Tuesday, September 27, 2011

7th grade - meet one

Trey was excited for cross country to start this year. He really enjoyed it last year. He started running a couple of weeks before it started so that he could be in shape for when they started.

His first meet was this past Saturday.

He is not a big fan of me taking pictures of him in public places...

7th grade did the 1 mile. Next year he will get to do the 2 mile
they are off...

trey...we are taking a picture! Grandpa Seaba came out to see him run...

chatting with the buddies...mom took a picture from a safe distance...

He did his mile in 6:16, taking 18 seconds off his time from last year. I lost count of what place he came in but he found out on Monday that he placed 13th of the 7th grade boys. Great job Trey, very proud of you and that you are working so hard not only out on the cross country field but also in the classroom which is more important!

He has another meet coming up in October, so he is still training hard!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

First jogathon

Every year the kid's school does one major fundraiser...jogathon. This year it was in the evening which was nice because Daddy could go watch the kids too. Ethan's group was up first and he was ready to run. I missed getting a picture of a lot of the kids down doing push ups for their warm up...very cute!

Ethan was off and running. After the first lap i joined him and ran with him. He would have little bursts of energy when he would take off sprinting when one of his classmates would come up and say his name and he would race them and take off and leave mommy

they would get a wrist band each time around and he got 23 wristbands! Way to go Ethan! He went on to run during Avery's run to get another 12. When i took this picture he had already cooled down, i wihs i had gotten a picture of his bright red face right after running

Up last were the 4th and 5th graders. Here is Avery, a little more interested in chatting with her friends than anything else

I ran with her a couple of laps and then Daddy wanted to run with her so ran the rest of the way with her. I believe she got 25 laps but i'm sure she will correct me if i'm wrong. She was way more excited for her first tumbling class that was taking place after the jogathon than running. I think her close to exact words were. "sorry mommy i'm your girl but i just don't like running, so i'm not your running girl" :)

And they were off...and so was my camera...after this picture my camera batter went dead so that was the end of the pictures for the evening...

Friday, September 16, 2011

5 year old Bible perspective

I quietly listened today to a conversation that my 5 year old was having with my 4 year old in the back of the van. It was mostly a one sided conversation...Ethan was doing most of the talking and Raegan was listening...(and mommy was eavesdropping). I wrote down one part just as quickly as i could so that i wouldn't forget what he said.

I am not sure at all how the conversation came about, but here is a little Bible history from a 5 year old's perspective...

"The devil wanted to be better than God so God threw him out of Heaven and he broke through the ground into hell and then God used His super powers to put the ground all back together. "

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Old Settlers

We miss our local parade for one reason or another every year. Finally, this year we had nothing going and the weather was nice so we walked to the parade route downtown.

The youngest two were all about getting candy and ate more tootsie rolls than i could count...

Avery and Mikayla spotted each other across the street so they got to watch the parade together

Johnny asked Joe Lauria what the weather was going to be and he gave a quick weather forecast :)

The kids had a good time, we left with more "stuff" and candy than we ever needed that i have slowly been sneaking out of the house. Raegan is a saver! Everything is special to her including bags that she get's places, papers, flyers...you name it, so i have to strategically make things disappear over time. If i do it slowly, she doesn't notice. On this same note, she came in bawling yesterday saying "i want our old patio chairs back" they are sitting out back, we haven't even gotten rid of them yet. We have come to learn she is our very sentimental child. She also has been crying lately asking for her car seat back because she misses it. She will sit and look at a picture of me when i am at work and just start bawling and says she misses me to her sister at night when they are in bed. She wears her little heart on her sleeve!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Some help

Susan and Greg ( my sis and bro in law) came up a couple of weeks ago to help us get some work done around the house. We have had a stack of pavers that we bought for a really good price three, yes Three years ago for our back patio. It has been a gradual work in progress and honestly i wondered if we would ever get it done so that we could enjoy it.

The guys started their day early picking up a second truckload of sand (that they didn't even end up needing) and continued to work ALL DAY LONG!

they had some cute help though

Phil (another bro in law) came over and helped too! It was hot and they drank a lot of water!

Johnny and Greg are always being crazy...

had to do lot's of cutting on the edge pieces!

Here is our semi finished back patio area. The patio is complete! The porch is going to be built soon and we have landscaping coming this next week! We have been sitting out by the fire a lot lately!

While the guys were busy outside we girls were not just sitting around inside. My sister aka: master organizer helped me tear through ever nook and cranny of the inside of my house organizing and cleaning. Every single closet, cupboard, drawer in this house is neatly organized and it feels SO good! We are hopefully going to show that this house has space regardless of 6 people living here!

The little kids helped haul bag after bag to the truck of clothes to get rid of...

We SO appreciated all the help! Thank you guys so much! I will post a picture of the completed back patio are soon hopefully!