Sunday, September 05, 2010


We had planned to go swimming today, well actually yesterday since i am doing this post after midnight. It was just too cool out to go swimming i thought, and the kids agreed. Instead we did some lawn work, got groceries, got Trey his sports physical and then went to Ernie Miller for a little hike. We try to do this at least once a year and you would think we were going to Disney World when we mention doing it...they get so excited! Well, maybe not quite as excited as they would if we said were going to Disney...

raegan took the easy route across the water

the boys found a turtle and wanted to bring it home...we did not!

the boys were on an adventure the whole time...

the girls, a leisurely stroll

when told to make a silly face, the kids misunderstood me to say everyone tilt your heads to the right i think!

It's not all happy happy joy joy...we had our share of tears cause someone wants to be the leader (ethan) or wants to hang over that certain tree that i decided we were not going to climb but i was proud of the big kids as they stuck with their younger sibling and helped them the whole time!

We finished off our outing with iced cream cones...the perfect ending to a fun day!


Val said...

How FUN!!!! You got some great pics of the kids together! Those will be fun to look at when you're under a winter house arrest of sorts. =)

June said...

Nice water pack!