Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Most likely to...

Trey's last day of 7th grade they gave all the kids certificates of some random "most likely to"...

Can't believe he is going into 8th grade! He will be able to show Avery the ropes her first year in middle school since he is an old pro and all. Proud of you for working hard this year Trey! All that hard work paid off and we are excited to see you do well in 8th grade!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Farewell to fifth grade

This past week Avery finished her last year of being an elementary student. On Tuesday there was a farewell breakfast for the 5th grade and their family's. She was lined up ready to go up on stage and get her certificate...

 Mr Hughes, her teacher giving her the certificate. 

 They showed a dvd of the whole year and then pictures of the kids as babies and then their 5th grade school picture...yes, i got a little teary!

 Avery and some of her good friends...they love to have fun!

 Then on Wednesday there was an awards assembly. Avery got a couple of certificates for things that she was involved in through the year.

 Then at the end of their half day the fifth graders walk the halls while the rest of the kids lined the halls to say goodbye.

 Avery and her fifth grade teacher. She had a great fifth grade year. Now it is off to middle school. We are proud of you Avery. You worked so hard and accomplished your goal of good grades this year and you will do great next!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kindergarten comes to a close

Today was Ethan's last day as a kindergartner! He smiles as big as can be when i call him my big first grader! He had a fantastic first year of school, loved every bit of it! His teacher was amazing! You can tell when a teacher truly loves the kids and that is exactly what she did! She gave them each a special notebook yesterday filled with all of their special artwork throughout the year, first picture they drew in kindergarten and had pictures throughout the book as well...so awesome!! Here is Ethan checking out his book yesterday. He is so proud to show everyone his book

 Ethan and his teacher Mrs. Stegeman

 They had an ice cream party yesterday

 Then today was their last day! All the parents took the kids to a super fun park after school let out for a picnic lunch and lot's of playtime! So, here is our official FIRST GRADER!

We are super proud of you buddy! You are reading like a champ and it's fun to see you crave to learn! You are going to do Awesome in first grade!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Education Celebration

We enjoyed an evening at the school a little while back. I can't believe this school year is two weeks from being over! This year has flown!

This is the 4th and 5th grade special chorus group. They have one more field trip where they visit several places to sing before school is out.

 I snapped a few pictures of pictures while we were there. Ethan and his bud Will when they got student of the week the same week, Way to go boys!

 Avery's last elementary desk...next year she moves on up to lockers!

 Their reading program this year was "reading rocks"

 so here they are rocking it

 Ethan has done a whole lot of reading this year. He has three booklets to do in the next two weeks so i don't think he will have a problem getting them finished. He is always so happy to get in the van and tell me how m,any stickers he got to put on his chart. He is really doing great with his reading. We are very proud of him!

 Ethan's kindergarten desk

 The 5th grade strings also had a little concert for us to start the evening. Avery has been loving playing the violin and has signed up to continue on with orchestra and choir in 6th grade next year.

It was a fun night to see all that the kids have been up to. They love school and we are thankful for the great school that they go to and all the great teachers that they have!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Amazing Race

Our Sunday school class puts on an "Amazing Race" each year in the spring. We have participated the last three years. The first year we won. The second year we came in second and this year we came in 9th or 10th so we are really going down hill! :) Physical tasks you can give to us all day long we are up for that...make us memorize Shakespeare and quote...well we pretty much suck at that! I will give John credit, he is the one who finally got it down and said it. We caught back up with everyone and actually arrived towards the front at one of the legs only to leave last after coming to grips with the fact that we know nothing much about playing cards. 

In spite of those frustrating moments we had a total blast!

And now, to explain our team shirts...a few years back our class got together for a "newlywed game". One of the questions was what your song was. John has yet to live down his answer that matched my answer, which we always listened to or maybe more like kissed to when we were dating...The Power of Love by Celine Dion. It has been a running joke and when they showed the video last year of the Amazing Race there was lot's of peppy music but each time we were shown it went to Celine Dion...so we went with it...and i'm pretty sure he won't ever live down wearing that t-shirt. Fun times for sure! I love our class, we have so much fun!

We will be back next year with a fury ready to take down some competition! In the mean time i am going to go read some stinkin Shakespeare!