Monday, March 30, 2009

I Have A Winner!

Thank you guys so much for was fun seeing the comments roll fun that i think i may do this every now and then, so keep checking back for more "cute clip" giveaways! I put all names in the hat (literally) and wadded up the names (gotta keep it fair) and the winner is: CHRISTINA!! I will get your clippies to you some time this week!

Now i have to get back up in my attic, i have 9 bins of clothes so far to take to my sister's garage sale and i'm not finished yet...had to take a little break cause my back was killing me!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Snow Snow Go Away

but while it's here and since this will probably be (at least it better be) the last snow of the year let's go out and play...let me rephrase that...let's send the kids out to play and tiptoe out to take a few pictures...and it IS quickly going away...much to the kids disapointment, melting pretty fast!making pathsavery ready to go

Ethan was not that thrilled with his snowpants!
raegan "playing"in the snowsnowballs at the window
after at least a couple of hours outsidesunday playing outsidethe BEST $3.74 i EVER spent!!i ventured out to see why Ethan was saying "a cat was throwing up all over the place". i din't see a cat or any puke!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Calling all blog readers!

I thought this would be fun...I'm going to give away a set of's what YOU do(all 10 of you)...just leave a comment on this post and on Monday, i will put all names in a hat and draw someones name...only one comment though :) You don't have to have a little girl...this would make a cute little gift for that little girl you do know!

So cmon leave your comment and win these...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Drama Queen

I don't think Raegan was too happy with the reaction she was getting out of mommy with her "fit of all fits" this morning when i grabbed the camera and started taking pictures of her. She kept getting up and starting over dropping to the ground in hopes i would get the point
She finally gave up on her little fit and we went on with our day...

Monday, March 23, 2009

No Pictures

I went a whole week of spring break and didn't get any pictures of the kids! The oldest 3 were always off playing in the trees and bushes in their "forts" so by the time i did see them they were filthy little piggies, and Raegan has a constant stream of thick boogies running down her nose so she wasn't making me want to snap too many photos of her.

I got back in town Friday night and have been going NON-stop since! I worked a double yesterday to make up for being off on Saturday night for a baby shower so i didn't even unpack our suitcases till after work last night.

Here we go on another busy go back to school tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Store Is Open

My Etsy store "Elisa's Cute Clips" is now open. Click on the link under Blogs I Read to the right and check it out! A big thank you to my sister Susan who set up my Etsy shop (yep she did the whole thing), and also to my Mom who helped me purchase some things to help me get going!

                                         So, go check out my shop.........

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My way of relaxing

We are ending day two at Grandma's. The kids are wearing themselves plum out. I have not made Ethan take a nap yet so he is beat at night and he and Raegan just pass out by the time i bathe them and put them in bed.

They are all having a blast with their cousins. My parents have a trampoline which provides lots of entertainment.

My form of relaxing this trip has been taking my clip making to a whole new level. My sister and i have been frequenting the craft stores, sorting buttons, picking petals, and working on setting up an etsy store to sell my little clippies in...stay tuned for that, it is still in progress.

Tonight my mom set up two little tables for her and i while she my dad and i watched a movie. I made clips and she worked on her handwriting (she get's paid for her fancy writing). Thanks to dvr, my dad even paused the movie part way through to go get us a little sonic i love spring break!

And the best house is getting painted by my wonderful hubby while i am away! I failed to get any pics of the kids today...have to do better the next couple of days...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

School friends

They will be missing some of their buds from school this week because we are officially on SPRING BREAK!! The kids and i will be heading to my parents for the week tomorrow morning as soon as we drag ourselves out of bed because...that's right, the alarm on my phone has been turned OFF! Johnny was a little jealous as i, on the way to church this morning said "well i won't be needing that alarm for awhile so that's getting turned off!"

As i was looking through some pictures i found these of Trey and Avery with a couple of their besties from school

Trey and Drake
Avery and Mikayla

Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Bweeving treatment"

Ethan woke up Wednesday morning wheezing really bad with a really dry cough. After his "bweeving treatment" he was SO much better! He only needed the one treatment and hasn't had any more wheezing since...just a cough. He said he thought "he swam too deep" (we went swimming the night before) and that was why he was coughing :) We have gotten a LOT of use from this machine!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Dancin with the baby

Raegan loves her baby dolls, and has especially taken to this one of Avery's, lovingly named "lady bug" by Avery when she was probably 2 yrs old. She get's the diaper changing pad that i keep in the front room and put's the baby on it and covers her up like it's a bed....i love watching her with her babies!

I ran across a picture today of Avery at Raegan's, they look alike!! I feel like i'm having flashbacks!

Thursday, March 05, 2009


Ethan and his buddy Will
this is how Raegan was when i looked back 5 minutes down the road from the park

We had a little playdate at the park today. BEAUTIFUL weather but VERY windy. During our picnic lunch we spent most of the time trying to catch things from blowing away! Raegan had fun just wandering around, i didn't get a good picture of her. She was too busy trying to swipe some goldfish from another ladies bag while i was taking this picture.

I am sunburned and tired tonight after scraping on our house for 5 hours today! We had planned to put in a good night of scraping (johnny and i) together tonight and then he had to go to Topeka to work today and didn't get home till almost 9 pm. A plus for the overtime but not for getting anything accomplished on the house. I am hoping for no rain this weekend so that we can get a whole lot of scraping done!!

The kids did help me with the scraping for the majority of the evening (when they weren't fighting over who had what scraper). Ethan stuck with me the longest. He kept saying "man mommy my hands are tired", i kept telling him to take a break but he stuck with it.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Why i love these locks

we still use a special shampoo because she still has a very dry scalp, but you won't hear me complaining!
you would never know a year and a couple of months ago our little sweetie was dealing with severe eczema
Raegan's hat that she wore constantly to keep her from scratching, her sleep at night was horrible due to her constant scratching.
our little Raegan's oh so itchy head...this picture makes me cringe

We have visited the dermatologist about every two months from the time she was very small, but our visits now are basically just making sure the maintenance (moisturizers, shampoos, ect.) are all working fine and sometimes she has us try new things. We still use a steroid ointment, though not every day on mainly her ankles and behind her knees. She is doing Great! I just like to do comparisons every now and then and thank goodness there is a drastic difference between these two!

Monday, March 02, 2009

I Love This Kid!

When i got home from work tonight the flag on the mailbox was up so i checked to see what was in there because i didn't put anything in it to be mailed and this is what i found