Saturday, September 25, 2010

First cross country meet

Trey had his very first cross country meet today. Bright and early and a beautiful morning! He has been training hard at practice and was excited for today! The 6th and 7th graders ran 1 mile, the 8th graders 2 miles. His finishing time for his mile was 6:29! He was in the top 13-20 but i couldn't concentrate to count because i was trying to make sure i got a picture of him and that big round ball of fire in the sky was so bright i couldn't hardly see anything!

before the run...pretty chilly morning

heading to get course instructions

how avery and ethan passed the time waiting

ready to go!

all the 6th grade teams lined up

and they are off!

that big ball of fire in the sky made for a not so hot picture but i'm just glad he is actually in the picture i couldn't even see to tell if he was, i just snapped...he is the middle guy if you can't tell

giving one of the coaches his time

we went out for a nice healthy mcdonalds breakfast after the meet

This is the back of his cross country shirt. We are so proud of you Trey!!He is already talking about how he is going to train even harder for his next meet and he doesn't want cross country season to end!


Val said...

Oh my goodness, he's so fast! That's awesome. =) Way to go Trey!

(We just watched our wedding video the other night, and couldn't believe how little Trey was! He was such an adorable 3-year-old.)

Michelle said...

Way to go Trey! I guess running is in the genes.

John and Elisa Seaba said...

I guess he was just practicing up his running at your wedding when he ran down the aisle Val :)

grammaneir said...

Super job Trey! Look forward to seeing you compete in the years ahead.