Friday, March 28, 2008

Tummy Time

Raegan likes to sleep on her tummy- apparently REALLY likes to sleep on her tummy! The car seat is her bed for the 2nd half of the night and this was this morning while the kids were getting ready for school. She manages to get herself flipped over and out of her seat. She slept this way for about 30 minutes.

She had her 6 month appt this morning (even though she is now 7 months). Stats are -she is 16.1 lbs. (27th %) and 73rd % in height. She got 4 shots and screamed for about 30 seconds and then just wimpered a bit and was done.

She has started the army crawl (move her arms and lunge her body) when she wants to get to something she can't reach. I doubt it will be very long till she figures out how to get those knees up and go.

Headless Bunnies

Trey and Avery each got big chocolate Easter bunnies in their baskets. Guess who got a hold of both of them??? The "bunny eating Ethan" was first caught with Trey's bunny and had gotten the head eaten before we caught him, and then yesterday i found him eating the head off of Avery's bunny. They were very upset at first but once i made a joke about him eating the bunnies heads they thought it was hilarious and they forgot about their bunnies not staying perfect in their little boxes :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What A Difference!!!

February 10th
We notice that her eyes look so much better now than they did here
February 10th

March 26th
The first 3 pictures were taken on February 10th and i took the last two pictures today. Amazing the change that a month and half brings! She had a follow up with her dermatologist yesterday, and even though to me she seems SO SO much better, she still has some improving to do according to the doctor, so we continue to lather, lather, lather - A very common thing to hear in our house is "time to moisturize" :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter 2008

Happy Easter everyone!

Raegan was 7 months old on Sunday
"ok i'm done with this picture thing, pick me up!!"
our girls

Church Egg Hunt

Aunt Rita heads up the egg hunts and does an awesome job!
the kids with Kassidy and Kasey

Our church had a huge egg hunt on Saturday this year. We had a big turnout, i believe they said 350. Our youth pastor shared the plan of salvation with everyone before the egg hunt began. Each child got a gift basket with all kinds of goodies along with all the eggs they got!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Break

queen of the jungle gym
"hi mommy"
it was VERY windy but warm
Raegan's first "swing at a park"
Ethan wanted glasses for his eyes so he had to borrow mommy's
the boys all made a tent one night in the basement and slept in it
Avery was introduced to Millsbury's and was constantly begging for computer time

We just got back this afternoon from spending the week with Grandma and Grandpa Neir in Hutchinson. The kids went non-stop and got some good outdoors time. Mommy got some good hanging out time and ate way too much! It's too fun to eat while your hanging out with family. One of the nights Susan and i were trying to get motivated to go running when my dad brought $ out for a sonic run which put a big dent in our motivation to run and put a little more motivation in getting a lemon berry cream slush and mozzarella sticks! My mom finally said "well why don't you girls just run to sonic and i will meet you there in the car", so we did and didn't feel quite as guilty eating our quadrillion calories for the night-ok so mabye a bit of an exageration but probably not much!

Raegan fell in love with Gramma and always had her eyes on her along with a big smile. Grandma and Grandpa both got initiated on Raegan's wonderful blow-out diapers one of the days. Ethan blessed everyone with his wonderful 2 yr old attitude the last couple of days (although i don't think he is feeling too great) Thank you Aunt Susan for reading him his airplane book-say mabye 100 times? :)

Uncle Greg watched the kids one night so that us girls could go out (he is always so nice about doing that-Thanks Greg!) and when we got back he was helping Ethan do donuts in the little play car. Ethan went flying and hopped out and wanted right back in. I think Uncle Greg may have been just a little worn out?? :)

There is nothing like hanging out at home! Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for letting us come invade your house for the week! We had a great time!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gramma's House...

really wears a little boy out! Ethan just crashed in the playroom in the middle of the afternoon. I haven't been making him take naps down here but he obviously still needs them. He has been playing outside most of the time and sleeps in a big boy bed at night and falls asleep within 5 minutes.

Raegan's new milestone **she is now sitting up**, just a few days shy of 7 months. She still topples every now and then but for the most part will sit and play with toys just fine. She even took a bath without her bath seat, but there was a bathmat which helped. She is starting to eye all food, drinks, ect. and has a quick little grab! She is a drooling queen and i'm sure it won't be long till we see a little tooth pop through.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Raegan's First Hair Cut

the "before"

Yep the comb over had to go! Saturday daddy took the scissors to Raegan for her first trim. She was a good girl for daddy.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'm Scootin Around...

Look where my scootin got me today. Didn't seem to bother me one bit, i just parked there and played for awhile.

Spring break is here (actually the kids were out Thur and Fri as well) so the kids and i are making our annual trip to Grandpa and Grandma Neir's house next week. Johnny is looking forward to having the house to himself, watching tv hrs on end, not having any diapers to change for a week, and the added bonus of having no baskets of laundry plopped in front of him with clothes to fold while he watches his hrs on end of tv! :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

3rd Grade Music Program

Trey had his 3rd grade music program on Tuesday night. They had obviously worked very hard on it because every song had actions throughout the song and everyone did them perfectly. They all dressed up as whoever they wanted to be when they grew up-Trey wanted to dress as a PE teacher, so wore his sweats, whistle and name badge. Here is a short sample of what they sang.... Trey is in the second row, red shirt.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I put a call in to the doctor this morning and they had me talk to a nurse and got me an appt for this afternoon, but they also wanted me to contact the allergist. The allergist had us come in this morning, they wanted to see her. Her ears looked "not bad" so for now they are taking her off the Omnicef (thank goodness! I didn't give it to her last night or this morning). They are not going to call it an allergic reaction but think it's best if she stops taking it, more than likely she is just fighting a viral infection. Her lungs were good and her respirations were good. She slept really good for me last night and is napping good now so i really believe it was affecting her-i think i will opt to not have that drug for her again! Anyway they said it's possible that the infection is causing her to break out but also possible that it could possibly have been the antibiotic. It will be interesting to see if her skin and tummy get better being off the medicine now.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Little Set Back...

Raegan has had a rough weekend! She had 103 fever most of Sat and was pretty lethargic, pepped up a little on Sunday and then today has had a horrible day!! Her fever is better but she is extremely cranky acting like she has a horrible tummy ache (was up most of the night last night) and itching like crazy(so very frustrating). I am going to call the dr tomorrow because i am wondering if she is reacting to the Omnicef that they have her on for her ear infection. I didn't give her a dose tonight until i ask someone. She had 3 total blowouts today, one while i was cleaning her up and running to get the bath going (no she didn't have a diaper on and was laying on carpet-one of my more brilliant moves i must say!) On the way to pick the kids up from school today she screamed their and back and was scratching...i was having flashbacks of how life was just a few weeks ago...was having them in the middle of the night last night too! The only thing we have changed is the antibiotic so i'm thinking that has got to be it or so i'm hoping so that she can feel better again although i'm sure i will probably have to start over on another antibiotic for her. Can you hear the frustration in my voice??? :) Mabye she will sleep tonight and things will look up tomorrow...

Friday, March 07, 2008

Playing With My Dolly

Raegan loves her soft little doll, although she is not too sure about the texture of the hair. She is doing good. Poor thing has a very sore little bottom because she is still having very loose stools. I did call the allergist and he wants her to stay with what we are doing right now unless it gets any worse or more often. From what i have read online this can be very common with Nutramigen because of the proteins being so broken down already, so we are just gonna keep lot's of diaper cream on hand for the time being! :) She has had a fever on and off lately and this morning woke up burning up (it was 101). I took her in since she has developed a cough as well and i have been wondering about her ear. Well sure enough...yet another ear infection-this time the opposite ear. So we are starting her 3rd antibiotic. GRRR!

Ethan was a good little boy at the dr (no coloring mishaps). When the dr asked what his name was he replied "two". For the longest time we couldn't get him to stop saying he was 1, but he has it down now. He get's very bossy to the oldest two in the car. Every day they seem to find something to argue about on the way home from school and he is always saying "guys be quiet". "guys stop fighting". Yesterday Avery said "Ethan stop being bossy, your acting like you are 10 or something" to which Ethan yelled "hey i not 10 i 2!" Trey and Avery got a kick out of it.

On the way to school each morning Trey, Avery and i take turns praying. Usually Ethan is talking loudly while we are praying, but this morning when i asked whose turn it was to pray he said "i pray mommy" "i pray with you" (repeat after me) He folded his hands and repeated everything i said, it was so sweet! Then i was telling him that Jesus liked when we talk to him and he said "God up their (pointing up), i fly up there with my cape."

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My Big Guy

I tend to blog more on my youngest two because i am home with them all day, so today i am going to blog on my oldest. Trey is growing up WAY too fast. He is enjoying 3rd grade. He pretty much loves all subjects except for math. He takes after his mother in this area unfortunately! He has been going to math club twice a week for quite a while now-he has pulled his math grade up, but still struggles. It is very frustrating for all involved, i try to be very patient because i completely understand how he feels when he says "i just don't get it"! We are doing math homework online each night now preparing them for the state assessments coming up soon.

Each day after school he beats it in the house and goes in his room, shuts the door and the sound effects begin. He has always been one to play well by himself from the time he was very young. He could entertain himself for hours with no tv (not the case with our others:)

Every evening he has the same routine before bed-he has to read for 15 minutes as school homework and then he reviews his flash cards. He is very good about doing this every night.

He is getting an allowance now for helping do several chores and has been saving for almost a month now to buy... yet another transformer. He lines them all nicely up on his headboard the other day and assured me that there was "room for another one".

He draws ALL the time- i keep a pack of copy paper handy all of the time for all of their drawings. He likes to explain every detail of his drawing to you.

He talks NONSTOP! Hmm who does he take after in that area??? I have to tell him quite often "ok Trey you have to stop talking for 2 minutes so that mommy can think for a minute". This is most often while i am grocery shopping or something of the sort and he is describing to me how this or that transformer works or asking which one is my favorite?????

He has not gotten strep throat since getting his tonsils out last spring. He went from having recurrent strep infections to not at all, so i am so glad we went through with it!

Well that's just a little of what our 9 year old is up to these days.