Sunday, May 27, 2012

Farewell to fifth grade

This past week Avery finished her last year of being an elementary student. On Tuesday there was a farewell breakfast for the 5th grade and their family's. She was lined up ready to go up on stage and get her certificate...

 Mr Hughes, her teacher giving her the certificate. 

 They showed a dvd of the whole year and then pictures of the kids as babies and then their 5th grade school picture...yes, i got a little teary!

 Avery and some of her good friends...they love to have fun!

 Then on Wednesday there was an awards assembly. Avery got a couple of certificates for things that she was involved in through the year.

 Then at the end of their half day the fifth graders walk the halls while the rest of the kids lined the halls to say goodbye.

 Avery and her fifth grade teacher. She had a great fifth grade year. Now it is off to middle school. We are proud of you Avery. You worked so hard and accomplished your goal of good grades this year and you will do great next!


Katie said...

Avery's teacher looks...unconventional. I bet he was a blast.

Barbie said...

Congratulations on completing 5th grade, Avery! You will do well in middle school next year :)