Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Appointments, Appointments and More Appointments.

this was in the first few days of drinking the Reliv drink, we had to hold her nose. She now does it by herself!
one of the nights, Avery was up having trouble sleeping but finally crashed on the couch
Ethan and his spiderman tattoo and new toothbrush and toothpaste

This last week or so has been full of lot's of appointments for the kids. Ethan had his follow up hearing test at the audiologist which he passed with flying colors this time around! He had his 3 yr checkup (no shots, YAY) and then he had his first dental appointment yesterday. I didn't think i would be hearing the words "He was the most cooperative 3 yr old i've done" yesterday but he was so excited for his turn to go back (all by himself mind you) and just did awesome. They cleaned his teeth and he got a new toothbrush and toothpaste and spiderman tattoo so what can make a 3 yr olds day better than that!?

Trey had his yearly physical and they wanted to give him 5 shots, i was in shock but then remembered that he had had all of those shots at a different dr and they just didn't have record of them, so he didn't end up getting any much to Trey's relief! He had his dental cleaning and checkup yesterday with no cavities but a couple "watches" teeth that may easily turn into a cavity. We have to step up the quality of brushing i suppose.

Raegan had a follow up with her dermatologist and got a great report. Her skin is doing great, still has several patches and can't be outside long without breaking out some but overall great! She saw her allergist for a follow up as well last week and had a good report there too. She drinks rice milk now which she seems to handle much better than the soy. We keep her away from milk product but occasionally treat her to a bite of something and she acts like she is in heaven (ice cream). Raegan went to the dentist but didn't get her pearlie white checked, she is getting 4 teeth at once on the top. The front two and her two eye teeth. Fun fun...

And then there is Avery. She had a staph infection several weeks ago on her legs and her eczema was out of control and nothing was working to calm it down so they put her on antibiotic and on prednisone for the infection. The warning on the side effects "pssible mood changes" yea that's an understatement!! She had some major mood swings and i thought the poor girl had gone off the deep end until now i see that she is a completely different girl since being off the meds for a week! The warning on the bottle should be "your daughter is going to have meltdowns 3 times a day at least, not be able to sleep and you mommy are going to just about lose your mind". Hopefully we don't have to take prednisone anytime again soon! Her infection cleared up nicely, still battling the eczema but somewhat under control. She is having no trouble with asthma though so that is awesome! As for the allergy shots...we get to switch to bi-weekly shots after the first good hard freeze of the year so until then we will continue with weekly.
She also had her dental cleaning and checkup and had a couple of "watches" as well but no cavities. She had a looses tooth when going in and the dentist pulled it while she was in there so she came out with one less tooth. I also saw that they are billing our insurance for a tooth extraction $147. You can bet i will be fighting that one if the ins. doesn't pay and we get billed for it!!

My wonderful parents got Avery and Raegan some Reliv powder that you mix in a drink, that is supposed to do wonders with allergies, asthma and eczema. We have just recently started it. Raegan does great, i put it in her bottle and she drinks it down. It hasn't been so easy on the other hand for Avery...she despises the taste but is getting SO much better about drinking it without too much drama. We are holding out hope that this may help both the girls!

I think i am now done with all appointments until at least December when we do allergy and dermatology follow ups again. Gonna take a breather for awhile!

Friday, October 17, 2008


my camera is really slow so i missed the kiss but this was close enough
Raegan's favorite hiding place is behind this tree, that's where she runs when she knows she has something she shouldn't
another sacked out picture-when it's nap time this girl will fall asleep anywhere

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Celebrating Ethan's Birthday

a box from Grandma came in the mail
and everyone get's excited
opening all the goodies and their were LOT'S of goodies
Mile' and Ethan having fun before cake and ice cream
had to throw this one in cause this is Mile' and Ethan as babies, they are still buds
I found Ethan (and Raegan right their being fed bites) after we frosted the cake
his "star wars" cake-nothin fancy
a singing card from Grandma and Grandpa and his Handy Manny tool set that he LOVES
Mr. Serious while we were singing to him
"how old are you Ethan??"

We had a little party for Ethan last Saturday for his birthday. He chose many different themes he wanted for his cake (it changed daily) but we settled on Star wars since he is very into that right now (having a daddy and brother being star wars fanatics makes it pretty much a given that he will be too).

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Ethan!

Our little guy is 3 years old today. Ethan is such a sweet little guy. He is into pretty much any super hero right now with Star Wars, Spiderman, and Batman being the top 3 picks as of recent. He has grown up a lot the last few months, he pretty much potty trained himself and has done awesome, though at times he does not care where he is when he needs to go, just drop the pants and go i think is his motto- on the playground during jogathon at the kid's school, on the sidewalk at church, in the front yard...you know whenever nature calls...he can now buckle himself into his car seat as long as you are not in a hurry cause he likes to do it in his own time, but he can do it!

He wipes off Mommy's kisses at night just to get a reaction out of me and then grins in his mischievous little grin. He says the cutest little prayers and HAS to be the first to pray and will just start praying out loud to get his in before anyone else starts praying.

He is a very happy guy but when he is feeling shy or uncomfortable he get's a pretty grumpy look on his face and can give quite the little attitude. I saw him be protective to his little sister recently for the first time, he told another little girl "don't mess with my baby sister". She was trying to pick Raegan up and he didn't like it!

We love you so much Ethan, you brings lot's of smiles to your family! Happy Birthday, you big 3 yr old!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Chicago Trip

at Moody Church
taking a subway ride Saturday night "screaming tourists" waiting for our train
walking around the city
our train that took us to Chicago
waiting for our train Friday morning
ferris wheel at Navy Pier
view of the city
the Museum of Science and Industry
eating at Gino's pizza
making my mark on the wall at Gino's, it was very hard to find a spot!!
relaxing on the train
Dad and John
Dad and Mom
"the girls"
before we had to turn our seats back around, at least we got a picture :)

We headed to the train station early Friday morning. We spent the day on the train in our seats for a while then headed to the observation car and the snack car. Susan and i were both having a little trouble with motion sickness. We had lunch reservations in the dining car but by the time it was our turn they were out of everything except a salad, a couple of macaroni and cheese, and a couple of hot dogs off the kids menu so we opted to heading down to the lounge/snack car and ate lunch down there. We arrived in Chicago at around 3 in the afternoon and got checked into the hotel which was right in the middle of downtown just a few blocks from Michigan Ave. We took off and rode a trolley down to Navy Pier for awhile and then headed back to go eat at Gino's pizza. We lucked out and only waited in line for a few minutes. People shortly behind us were waiting for a LONG time! We gorged on pizza till we could no longer eat any more and enjoyed our waiter of many moods! We went to a movie that night too i just can't remember in which order we did that. I guess that's a sign of a full weekend when you ca't remember when you did what!

My dad purchased 2 day passes to ride the busses and subways. On Saturday we rode the bus to The Museum of Science and Industry. It was really cool, we toured the smart home, and a German submarine that we captured in World War 2, it was pretty interesting. After spending several hours at the museum we headed back downtown and did some shopping and then went and saw the movie Fireproof. After dinner we took a subway trip up north (i think it was north). We only encountered one little incident when someone started banging on the outside of the train on John and Susan's window and yelling something, not quite sure what his deal was.

On Sunday we took the bus to Moody Church and then went back and packed up our stuff and then went and ate lunch. It was raining by the time we were heading to Union Station, glad it waited till we were heading back to KC to do that!

I think we all sacked out on the train for a while on the way back only after Susan and John FINALLY figured out after much trying how to turn the seats around so that they faced each other (we knew they did from pictures). After all that work and being so excited and actually having another group do the same things as us. "Mr. Grouchy pants" came back and informed us we were not allowed to ride that way (apparently they had been sued and now it is a safety violation) oh well. We had dinner in the dining car with plenty of food left on the way back. We had so much fun packed into the weekend and it actually felt longer than a weekend amazingly enough!

Thank you SO MUCH Dad and Mom for the fun trip, we had a blast!!