Monday, October 29, 2007

The Kiddos...

Trey is enjoying 3rd grade. He has a hard time with math so is going to math club two times a week after school where they work in small groups on math. Hopefully that will give him the extra help that he needs and he can get caught up to where he should be. He loves to read and he loves to lay in bed at night and look at his school yearbooks from the last several years. He and Ethan are becoming good buds. He is the king of sound effects when he is playing. All boy that is for sure, bombs exploding, guns shooting, things crashing... his last dollar spot purchase was a bag of army men so there has been war going on in his room lately. He loves to draw and one of the things he wants to be when he grows up is an artist, that is if he doesn't become a jet fighter pilot.

Avery loves first grade. She is getting better at reading. She loves to come home and play school. She is our tv watcher, if we would let her she would watch it all day. She is very particular about her room, and get's very upset if someone messes it up. She just takes her messes into daddy and mommy's room so that her room will stay clean! She is paying me back for all the "stores" and "restaraunts" i used to set up all over our basement growing up. She loads backpacks with all kinds of stuff and has offices and stores set up all over the house. The other day while driving by the Skies where Johnny took her on their date, she was telling her brother how cool the place was and she said "i am going to take the boy that i marry someday there".

Ethan is having fun being mommy's little stinker. There is never a dull moment with the boy. He has lately decided to take his diaper off every time he pees in it and today informed me that he pooped in the kitchen...sure enough...enough said! Tonight after work i bought pullups, so we may give that a try tommorow. He knows his routine everyday and after lunch when he sees me making him a sippy cup he starts saying "no night night" "pay (play) mommy", but we fly like an airplane into bed and that makes it not seem quite so bad afterall. He still naps awesome for me, usually taking a 3 hr nap, which gives me a 3 hr window to get the house back into tip top shape before the hurricane comes back through! :)

Raegan is doing great and has seemed less congested the last couple of days which makes us very happy! She still sleeps all night in her swing, and usually only wakes up once to eat. She has been getting her hands in her mouth lately and i have caught her with her thumb in her mouth a couple of times. I don't even care at this point, i just want her to either suck her thumb or learn how to keep the binky in her mouth so that she can soothe herself back to sleep. She coos and smiles all the time now and is a little sweetie pie.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mmm Mmm Good...

Ethan loves his "moatmeal". When i ask him if he wants that for breakfast he says "Otay, Yay!!" He eats his and then he goes and sits by his brother when he is eating his to see if he can steal a few more bites. We go for very easy breakfasts in the morning because my kids are not early risers and i practically have to drag them out of bed each morning. I need to take a picture of both Trey and Avery sitting at the table with their head down and eyes closed like they are every morning waiting on their breakfast. :)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Playing At The Park

Before we went to pick out our pumpkins yesterday we took the kids to the park to play for a awhile. We went on a walk and the kids each had a mission of finding several different things along the way. Daddy and mommy's mission was to keep the wind out of Raegan's face and ears!

Raegan is still is very congested and we are pretty sure this is probably allergies. She has some eczema on her face although so far not too severe. Her little ears are cracking just like Ethan and Avery's did. With how she is at this point i have a feeling she will only have mild eczema like Ethan but time will tell. By this age we were calling Avery our little alligator baby because her skin was so rough.

Picking Of The Pumpkins

"i got mine mom, let's go"
Trey was into the little pumpkins this year
Avery wanted to find the perfect pumpkin to sit on
proof that we took you to the pumkin patch, Raegan (it was extremely windy)

On Saturday we took the kids to pick out their pumpkins. They each picked out one to carve and then they each got a miniature one to write their names on. Now we are going to have lot's of carving to do.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bath Time

Raegan getting plenty of attention~ she seems to like it
Raegan was cooing at Avery the whole time she combed her hair
Ethan as usual likes to keep things a little more exciting than normal

Raegan's bath time is a main attraction on the weekends when the kids are home. They all helped me with one thing or another. Avery had fun fixing her hair.

Raegan slept from 11 till 5:45 this morning!!! Way to go Raegan, mommy likes when you do that!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Just A Few Pics...

"What is that thing you keep flashing at me??"

Raegan at 7 weeks (where is the time going?!)

The "binky hold"

Ethan was a sick boy this weekend~ he and daddy napped together Sunday afternoon

Friday, October 12, 2007

Avery Went On A Date....

with her daddy. He took her to "The Skies" at the Hyatt Regency for hot chocolate and dessert. She didn't know where he was taking her till they got there, so she was very anxious to see where they were going. All i told her was that it was mommy's favorite place to go when Mommy & Daddy went on dates. She was SO excited and Daddy said she was on cloud 10 all night. He said she was talking about their next date night already.

Ethan's Party

We had a little party for Ethan with our family & Grandpa & Grandma Seaba. We went to Mcdonalds and let the kids play. Trey and Avery had picked out gifts for him, so they had fun watching him open their presents. He ended his birthday by doing his favorite thing- spending the night with Grandma. Today he goes for his 2 yr checkup. I'm really hoping there are no shots involved (i don't think there are) because i think he would be like trying to hold onto a tiger! :)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Package In The Mail...

Ethan got a package for his birthday in the mail today from Grandpa & Grandma Neir. He was so cute opening it and was quite pleased with all the goodies he found inside. Thank you Grandpa and Grandma!!

Happy Birthday Ethan

October 11,2005 -sorry for exposing you Ethan but it's the only digital photo i have from the day you were born-
1 month old
7 months old
11 months old
Oct 11,2007 2 yrs old

2 years ago today we received a huge blessing! Ethan joined our family. He has brought so much joy to our family. We love you very much Ethan, happy birthday!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Running With My Boy

Trey has gone on a run with daddy before, but today went running with me. He did really well, he runs all over the place, jumping curbs- up down all around, one side of me and then the other- but i guess he's got to keep it interesting for himself. He was picking up newspapers the whole way too and saying how he wanted to be a paperboy. Oh boy, the memories of my mom waking me up before the crack of dawn-acting like i was gonna get up and then as soon as she was gone dropping back in bed- rolling newspapers at wee hrs of the morning, trudging through snow and coming home sure that i had frostbite on every finger- being chased by a pit bull and dropping papers the whole way home- having to go home and get help because i had thrown a paper on someones roof- knowing for sure that the boogie man was hiding behind every tree i passed,-coming outside to see it was raining-uggg we have to bag them too! Are you sure you want to be a paperboy Trey??? :) Anyway it was fun being able to have him run with me. It reminded me of running with my brother John when he wasn't a whole lot older than Trey is now.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Very Slow Mile...

I'm going to journal this so that in a few months when i'm breezing through those miles (ha ha) i will feel like i have come a long way. I ran on the treadmill tonight and i think i ran my slowest mile ever! My legs wanted to stop at a half mile. I made Johnny stand there and talk to me so i wouldn't watch the numbers drag ever so slowly by. Wow i got a long ways to go. But let me tell ya the reflection of my body in the window while running is motivation enough to want to run 10 miles tonight! :) That marathon is looking a long ways away..... :)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Stuffy Stuffy

Raegan is so congested right now and get's much worse at night. Last night i turned on the shower and put her in her car seat and she hung out in the "steam room" for a half hr. Then she seemed so comfy cozy in her seat that i decided to keep her in her seat for bedtime. She slept from 11 to 3:30 in her seat! She has been getting up every 3 hrs, so that extra hr and a half was nice. :) Yay for sleep!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

For The Love Of My Sanity...

Somebody get me a cage! There is no stopping the mischief this little monkey get's into. Nothing can be hidden good enough or put high enough for Ethan! He will find a way! Sunday we made the mistake of emptying the baby bath but not putting it down off the sink- he pulled a chair over, plugged the tub and ran water till pouring over all over the floor. Yesterday he sprinkled baby powder All over his room, not 15 minutes after that he came to me saying "room mess"- i didn't even want to look- lo and behold there was baby lotion squirted all over his floor. Awhile later i was feeding Raegan and i asked him to get my cell phone and bring it to me, which he did and when i opened it, the whole inside was covered in baby lotion. It is working but is not quite right(the sound is crackly-if that's a word). Today he came walking in with his mascara mustache. I literally can move room to room cleaning up after the boy. 5 seconds of silence when he is in the other room send me into a serious panic. When i get after him he so innocently says "otay mommy".

Raegan had her 6 week appointment yesterday. She weighed 10 lbs. 4 oz. and is in the 75th percentile for both her height and weight. She is starting to fill out and is getting a little cute baby fat on her legs. She got several shots and didn't handle them so well, she screamed most of the afternoon and evening.