Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ethan's Baptism

This past 4th of July was special! Ethan had asked if he could be baptized during Camp Gramma. The only problem was that Daddy wasn't going to be able to be down there because of work. After we talked about it for awhile he decided that he would wait till a time when Daddy could be there too. 

Daddy ended up surprising us and coming down for just the day so Ethan was able to get baptized after all! We were very proud of him for wanting to show his profession of faith by being baptized!

Daddy was able to pray for him after he got baptized...

We are proud of you buddy and pray that you continue to want to please Jesus throughout your life!

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Camp Gramma 2013

Each year my parents put on "Camp Gramma"! It is an organized 3 days of fun at Grandpa and Grandma's house in the back yard, along with a lot of planned activities! The boys and older girls stayed in tents and Gramma and the little girls got the air conditioned play house! My parents always have t-shirts made for all the "campers" with their names on them...

Meal time is usually outdoors. There are tables for every size!

The four older girls...

It has been a tradition for years that we got to the bridge that goes over the highway and the kids love to get the semis honking at them. This year there was a brand new bridge as the old one was torn down.

This year was also the first annual "Camp Gramma Fun Run" Complete with medals for all the kids! The kids all did so great! Some were a little more competitive than others...

I ran with Raegan and in spite of her begging to be carried the last half mile or so she finished without me picking her up. She was pretty happy to get her medal!

Ethan loved it too!

A family that goes to my parents church had us out to their land for an afternoon. They had scavenger hunt games, a huge wonderful meal and lesson and a bonfire with smores! All these city slicker kids had a great time running around on the farm and this was the first year i didn't have one of my kids having major allergy problems while they were doing it so i was very thankful for that!!

Avery and Maggie

The kids could take their turn sleeping in the high treehouse with one of the older cousins each night. The kids love this hangout spot!!

Thank you once again Grandpa and Grandma for making another memorable summer for the kids at "Camp Gramma!"

*Trey was not in any pictures because he was not there, not because i neglected to take pictures of him. He was spending some quality time on vacation to Florida with another cousin and Grandpa and Grandma Seaba!

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Delayed training

While we were in Mexico my 18 week training program for the planned Chicago Marathon started. So, coming home i was already a week behind schedule. Not a huge deal but i do like to follow the schedule fairly closely so i needed to get right on my running when i got home. One of the first runs that i took when i got home, as i jumped a curb and ran across the grass to get to the sidewalk i stepped in a hole of some kind and turned my ankle. No big deal, i was able to run home everything was fine. 

We went to church and when i got up after church the ankle wasn't feeling so great and i noticed that i was starting to limp. When we got home i iced it for a long time. I was scheduled to work (serving) so when i got up from icing my foot and couldn't put any pressure on it at all i freaked out. I kept trying to walk around the house but was unable to bear weight without a whole lot of pain! 

Needless to say i called in to work and we went to urgent care. Thankfully the ankle was not broken but they were not ruling out a stress fracture so he put me in a remove able cast. He thought the whole healing process would be much quicker without the ankle moving. I was very good about leaving my cast on unless i was showering and i healed up quickly and was back to running within a couple of weeks. (i started a bit earlier than i was supposed to) but Johnny made me hop on one foot to prove to him that my ankle was strong enough to go for a run. So, a few weeks behind i finally got to start my marathon training! Thankful it wasn't a lot longer! 
Now...just 20 more posts to catch up! My kids have been nagging me that i never update the blog anymore. I thought life was busy when  the kids were younger, but my goodness...i feel like i am running in all directions now days and rarely find time to sit down and blog! We will see if i  can catch up!