Monday, January 28, 2008

Look What I Lost...

Avery finally lost her first tooth!! We were sitting in the car wash line yesterday(which by the way-i think everyone in America washed their car yesterday!) and i gave her a kleenex and told her to pull on it as we had plenty of quality tooth wiggling time (it was barely in there and the next tooth is already coming in) and sure enough she pulled it out. She was very proud of herself and couldn't wait to tell daddy when we got home.

Thank you Paula for letting us borrow this sleeper of Abigail's - as it turns out this is the perfect sleeper for our little eczema baby - notice the hands - no way she's getting those off to scratch her beautiful balding precious little head! Daddy also found the key to Raegan's happiness while i was at work tonight - just call him "Mr Mom" He was washing dishes like this as i got home tonight. He said she had been screaming and hadn't made a peep since he put her in.

Avery's Party

Avery chose to have her little party at Chuck E Cheeses this year. She had several of her cousins and a good friend from school. They had a blast and didn't slow down the whole night. Daddy and mommy took turns holding the puke monster (a.k.a. Raegan) who had what was i think her worst spit up night ever!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

So... That's what's With The Crankiness, Girlie...

When Raegan woke with a fever again today i decided to take her in... she has been coughing and extremely congested and running a fever on and off for the last 4 days. She was wheezing again so had another breathing treatment but she also had an ear infection which explains the no sleeping and general crankiness...and fever. She get's her first ever round of antibiotics and we will continue breathing treatments as needed... better sleep may be just around the corner...knocking on wood...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

7 Years Old!

our little baby girl

Avery is 7 years old today! Wow where did the last 7 years go? She is our very sweet, loving, happy, Energetic little princess that loves music and loves to sing! I climbed into bed with her this morning and sang happy birthday to her and she rolled over and said "how about a birthday hug mommy?" We love you very much Avery and hope you have a very Happy 7th Birthday!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Video Of Raegan

I was just trying to take a picture but it was on record and was videoing so i thought i would try this out and see if it worked, nothin special. Raegan is sick- had a 101 fever and is very cranky!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Playdate

Jen Dixon and i met up at Burger King with the kids yesterday. It was so fun seeing them since we hadn't seen each other in forever!! Trey , Avery and Ben had a blast playing and Braden and Ethan just kind of wandered around. Ethan ventured up a couple times but i had climb up to get him once because he was crying and wouldn't let anyone help him down. Her boys have grown up so much, Ethan and Braden remind me a lot of each other in that they are both just busy little boys. It was so good to catch up and i promise Jen, it won't be so long in between outings next time!! :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow Day

Oh yikes this is Ethan when he woke up this morning-i thought the bed would be soaked but he must not have had the diaper off too long
our lazy morning watching cartoons-Ethan would not leave a diaper or pullup on this morning-every time i turned around he was in the buff
we are takin our bikes and we are outa here mom
how Raegan is spending a lot of her time- she is a rolling little girl these days

School was out today because of the snow so we had a VERY lazy day at home. Johnny's company had everyone come 3 hrs later than normal so we all had breakfast together and then me and the kids just lazed around all day. I took a nap with Raegan while Ethan napped and the oldest two played quiet in Avery's room-it was nice.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Reaction To Shot

Tuesday is Avery's allergy shot day, she has been getting allergy shots since last Spring and never had any severe reactions until tonight. We were waiting our 20 minutes that we have to wait (i'm now very thankful for that rule) and she said "my arm hurts mommy" i looked and it was all welted up but she has had a couple where she has had a skin reaction before so didn't think too much of it- i then noticed she started coughing more and more and was itching all over her chest area and arms and face constantly- it all started happening very fast- i told her i was going to ask the nurse for a antihistamine and she started crying, didn't want me too- i noticed then that she was wheezing and that her whole face was splotchy and she just didn't look or act right so i quickly told the nurse that i thought something was going on. She immediately tied bands on her arms and quickly took her back to the allergist. Her oxygen level was lower than it should be and they very quickly gave her an epinephrine shot and started a breathing treatment. They also gave her a dose of Orapred, allegra and singulair and kept checking her pulse and oxygen levels. Her color went back to normal after about 15-20 minutes and she stopped coughing and the itching was under control so they just kept her to watch her for another 20 minutes or so before they sent us home. Her poor little arms were completely purple before they were able to take the bands off, the nurse said"don't let that scare you"-it was freaking me out a little bit and my face must have shown that. I am to give her breathing treatments every 4-6 hrs tonight regardless if she needs it or not through the night. She is sacked out- they said she probably would or else not be able to sleep with all the mix of drugs. It was scary for mommy and for Avery too, but now i know what a reaction is like and i also now see the high importance of why we carry our epi pen with us anywhere we go on Tuesday evenings. I made Avery promise me that she would tell me if she was feeling that way ever again and how important it is that we get help if she does (the nurse stressed this to her as well) because she never wants anyone to know she is feeling bad. They will be dropping her shot dose back down a bit next week obviously and mommy will probably be a bit paranoid for the next couple of weeks when we get shots. She was such a brave girl, i was so proud of her.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Temporary Brain Lapse

While showering this morning i suddenly freaked out, i remembered i had left the mop and bucket of water sitting in the kitchen. I started hollering for Ethan but got no response- not a good feeling when i can't get him to respond, but i thought mabye i should just leave him alone, He is probably playing and hasn't noticed the bucket and if i draw attention to it then there will be a mess for sure. Should have gone with my first gut feeling of yikes, when i got out i saw him sitting oh so nice in front of the tv all covered up with his blankie, mop laying on the floor in front of him- just giving me a brief over the shoulder "it's wet mommy" (mimicking what i had told him when i was mopping the kitchen)and then going right back to his show. Yes in deed it was wet- he had mopped with A LOT of water the entire kitchen and entire front room wood floors but left the carpet alone, thank goodness! Our house is pine-sol fresh let me tell ya!! I told him "oh Ethan you are gonna drive mommy nuts"- his response "i not nuts mommy".

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Transformers Slumber Party

getting ready to decorate cupcakes
the transformers war
making pizza
ready for bed~yeah right
movie time
gift time
the 4 crazy boys
happy 9th birthday Trey

Trey had a few cousins over for a "transformers night" to celebrate his birthday. They made their own pizza, decorated their own cupcakes and then played a whole lot of transformers. They took a break in their playing to watch a transformer cartoon and then went right back to playing.

We put Ethan in bed with Daddy so he wasn't in the same room as them and i slept on the couch. At 11 pm i told them it was time to start winding down and be quiet, at 12:30 am i finally said alright boys thats it, no more talking-time to sleep. They listened and finally sacked out.

They were all up at 8 am and ready to go for a second round of playing. We had some donuts and sent the boys home- this afternoon we took the kids to the ymca to go swimming and then spent a relaxing evening at home. At 8:12 pm (the actual time he was born) he got his 9 "spankings" and then headed to bed to hopefully catch up on some sleep that he did not get last night!!

Happy Birthday Trey!

9 years ago~aww they grow way too fast

Our boy is 9 years old today. He is growing up way too fast! He is a very tenderhearted, funny, hard working boy who brings a lot of love and a LOT of conversation to our household. :) We love you very much Trey and hope you have an awesome 9th birthday!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Look What I Can Do!!

sissy working with Raegan so i could get some video
what is going on with my arm here??
the object of my affection~that colorful little rattle
here we go ~here we go
aww~ sweet success!

We put Raegan down on the floor tonight to stretch for awhile and went about our watching the KU game and doing a load of laundry and all of a sudden we both noticed that she had flipped over to her tummy. She has been playing with this toy all day today and loves it and was trying to get it. Once she went over once she wouldn't stay on her back~she would flip over every time we put her back.

We went to urgent care tonight with Avery and Raegan. Avery came home from school yesterday with a fever and has been complaining about her head and ears hurting so sure enough the dr took one look in her ear and turned to me and said "ouch". Raegan was fine, just a cold but i wanted to get her ears checked too since i was there.

Monday, January 07, 2008

What's This?!

"I'm going for the record here~over a minute of sucking on this here binky with absolutely no assistance~woo hoo, mommy is so impressed~ i guess it doesn't take a lot to impress her"
"aww c'mon mommy, why did you have to go and smile at me? I had a good thing going~ well i guess there is always next time~i'll shoot for two minutes next time!"

Friday, January 04, 2008

A Few New Year's Eve Pics...

on the way home New Year's Day
our wii boxing tournament
Trey loved the wii too
pinata time
our buff men- he he

all this partying just wore us out
Trey and Maggie- still good buds
Molly and Ethan giving each other a little love

I finally got my pictures to download ...

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

"Eat Time"... Ethan says. As i type i have a very content little girl with a very full tummy that just sacked out on my lap. Again because of allergies they suggested we wait till 6 months for starting cereal, but again we have a very hungry baby that is eating every 3 hrs and waking a couple of times a night to eat so we are caving in and giving it a try. She LOVED it and seemed extremely content afterwards so we will see how long she sleeps tonight.

She had her 4 month visit last week. She weighs 13 lb. 4oz. (50th %) and is 25.4 inches (90th %) in height. She is having quite a time with her scalp being itchy. We cannot leave her hands uncovered or she goes after it and makes herself bleed and even with her hands covered will rub it pretty bad. She is rubbing a lot of her hair out just like Avery did. In 2 months they will be able to put her on Zyrtec that will hopefully help with the itching. She is still a happy baby even though she is itchy. She has figured out how to pull the socks off her hands so i am having a very hard time keeping them on. If anyone has a good idea to keep her hands covered please do share :) She still spits up A LOT so smells like puke most all of the time and goes through several outfits a day. That's ok Raegan, we love you puke and all. :)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a safe and happy new year! I'm having difficulties downloading my pictures of the New Year's Eve bash we had at my brother's house, so for photos you can go to any of my siblings links to see all the action. We had a Wii boxing tournament in which us girls kicked the boys hineys. Who needs a gym with a wii? I can't hardly move my upper body today i am so sore! John and Melanie supplied us with lots of party goods to make the party complete. After little to no sleep for everyone my brothers made everyone a big breakfast on New Years Day. After having to work the last two New Years Eves it was so fun to actually do something fun to bring in the new year!!