don't get me wrong-the thought of anything happening to an animal makes me sad...i just don't want them touching me or getting hair on anything that might come into my house- i have good reason for this being i have two children highly allergic to cat hair! So being that i have two boys that are all over this cat i just want to strip them down at the door and put their clothes straight in the washer...which is pretty much what i did yesterday at the end of the day. Tell me i'm not the only mom that get's complete satisfaction out of tucking into bed some freshly bathed children! :)

I woke up at 7 am this morning hearing the back door open...before rushing to call 911 (i'll have to share the story if i haven't of my sister and i calling 911 on our husbands trying to surprise us) i came out to check and there is Trey and Ethan with some turkey, some balogna out feeding the cat his breakfast. So to not have kitty germ hands digging in my sandwich meat i took the kids to the store and bought some cat food...and a food dish...ohh i have dug myself a hole i don't think i can climb out of...and he has been affectionately named "goldie" kids are so origional. Avery does not touch the cat and we have a strict hand washing, brushing off rule going...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

2100 questions

Trey decided he wanted to jump on the strep band-wagon. He came home from school with a fever and the aches but no sore throat. I took him to urgent care because he is going with daddy to Nebraska on Friday for a football game and does NOT want to miss it! His test was positive so they gave him his choice of treatment 1.shot or 2. 10 days of liquid med twice a day...which did he choose?? That's right, he's like his mom, he chose to do the 10 day although unlike me he didn't even consider the quickly as the dr spoke he said "i'm not getting that"! Who am i (who had wimped out just 2 days earlier) to do anything but say we will take the liquid :)

After leaving the dr office we drove right by one of the "tea parties" which is where the 2100 questions comes in! Trey saw a sign that said something about slavery and said "oh goodness, don't they know that slavery is no more? We already won that war." cracked me up a little bit...the rest of the ride home was a whole lotta tax talk with my 10 year old. Many of his questions i didn't have an answer for and for one of them i said "well let's go home and google that, Trey"i guess this is a 10 year old's sickie survival kit

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sickie survival kit

I have not moved off of the couch today for more than a few minutes at a time...this strep is kicking me in the...head, which hasn't stopped pounding for two days straight. I have had strep before but goodness gracious this time has seemed like the worst! Anyway, i don't have anything to blog about, daddy took the oldest two to soccer practice...Grandma (thank you SO SO much) has my youngest two...and as for me, i'm about to head back to my couch! Oh yea and the air spray was because whatever Johnny ate for dinner tonight about made me throw up!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Always a project underway

That is how it has been around here lately. We are putting up a privacy fence around our back porch area. It will be a big enough area, that i can let my little ones out to play without worrying...hip hip hooray! I'm dreaming of summer nights sitting on a swing in our private back porch area in front of our little fire-pit sipping an ice tea....ahhh! We may live on ____ St. but (those of you that know us can fill in the blank, didn't want to put that on the blog:) but we are gonna have a "back yard oasis" by golly!

Friday, April 10, 2009

A boo boo and April fools

Raegan's boo boo
using the boo boo bunny makes it feel so much better
meet mr april fools!

Raegan is a klutz. She takes after her sister. Avery knows she is a klutz. She will fall, trip, spill or knock over just about anything she is around and it seems like her little sister is following in her footsteps. She trips, falls, smacks into walls or in this case HER CRIB...she wasn't in it, just happened to be running through her room and smacked right into it.

If anyone else wants to try to explain to my 3 year old that "April fools" is only one day a year, i challenge you! He thought the day was so fun, he comes up with all kinds of little fibs to use the phrase "April fools mommy" I will get done explaining that it is over than he responds "oh, ok...the light is broken mommy...april fools!" I give up, he can play april fools till next April i guess.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

In case your computer crashes...

that is what one of Johnny's friends said the other night as he put as many pictures off our computer files as he could on his flash drive. The flash drive he had held about three fourths of our pictures. The next night while i was sitting at my desk i suddenly got the "blue screen of death" with lot's of error messages! I tried shutting off the computer and turning it back on and kept getting about five little words and a blinking light that i knew just couldn't be good.

My brother-in-law has tried to retrieve things off the computer to no was completely fried! I am holding my breath that three fourths of our pictures are actually on this little flash drive, and if it does not i may have a couple day emotional break down! BUT, i do have my blog which i put many of my favorite pictures on and trust me after this will probably be a little picture happy for awhile on the blog! :)

And then after be two days without a computer and thinking it would probably be quite a few more until we decided what to do, my brother-in-law shows up with my "fried, but with new parts" computer and i once again am in touch with the outside world :) and it is running quite nicely i must say. HUGE thanks to Damon, you made my day! I'm not sure what i would do without my two knowledgeable brother-in-laws that i have to pester with our computer issues!

Yes and this was NOT a "Wordless Wednesday" because i'm much to happy and have to talk about having a computer again!

Monday, April 06, 2009

This booty

is earning me some cash! I am on my last 3 days of a market research diaper study. I have loved these diapers (i think they might be huggies supreme) so much that i think i will be switching to them on my next pack. She never leaks and they could hold a gallon of water! I use regular huggies...these are so much better! I am very glad that we have not had any massive poopies to save (yes, we have to save all diapers and take them back to them...we do have lot's of bags to seal them in!). I have now hauled all 4 of my kids pooped and peed in diapers back to this place for $ over the years, gotta love a few weeks of free diapers AND getting paid to use the free diapers!! Anyway...

I am using my money from this study to buy myself a nicer camera! I love taking pictures...but let's face it my pictures suck cause i have a cheap camera! I want to throw the camera across the room half the time when trying to take pictures of the kids cause it takes FOREVER to snap the shot and then you have to wait another FOREVER to be able to snap another one...the photo op is usually over by the time the camera cooperates, so i'm SO excited and would gladly take suggestions on what kind to get as i have not camera shopped in, oh say FOREVER!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Yay for bargains

I have wanted a new entertainment center for a LONG time! You know the ones you can close up and pretend there is no tv in the room, and the ones that are not a clutter magnet on the top!! At my sister's this past Wednesday where i sold my stuff at her garage sale, one of her friends brought this over. I happened to be selling all my baby gear some of what she wanted so we swapped some things...what a DEAL! Thanks Damon, for helping Johnny get it to our house! If anyone knows of anyone needing an entertainment center our old one is going to go to the curb, he he :)

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Confessions of a tired mommy who lives in a shoe

At least that what our house feels like sometimes (all 1200 square feet of it). I have been running myself a little ragged lately...trying to keep up with my jobs, the house, my know every mom's 24 hr a day job! We have completed painting the outside of our house...the painting was not the hardest part of that, it was the many hours of prepping to paint...SO glad that's done! And our insurance renewed us...long story!

Laundry is never-ending and i think it actually multiplies itself once put in the hamper, i always have at least two loads waiting to be folded and put away...listening to the oldest two fight over the smallest things or make their little brother or sister scream or cry makes my blood boil sometimes, not simmer-FULL ROLLING BOIL and then bubbles over sometimes too!...the house immediately is trashed the second we walk in the door (part of being in a small house) but drives me insanely crazy!...i shake my kitchen rugs and sweep the floor at least 5 times a day, again driving me insanely crazy...guess i need to get new kitchen rugs that don't show everything...standing in the rain waiting for my 3 yr old to exit the van EVER SO SLOWLY tries my patience...the kids tracking mud through the house after i just cleaned up the last trail makes me a little seems we have to constantly go from one thing to the next and that exausts me!

Don't get me wrong...i am SO THANKFUL for my little house, i truly am...i am thankful to own a home...but a basement and a playroom...ahh that would be heaven on earth! I may start sending my kids to the crawl space to play...KIDDING!

So there is my rantings for the day...i love my life, love my family but i'm KEEPING IT REAL...i have days when i want to pull my hair out ( and not just the gray ones)!!

I HAVE to add some pictures, so here is my little cutie patutie...