Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm a big kid now

Raegan has traded in her pullups! She is a big kid now! I have not been in every public restroom there is as much as i have been lately...well not since the last time i potty trained that is...we frequent them. She get's so excited about washing her hands she has to be reminded sometimes that no, we have to go potty BEFORE we wash our hands. She is in love with Walmart's little kids sink. She thinks it's super cool! She get's to wear an extra sticker at church stating that she is potty training (at three years old the more stickers the better!) She is still wearing pullups at night but covers them up with her Dora panties...i just typed the word panties in my blog post...yikes! She still has some minor accidents, a few all out super duper accidents and she goes through about 7 pairs of...yep saying it again...panties a day cause if she get's one single drop on them they are "dirty"!

Yay Raegan, your a big kid now!!


Paula said...

Wahoo Raegan! Way to go. :)

June said...

Yay!No more diapers. It is really nice, huh?