Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Education Celebration

We enjoyed an evening at the school a little while back. I can't believe this school year is two weeks from being over! This year has flown!

This is the 4th and 5th grade special chorus group. They have one more field trip where they visit several places to sing before school is out.

 I snapped a few pictures of pictures while we were there. Ethan and his bud Will when they got student of the week the same week, Way to go boys!

 Avery's last elementary desk...next year she moves on up to lockers!

 Their reading program this year was "reading rocks"

 so here they are rocking it

 Ethan has done a whole lot of reading this year. He has three booklets to do in the next two weeks so i don't think he will have a problem getting them finished. He is always so happy to get in the van and tell me how m,any stickers he got to put on his chart. He is really doing great with his reading. We are very proud of him!

 Ethan's kindergarten desk

 The 5th grade strings also had a little concert for us to start the evening. Avery has been loving playing the violin and has signed up to continue on with orchestra and choir in 6th grade next year.

It was a fun night to see all that the kids have been up to. They love school and we are thankful for the great school that they go to and all the great teachers that they have!

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grammaneir said...

Good summation and pictures Elisa. You do a good job with all you do.