Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another random post...

Friday we went out to Worlds of Fun to ride roller coasters in the dark. We knew it was "halloween haunt but were not aware just what that was...we learned however very quickly and also learned it was not the best decision to take little ones out there after dark...scary creatures everywhere! Raegan and Ethan were even scared in the bathroom of the spooky music! Daddy, Trey and Avery went down the "scare zone" (a fenced in portion of the park much like a haunted house...Avery got scared to death and ended up crying and trey's comment was "i'm not gonna lie, that freaked me out!" I would not have sent Avery through if i had known quite how scary it was going to be...she just wanted to go home after that! I, trying to avoid the extremely scary areas with the two little ones had to go through a semi scary area that was full of fog and had a scary cowboy dude walk up to me and stare me down and say "i want your baby" (in an evil voice) instead of saying what i wanted "can you not tell i have two scared little kids and am just trying to get to the entrance you very stupid man" (momma bear was up in me in a big way!) i just didn't look at him and walked as fast as i could pushing a stroller and holding a four year old's hand. Interesting night that we won't be repeating!

I went to wake Raegan from her nap yesterday and she had no clothes on and i noticed she had more than one pair of panties on...as i started counting i couldn't help but laugh...she had taken her pullup off and had, no lie, 10 pair of panties on...or in other words, her whole drawer full. What goes through that girls mind i will never know! I did take a picture but decided it wasn't blog appropriate but will be used for future laughs as she get's older!

Avery had her post op appt today after getting a tube put in her ear. We showed up and they said "oh they scheduled that downtown" good information for them to give to me when they make the appointment!! So we rushed downtown...tube looks great and they did a hearing test and it was NORMAL after a year of abnormal hearing tests in her left ear! That was great news to hear! She still has a lot of sensitivity in that ear to loud noises which her dr said is completely normal.

My husband has less than two weeks till he can shave his growth called a beard on his face! We are both counting the days. A friend of his is getting married...they requested that all the guys grow beards for pictures...i'm not gonna lie...it's driving me crazy! I like a goatee, not so much a beard girl! :)

I suppose i should go tackle the mound of laundry that i stacked in the middle of the living room...but i won't leave without sharing a picture of the bearded unibomber guy i am living with... way to smile babe!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

First cross country meet

Trey had his very first cross country meet today. Bright and early and a beautiful morning! He has been training hard at practice and was excited for today! The 6th and 7th graders ran 1 mile, the 8th graders 2 miles. His finishing time for his mile was 6:29! He was in the top 13-20 but i couldn't concentrate to count because i was trying to make sure i got a picture of him and that big round ball of fire in the sky was so bright i couldn't hardly see anything!

before the run...pretty chilly morning

heading to get course instructions

how avery and ethan passed the time waiting

ready to go!

all the 6th grade teams lined up

and they are off!

that big ball of fire in the sky made for a not so hot picture but i'm just glad he is actually in the picture i couldn't even see to tell if he was, i just snapped...he is the middle guy if you can't tell

giving one of the coaches his time

we went out for a nice healthy mcdonalds breakfast after the meet

This is the back of his cross country shirt. We are so proud of you Trey!!He is already talking about how he is going to train even harder for his next meet and he doesn't want cross country season to end!

Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm a big kid now

Raegan has traded in her pullups! She is a big kid now! I have not been in every public restroom there is as much as i have been lately...well not since the last time i potty trained that is...we frequent them. She get's so excited about washing her hands she has to be reminded sometimes that no, we have to go potty BEFORE we wash our hands. She is in love with Walmart's little kids sink. She thinks it's super cool! She get's to wear an extra sticker at church stating that she is potty training (at three years old the more stickers the better!) She is still wearing pullups at night but covers them up with her Dora panties...i just typed the word panties in my blog post...yikes! She still has some minor accidents, a few all out super duper accidents and she goes through about 7 pairs of...yep saying it again...panties a day cause if she get's one single drop on them they are "dirty"!

Yay Raegan, your a big kid now!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jogathon 2010

Maybe i just needed a fresh new look to get myself motivated...whatever...it worked :)

This past Friday was jogathon. For the past 4 years i have had to make two different trips to jogathon because Trey and Avery's classes always went at different times...and never back to back!

This year, just one time but we got there a little early so the little ones got to play on the playground for awhile before Avery's class came out. The kids were nice and filthy by the time we were done!

Avery ran 20 laps! Way to go Avery!

they got a band each time they came around

avery and her bff...they are sooo happy to be in the same class again after being in different classes last year!

what 4th graders do...upside down "lemonade"
"lemonade, lemonade...crunchy ice, crunchy ice...sip it once, sip it twice...

"the boys aren't playing with me"

ethan and his bud will...these two will get two go to kindergarten together just like their older sisters did...and yes, the glove...i know...

Monday, September 20, 2010


The blog author has developed a bit of blogger burnout...hopefully she will get reignited and will be back with some new posts soon...

Till then, have a good week!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One month to live

What would you do if you had one month to live? Our church is doing this series... all of the life groups are doing the book together.

For starters, i am sure i would be much better at completing each day's devotional instead of having to do several days at a time! Shame on me!

What would i do? I am sure cleaning my house, having laundry caught up, all of the things i work so hard on every day would be at the bottom of the list... but i probably wouldn't take the time to even make a list even though i am an obsessive list maker... I would have so much more to fill my time with.

What would i do? It makes me sick to even think about only having that amount of time with my family but i know i would do so many things differently each day. I want to strive everyday to live like i only had 30 days to live. Will this happen everyday? Absolutely not, i know myself pretty well...but if i take one day at a time, some days are better than none!

Hopefully, at the end of this 30 days i will look at each day differently. We never know the time that God has for us here on earth. It can be gone just like that...

" Guard well your spare moments. They are like uncut diamonds. Discard them and their value will never be known. Improve them and they will become the brightest gems in a useful life." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Big year

Trey has had a year of exciting firsts this fall. He graduated into the middle school ministry at church (youth group) called " Switch" and loves it. They had their first activity last week...a door to door scavenger hunt, nothing says youth group like a good ol scavenger hunt!

He started middle school. I think now a few weeks in he would admit he was pretty nervous. He really struggled with his locker combos the first couple of weeks but after someone helping him with "zeroing it out" he is having no more issues. He is loving the fact that in several weeks of school he has only had homework one time! Dad and i are loving it too!!! He is taking a tutorial class the first semester in which he get's most of his homework done. They also have "ice" time last period to work on homework as well. I told him he better get all math questions out of the way during these periods!!

Over the weekend we realized that he still needed a physical form filled out for sports that started Tuesday so we went in to urgent care (thankfully they do sports physicals during this if needed) He got himself pretty worked up on the way to the dr at the thought of possibly having a shot (i knew tetanus was a possibility so had warned him). The last time he got a flu shot several years ago he almost passed out and they made him lay upside down for awhile...he get's really freaked out...so he was sweating and thought he was going to throw up before we ever went in. He settled down a bit but you can imagine his reaction when he learned he was not only going to get the tetanus but also another chickenpox and a blood draw! He made it through and he and i are glad that shots are over for quite awhile!! He was able to laugh with me a little bit about it all afterwards.

He started cross country on Tuesday. He and a new friend of his are pretty competitive with each other. Yesterday he and Trey were the first two 6th graders but he beat Trey...i think they will have some healthy competition throughout the season. They are in the same pe class and have been running in pe so have been going back and forth beating each other. He is getting lot's of running in! I'm thinking another race together may have to happen again!

He is growing up so much! I love our times driving around at night (he loves going with me to drive what i ran) he loves nothing more than going for a drive at night with the windows down. We have had some great talks! He has such a good sense of humor. He has gone through a period of struggling with his attitude the past year or so but has improved greatly and is putting a lot of effort at least most of the time to have a good attitude! He is a pre-teen so he of course is going to have his moments... he apologized the other day while ethan and avery were fighting saying "now i know how you guys feel when avery and i fight, i'm sorry!". I really love this kid!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Gonna be a rockstar

I love watching these two play together, although i'm going to have to start hiding my ipod. Trey found a transfer cord in the walmart parking lot the other day and figured out that he can plug it in to my ipod and avery's stereo and my ipod will play. Very cool until i walk into my daughter's room with "livin on a prayer" blaring...my running music would not be my first pick of music for the kids...ha! Kids, we will stick to k-love, thank you very much!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Labor Day

We spent the day yesterday at Worlds of Fun. Season pass holders received free lunch so of course we had to take advantage of that! :) When we first got there i was afraid we were going to be cold, that we hadn't dressed warm enough because it was so windy but it warmed up and turned out to be a beautiful day!

enjoying our free lunch and all the pop you wanted. the kids think they are deprived because we do not buy pop at our house anymore...

the boys loved looking at all the skeletons that were out in getting ready for halloween haunt

what a change from the beginning of the season when raegan was terrified of snoopy!

raegan's favorite place to hang in camp snoopy is the bounce house, she would stay in there all day!

i told trey to talk her into trying the mini detonator again...he worked his magic, the last time she got on this ride she screamed her little head off and they had to stop the ride...but for big brother, she decided to give it another try...

very nervous!

oh dear, what have i done...

do you think she wanted to go a second time?? her answer was a big fat NO. but, she did not scream so we are gaining ground!

we had to of course end the day with a "stomach ache on a plate"!

the family turned into little vultures, except for raegan who had one bite and wanted no more, surprisingly!

Sunday, September 05, 2010


We had planned to go swimming today, well actually yesterday since i am doing this post after midnight. It was just too cool out to go swimming i thought, and the kids agreed. Instead we did some lawn work, got groceries, got Trey his sports physical and then went to Ernie Miller for a little hike. We try to do this at least once a year and you would think we were going to Disney World when we mention doing it...they get so excited! Well, maybe not quite as excited as they would if we said were going to Disney...

raegan took the easy route across the water

the boys found a turtle and wanted to bring it home...we did not!

the boys were on an adventure the whole time...

the girls, a leisurely stroll

when told to make a silly face, the kids misunderstood me to say everyone tilt your heads to the right i think!

It's not all happy happy joy joy...we had our share of tears cause someone wants to be the leader (ethan) or wants to hang over that certain tree that i decided we were not going to climb but i was proud of the big kids as they stuck with their younger sibling and helped them the whole time!

We finished off our outing with iced cream cones...the perfect ending to a fun day!