Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snowy Day

Ethan gets in trouble after hitting his sister
The kids entertained themselves today playing drums with all of the pans
Tickle our bellies Ethan
A good day for hot chocolate
I tried to take a picture of our snowfall today but it was too dark by the time i tried. School was cancelled for the kids so the kids and i went to Pizza Hut and used their Book It coupons for free pizza. we came back home to kill an hr before heading to see the ent for Trey's appt. The snow was coming down really heavy and i almost turned around and came home but decided to keep going. I had to stop on a side street to clean the ice off my windshield wipers becasue i couldn't see anything at all. It was not a fun drive, but so much better once i could actually see!!
The dr said that it would be beneficial for us to have his tonsils out and would definetely cut out all these strep infections.I do not like him being on round after round of antibiotic. He said if you have strep 2-3 times per yr for 2 yrs in a row, or 5 times in one yr. that is when they say to go ahead with having the tonsils out and since he has had it 7 times this yr and probably about the same last yr. he met the criteria. He left it up to us when and if to do it. We are deciding if we should do it over Christmas break or if we should wait till spring break or even summer.
After getting home from the appt. I couldn't get the van in the driveway (after trying about 5 times) so i parked on the street and walked up to see if i could get a shovel. I changed my mind and went back to the van and bit the dust landing on my hind end! The nice thing was that my two darling children were laughing their little heads off when i dragged myself off the ground and back to the van. Trey had wiped out earlier when we were out for pizza so he said "i know it hurts doesn't it mommy, now you know how i felt" The most embarrasing part was that my neighbor witnessed my graceful slide and came out to make sure i was ok. Nice, but embarrasing:)!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Decorating The Tree

Tonight we put the Christmas tree up. We got all the branches on and one strand of lights on and then realized that our other two strands of lights did not work, so Johnny had to make a quick trip to Target to pick up some more lights. Ethan took the bulbs off as fast as we could hang them, half of our bulbs are plastic (thank goodness) so those are all on the bottom of the tree!! It's going to be an interesting month keeping this tree in one piece!

Sleepy Boy

"Lunch can really wear a guy out!" The thing i love about this picture is that i have a picture of Trey at about the same age as Ethan is, sacked out in that very same highchair at Grandma's house.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Strep AGAIN!

I got to school with Avery today at 12:30 and Avery's teacher came out and said "your son is in the nurse's office sick". He had puked right before lunch and had a fever and sore throat. They had been trying to call me for an hr but i had forgotten to give the school my new cell # (oops). They kept getting a busy signal on my old phone and Trey told them "she does talk on the phone alot, sometimes 3 hrs at a time" "she's probably at Target". :) I took him to the dr this afternoon and sure enough, strep again. He just finished antibiotic last week for strep and now we start again! The dr referred us to an ENT to consult about having his tonsils out since this is the 7th time of strep for him this year. The doc said it's time to probably do something about it. Trey wants nothing to do with the thought of having his tonsils out and breaks into tears even talking about it. We go see the ENT on Thursday. No school for Trey tommorow.

Thanksgiving Day

We went to Hutchinson for Thanksgiving. After stuffing ourselves with turkey we went outside and enjoyed the beautiful warm weather! Trey and Avery pretty much dissappear for the whole weekend playing with their cousins, and Ethan's big goal for the weekend was to escape out any open door that led outside! The guys went to a shooting range on Friday morning and then the girls took off shopping in the afternoon. We had a fun weekend.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Monday, November 13, 2006

So Thankful!

Tonight when i came home from work i went in and checked on each of the kids sound asleep in their beds. I kissed their cheeks and re-tucked them in and stopped and thanked God for our three beautiful children! We are so blessed. I never feel like i take the blessing of them for granted, but i'm sure i probably don't thank God enough! Trey... my soft-hearted, sensitive, creative, loving, silly boy. Avery... my feisty, outgoing, yet shy at times, creative and very loving little princess. Ethan...what a journey we went on before we were blessed with him... he's my loving, cuddly, silly, absolute answer to prayer! And i can't leave out our three angel babies in Heaven, a very real part of our journey... Yes i'm sappy tonight, and someday when the kids read this they may think so too, but they will also know how much their mommy loves them and how thankful i am to be their mommy!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fall Fun

Sunday was beautiful outside so we went out in the back yard for awhile and played. Ethan loved looking at the dog in the fence behind ours. He was having his own little conversation with the dog. I played a game of tag with the kids and quickly realized how out of shape i am!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Trick Or Treat

Once again we have enough candy to last us an entire year.... The kids had fun having their face painted by daddy. Trey drew out on paper what he wanted daddy to draw on his face. He came up with quite the interesting design. :)We made a couple of stops and then headed out to Johnny's parents to trick or treat in their neighborhood. It was pretty cold, the little dinosaur got wrapped up in a blanket and didn't fight me with the hat so it must have felt good. Ethan and i skipped out with one culdesac left while daddy, Trey and Avery finished up. We went back and had chili and played "chicken foot" (domino game).

Friday, November 03, 2006

School Halloween Parties

The kids had a costume parade at school on Tuesday and then the classes had their parties. I went back and forth to both classes so that i got to see a little of both parties.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Pumkin Carving

The kids had fun carving their pumkins. Trey likes digging all the stuff out of the pumkin, and that is Avery's least favorite part. Daddy got out the power tools this year!