Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cookies For Santa

Christmas Eve 2008
baking cookies
writing thank you notes to Santa
cookies ready and waiting for Santa

My Christmas posting has been a slow project due to my computer being hijacked. We have a couple of new Webkinz in the house that need tending to!

Johnny had vacation time left for the year that he had to take so he has been off since Christmas and doesn't go back till Monday. Nice break for him, and it's been nice having him around! He has gotten 3 physical therapy appointments in this week for his back pain and has been studying a lot. For those of you that don't know, the direction of our lives may take a huge turn before too long. He is going to take the asvab test for the military and possibly join soon. He will probably be taking the test within a couple of weeks, math is not a strong suit of this family so that is what he is worried of the most. We are still praying for direction, so only God knows what lies ahead of us... we will keep everyone posted as everything progresses or if God chooses to shut the door, does not...

Everyone is napping getting ready to bring in the New Year tonight, so i'm taking advantage of my computer being free!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve

reading the Christmas story...Daddy started over 3 times before everyone sat nicely listening...we actually had to put Ethan in Daddy's lap to accomplish that.
Trey asked me every 10 minutes (that's hardly exaggerating) all day Wednesday how much longer till Christmas eve.
Trey got Daddy this little pillow because Daddy's old one is pretty wore out!
Avery got a computer!
Raegan ripping into her present, a hippo that Trey picked out for her.
Avery loved her laptop she got!
Trey got a keyboard
Ethan and his Bob the Builder gear

Christmas Eve finally arrived! Trey thought the evening might never is our family tradition that the kids get to open 1 of their gifts on Christmas Eve. This year we stayed home and did no traveling since i was working the day after so on Wed. after Johnny got off work we went and finished up a couple of last minute things at Walmart barely making it to the checkout lanes before they closed down everything. We then went and picked up some Papa Johns pizza and headed home for some Christmas music, a few presents and then baking some cookies for Santa... to be continued...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Oh What Fun it Is To Ride In A ....Mini Van....

As we were heading home from an appointment yesterday i looked back and there were the girls holding hands, they did this the whole way home and i just thought it was the sweetest thing, they just sat that way and smiled at each other the whole way home. When we got home i told them not to move mommy wanted a picture...

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Let It Snow...

all bundled up
after Trey came out and threw a snowball in Ethan's face
Ethan lasted the longest outside
Raegan stayed nice and warm inside with her dinner in her new seat!

Ethan was very excited to see some snow today and wanted to go out and play in it. He wandered around and had fun making new footprints all over the yard. Then the kids filled some cups with snow and had coke slushies with our nachos for dinner.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Decorating The Tree

the completed tree-good job kids!
after all the madness i got them to sit still for 2.2 seconds
Avery put the angel ornament on the top
our little stocking stuffer

Tuesday was our planned evening to decorate the Christmas tree. The kids and i came home from allergy shots to Johnny having a spagetti dinner already made! It was a pretty relaxing evening we turned on the Christmas cd like we always do and then the craziness began.... the kids all stacked the different piles of branches to help daddy assemble the tree while Raegan assumed her busy little job of stealing branches here and there from each pile and stuffing them back in the tree box, kept her very busy and entertained but was a bit irritating to her siblings. The kids began sorting their ornaments from years past, and i think for the first year i realized how much they are going to enjoy the ornaments we buy each year (they each get a new one each year) ...they reminisced about each of the ornaments that they had made in sunday schoo, school ect... while Ethan went in the other room and unwrapped a little wrapped milk carton that Avery had made at school last year, thankfully i caught him before complete damage had been done and Daddy was able to fix the package as new! I think it was about that time we heard the first shatter, Ethan had dropped a glass ball and within 5 minutes the 2nd one had shattered. Raegan was taking ornaments off the tree as fast as the kids could put them on and Johnny and i were looking at each other saying isn't this supposed to be fun??? I sat back and filmed and let the kids decorate the tree all themselves. We have a little imbalance of the ornaments it seems in the middle area but over all i think they did a great job. There are ornaments laying all over the house that busy body Raegan removes from the tree all day long (she still believes the word no means, just do it quick and run!) It was a fun evening even with a little stress and now i get to listen to Darth Vader say "the force is with you young skywalker, but you are not a jedi yet" everytime i turn the tree on from now till Christmas, and no that is not Trey's ornament that is Johnny's ornament he has had for years!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Thanksgiving Day 2008

a very large table for a very large group and wonderful meal!
Daddy and Ethan
Avery sitting at the "girls and Grandpa and Grandma table"
the boys table
the boys had a sleepover Thanksgiving night
a worn out crew of boys
the girls had their own slumber party
they could only stay awake so long
unpacking Sunday afternoon-the girl just wears me out!

We went to Hutchinson for Thanksgiving Day and weekend. There were i believe 37 people at lunch on Thursday! Raegan was exausted by lunch time so we layed her down and she conked and slept through the whole afternoon and ate her Thanksgiving lunch mid-afternoon...made for a more relaxing lunch time :)

The cousins all had a blast as usual, the trampoline and playhouse being the main hangout spots of the weekend. Grandpa and Grandma got Christmas decorations and they all decorated the playhouse together which i failed to get a picture of.

Raegan didn't sleep well the whole time we were there, i assumed she had an ear infection...starting to trust my intuition on this since they are a common thing around here. I didn't want to take her to a different dr though cause she just got off 20 days of antibiotics for the previous ear infection and so we stuck it out and thankfully used some numbing drops my sister had the last night we were there and she slept great. (sure enough when i took her in she did have an ear infection and they gave her a shot and we will be discussing tubes at her 15 mo check...don't know that i want to do that but i'm getting tired of going from antibiotic to antibiotic!

The parents did a lot of trading off...guys going to a movie...girls going to walmart or target...guys going to the pawn shop...girls going shopping again...we did not go to the stores early though...the last time i did that in Hutch the stinkin newspaper people decided to chase down my sister and i and interview us for the paper...yeah and we tried to dart away from them but he was a determined guy who seemed to not give a flying flip that we didn't appear to want to be interviewed and definitely did NOT want our picture taken...aww the memories :)

It was a great weekend and i'm quite sure my mom and dad are ready for me to send my little monkey down for a couple week visit to grandpa and grandma :) She was INTO EVERYTHING the entire weekend...climbing on table, chairs you name it. Sooo this last picture is for everyone who had to place my child down off of a high place, rescue an item of yours that she thought was a great toy, take trash from her and put back in the trash can, and probably much more that i missed :)

Monday, December 01, 2008

First Thanksgiving Celebration

Trey just hanging out after a big meal
the girls getting crazy with some sidewalk chalk
Daddy and his kiddos
Johnny helping to carve the turkey

We had our Thanksgiving a few days early with the Seaba side of the family since everyone would be gone on Thanksgiving day. We decided to make it really feel like the holidays and after i got off work Friday night wake the kids and head out to Grandpa and Grandma Seaba's and spend the night. This all happened around 11 pm and halfway there we were re- thinking our great plan... Ethan did not want to wake up and was bawling his head off waiting to get carried to the car...Raegan cried the whole way till we finally stopped and got her some chicken nuggets in Bonner Springs...we were desperate to get her to stop crying :) It worked too! Once we got their and got all the kids settled everything was just fine and we were glad we had done it! Wheww! We had a very nice relaxing day with a huge meal!