Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kindergarten comes to a close

Today was Ethan's last day as a kindergartner! He smiles as big as can be when i call him my big first grader! He had a fantastic first year of school, loved every bit of it! His teacher was amazing! You can tell when a teacher truly loves the kids and that is exactly what she did! She gave them each a special notebook yesterday filled with all of their special artwork throughout the year, first picture they drew in kindergarten and had pictures throughout the book as well...so awesome!! Here is Ethan checking out his book yesterday. He is so proud to show everyone his book

 Ethan and his teacher Mrs. Stegeman

 They had an ice cream party yesterday

 Then today was their last day! All the parents took the kids to a super fun park after school let out for a picnic lunch and lot's of playtime! So, here is our official FIRST GRADER!

We are super proud of you buddy! You are reading like a champ and it's fun to see you crave to learn! You are going to do Awesome in first grade!

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Barbie said...

Way to Go, Ethan! You are growing up so fast.

What a great idea for the teacher to put his artwork into a book! Definitely a keepsake :)