Wednesday, February 25, 2009


the few that i have made so far
these clips work PERFECT in her fine hair!
my little sidekick

I am a total beginner at this but i am so pumped about having cute little clips to match each and every little sundress this summer...and the absolutely BEST thing about it is that when Raegan takes her clip out of her hair and loses it (which happens way too often!) i can just make another one to replace it!

I have at least 20 more colors of ribbon picked out that i haven't bought yet and lot's of other things picked out to add to the clips, but i'm taking it slowly and starting with just the ribbon. Avery has put in her order of which colors she wants me to make for her.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Just Another Crazy Monday

Another crazy week begins...our first activity of the day after getting the big kids off to school...sorting of Q-tips...funny how they don't quite fit the same way going back IN the box!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Night Out With The Family

Raegan LOVED the buttons that made things make noise, she needed nothing more to entertain her

our little engineer
this picture just makes me laugh, johnny said" well thanks for the warning" when i took it...he looks like he was having fun huh? and the look on Ethan's face, yeah that pretty much showed his mood from there on out!

walking through the link to the hotel

We went to Crown Center on Friday night and took the kids to see the Oz display. They ran around like crazy people for about 45 minutes and then we headed over to Fritz's for dinner. Trey and Avery had both been there before but it was Ethan's first time and he was in awe at how the train brought us our dinner. After dinner we went to a few shops and then went walking. I remember it being so relaxing meandering around crown center other times that we have been down there, boy what a difference it is with 4 crazy kids to try to keep up with. Ethan did not take a nap for me yesterday so he pretty much melted down after dinner and continued to have that melt down the rest of the evening at the slightest thing that didn't go his way. We took them walking across the link to the hotel which they had fun doing but on the way back something set Ethan off ( i think it was when i put him down off my back) and he cried the rest of the way back, to the car, and ALL the way home! Oh and i forgot to mention we rode the escalators about 20 times (you would think we never get out), all i need to do is take the kids to the mall and let them ride escalators and they think they have been taken to an amusement park.

Overall it was a great night minus the "touch that again and..." stop bouncing around and act like normal children"..."if you don't stop crying i'm gonna take you to the bathroom"... "there is a bathroom right there, you want to go in?"... "NO sound affects"..."get off the floor Ethan"..."cmon Raegan, let's go THIS way"..."oh so we are gonna play the go limp game"... I won't even go into the story of the freaky looking guy mumbling under his breath to Johnny as Johnny is carrying the stroller up a few stairs that"that's what elevators are for"...i can't even think about it without laughing! No really it was a fun night :) One i'm sure we will always remember and also will remember Naps are a MUST before another outing like this.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Things That Make Me Happy

*the color orange

*a tidy house, everything perfectly in it's place even if it's only while i sleep...

*watching my kids sleep

*finding good quality kitchen hand towels on clearance for .98

*dressing Raegan in brown and pink

*a coca~cola

*MENTHOLATUM, cause my nose won't stop running and is SO sore

*a smile from the kids

*being caught up on laundry...this never happens but one can dream

*puffs kleenex...they are gonna make me happy tomorrow when i purchase them

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

On The Sweeter Side

him and his crustless cheese sandwich- along with his meat aversion he has now also developed a crust aversion!

Since yesterday's post was of the disaster that Ethan created at nap time i thought is was an appropriate time to do a post of his sweetness. The kid is all boy- rough and tumble, hit's his head or some other part of his body umpteen times a day (which always is magically healed by a "mommy's magic kiss"...buuuut he is such a little sweetie always giving me hugs and kisses which lately have to be with his head turned almost upside down "cause that's how spiderman does it mommy".

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When Mommy's Take Naps...

and little boys don't. Yes that is the mattress to his bed! I dozed on the couch during nap time today. Ethan apparently didn't do any dozing! His room was nice and tidy when i tucked him into bed...

Friday, February 13, 2009

18 Months

she comes to brush her teeth with mommy everyday, and uses whoever's toothbrush happens to be left out. sshh

pure excitement..."mommy let me outside!" actually it was excitement over the basketball.

She is actually getting closer to 19 months...but who's counting. Raegan is turning into her big brother Ethan as in (tearing the house apart). She is into everything and is like a little whirl wind blowing through and can make quite the mess to clean up! I actually could just follow her around all day and keep busy my whole day cleaning up her messes. Thank goodness for nap times!! She is a wonderful napper usually sleeping about 3 hrs. She cuts it to two hrs occasionally but i'm not complaining. She does great at night typically sleeping usually about 11 hrs but i can always tell when she has an ear infection because we have several nights in a row of poor sleep when i usually end up on the couch with her on and off throughout the night...we are on a run of nights like that right now...guess it's time to fill the rx they gave me "in case. Her allergist said her ear was a little red so gave me one if she got fussier. Tubes are sounding better and better every day...

She is starting to learn lots of words and tries to repeat things you say. Some of the words that she has down are
"ga-ma" (whom she loves dearly, once she spots ga-ma, who is mommy?)
"lub you"- which she repeated back to me at nap time the other day
"baby" -she adores her baby dolls!!
" m-i-n-e"- ah yes she has learned the word, she has joined the ranks of
thinking everything is HERS
"NO"- her answer to just about any question you ask her.
"bubba"- what she calls Ethan only on occasion
"sissy"-what she calls Avery on occasion
"Tae"- Trey is the only one she will call by name
" shoesss"- loves to take her "shoessss" off!
" pitty"- pretty-
" nanie" her beloved pink silky blankie, a close second would be her purple
silky blankie
"EAT" - as i have said before, the girl loves to eat!! As soon as i say the words
eat she runs to her chair and climbs into her booster. The only think
we have found that she doesn't like is broccoli, other than that she will
just about anything you put in front of her.

She is such a little cuddler and when i get her in the middle of the night just smiles and snuggles into me. She goes down great for me at nap time but at night time if i try to put her down she throws a bit of a fit. Daddy usually has to come do the honors. You can tell she has become adjusted to being put to sleep at night by Daddy since i work evenings, she prefers him at night.
She loves to go outside and will dart for the door if barely open, i'm cossing my fingers that she doesn't have breathing issues associated with allergies like her big sister after this last week when she was out on a warm day and ended up needing a breathing treatment that night. We will have to see what the springs brings.

She is one happy little girl and brings lot's of squealing and giggling to the house!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Good Morning Mommy...

No school today for parent teacher conferences, up and down throughout the night with a fussy Raegan, but THIS is what i got to wake up to this morning...yes i heard rustling in the kitchen....yes Ethan snuck in the room to tell me it's not ready yet...but when the 3 of them snuck in the room and said "good morning mommy" i was quite impressed and my heart melted! (and i quickly sent one of them to run for the camera so that i could capture the moment)...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Getting Slower...

My posts are getting fewer and farther in between...not that i haven't had some bloggable moments that's for sure, just that my afternoons have been consumed with trying to keep on top of the laundry as of late. Another post will soon follow to cover up my mommy no-no of posting Avery doing her silly chicken dance which i was informed was "not supposed to be put on the blog". Shame on Mommy!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Some Silly Seaba's I Tell Ya...

I guess this is video week on my blog...i love when the kids are getting along great with no fighting and if it takes having to sing the chicken dance song... Until i watched the video after i was all done, i didn't notice that in the beginning Ethan even threw in a little Zacheus and Raegan was just in her own little dance world!