Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Old Settlers

We miss our local parade for one reason or another every year. Finally, this year we had nothing going and the weather was nice so we walked to the parade route downtown.

The youngest two were all about getting candy and ate more tootsie rolls than i could count...

Avery and Mikayla spotted each other across the street so they got to watch the parade together

Johnny asked Joe Lauria what the weather was going to be and he gave a quick weather forecast :)

The kids had a good time, we left with more "stuff" and candy than we ever needed that i have slowly been sneaking out of the house. Raegan is a saver! Everything is special to her including bags that she get's places, papers, flyers...you name it, so i have to strategically make things disappear over time. If i do it slowly, she doesn't notice. On this same note, she came in bawling yesterday saying "i want our old patio chairs back" they are sitting out back, we haven't even gotten rid of them yet. We have come to learn she is our very sentimental child. She also has been crying lately asking for her car seat back because she misses it. She will sit and look at a picture of me when i am at work and just start bawling and says she misses me to her sister at night when they are in bed. She wears her little heart on her sleeve!

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