Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another random post...

Friday we went out to Worlds of Fun to ride roller coasters in the dark. We knew it was "halloween haunt but were not aware just what that was...we learned however very quickly and also learned it was not the best decision to take little ones out there after dark...scary creatures everywhere! Raegan and Ethan were even scared in the bathroom of the spooky music! Daddy, Trey and Avery went down the "scare zone" (a fenced in portion of the park much like a haunted house...Avery got scared to death and ended up crying and trey's comment was "i'm not gonna lie, that freaked me out!" I would not have sent Avery through if i had known quite how scary it was going to be...she just wanted to go home after that! I, trying to avoid the extremely scary areas with the two little ones had to go through a semi scary area that was full of fog and had a scary cowboy dude walk up to me and stare me down and say "i want your baby" (in an evil voice) instead of saying what i wanted "can you not tell i have two scared little kids and am just trying to get to the entrance you very stupid man" (momma bear was up in me in a big way!) i just didn't look at him and walked as fast as i could pushing a stroller and holding a four year old's hand. Interesting night that we won't be repeating!

I went to wake Raegan from her nap yesterday and she had no clothes on and i noticed she had more than one pair of panties on...as i started counting i couldn't help but laugh...she had taken her pullup off and had, no lie, 10 pair of panties on...or in other words, her whole drawer full. What goes through that girls mind i will never know! I did take a picture but decided it wasn't blog appropriate but will be used for future laughs as she get's older!

Avery had her post op appt today after getting a tube put in her ear. We showed up and they said "oh they scheduled that downtown" good information for them to give to me when they make the appointment!! So we rushed downtown...tube looks great and they did a hearing test and it was NORMAL after a year of abnormal hearing tests in her left ear! That was great news to hear! She still has a lot of sensitivity in that ear to loud noises which her dr said is completely normal.

My husband has less than two weeks till he can shave his growth called a beard on his face! We are both counting the days. A friend of his is getting married...they requested that all the guys grow beards for pictures...i'm not gonna lie...it's driving me crazy! I like a goatee, not so much a beard girl! :)

I suppose i should go tackle the mound of laundry that i stacked in the middle of the living room...but i won't leave without sharing a picture of the bearded unibomber guy i am living with... way to smile babe!


Val said...

Oh no! You're WOF story cracked me up, but I would've hated to be in your position too! I want to go (without kids) some Halloween. Let's do a double date there in 2012!

Wow, I've never heard of asking groomsmen to grow beards! That's so funny. I'm imagining a bride saying to her bridesmaids, "Can you please lose 15 lbs. before my wedding?"

John and Elisa Seaba said...

Its a date Val! That would be so fun! I would be doing a whole lot of screaming...i'm a super big chicken!