Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My 1 Year Stats

I am 18 lbs (moved up from the 5th to the 11th percentile) woohoo! The dr says i'm gonna be a little petite thing My height is 28 in. (17th percentile) Yeah and i have an average size head they say. Those mean ladies stuck me 3 times in the leg but i got over it pretty fast. Then they say i'm a little anemic so mommy took me to another place while another couple of mean ladies messed with my arm and stuck another needle in it. I screamed my little head off and looked up at mommy holding me but all she did was just kiss my head, that's not what i was looking for mommy- i wanted you all to leave my arms and legs alone. If this is what happens when you have a birthday then maybe i will just stay 1 forever.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sometimes It Doesn't Work....

to hold off nap time. She could easily take two naps, but their is not time between the times of taking and picking up the kids from school so i hold her off and let her take one long one after lunch. Yesterday at 9:30 she was sitting in the living room drinking her bottle with her eyes closed, i left her alone thinking when the bottle was gone she would get up and play but this is how i found her a few minutes later. She slept like this for an hour. Then when i got home from work last night she was sleeping in the middle of the living room floor flat on her back. Johnny said she had just layed down and fell asleep, yesterday must have been an exausting day for her.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Birthday Box

Ethan still containing himself from tearing into the package with Raegan
how many packages of smarties can a 1 yr old hold? About 6
giving my new elephant a love
6 smarties and two stuffed animals, yea i can do this
30 minutes after the package was opened, still mesmerized by her smarties

Raegan got a box in the mail from Grandma & Grandpa Neir for her birthday. Thanks a bunch Grandpa & Grandma, i think you can tell how much she enjoyed it!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Baby is 1 Year Old

August 23rd 2008 ~ 1 year old
August 23rd 2007 ~ less than an hour old

Wow, how a year flies! The first 6 months of Raegan's life were a blurr with little sleep for her and i with all of her skin and allergy problems. Thankfully that all got better with a change in formula and she and i could both get some much needed sleep! She did not start sleeping through the night till just recently, but getting up a couple of times a night was a far cry from her sleeping in the car seat beside my bed, rocking it with my foot while i pretended to be getting a few winks of sleep, or sleeping on the couch or recliner with her and not moving so she didn't wake up and start clawing herself...wheww i have to say i'm sad my baby is growing up but i do not miss those days!

Watching her develop over the last year has been very bittersweet. At each new step it makes me kind of sad, because she is our last and she will be the last to coo at us and go cross-eyed, the last to give us those first smiles, the last to take those first wobbly steps... I can totally see why that last child could easily be spoiled because you just want to keep them your baby forever!

She has been a total joy to our family! Her brothers and sister adore her and don't want her to grow up because they think she "is just so cute right now". She is always on the move and entertains herself very well! She is starting to give us those so slobbery opened mouth kisses that just melt a momma's heart and finally says "momma". It was "dadda" for so long i was thrilled to finally get a "momma"!

We love you so much Raegan! Happy 1st birthday!

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Party Before The Birthday

i want my cake and i want it now!
testing the cake
oh yeah we are going for the big bites now!
this is SO fun!

on a sugar high!
her first present, after this one she had no interest in opening any more
Grandpa Seaba and the birthday girl
enjoying some cake with Grandma Seaba
she got so much frosting on her hands that she just sat there and shook her hands, she wasn't quite sure what to do.

Daddy is going to be out of town on Raegan's birthday so we celebrated last night. We had strawberry cake with strawberry frosting and some raspberry sherbert for our little milk allergic girl. She LOVED the cake and ice cream, was on a sugar high at opening present time and wanted just to run around, and a bit overwhelmed i think by some over zealous gift opening helpers (brothers and sister). I can't believe my bay turns i years old tomorrow!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Goin To The Park

I took Ethan & Raegan to the park today. We stayed and played until their was all of a sudden a horrible smell in the air, i looked over and they were cleaning out the johnny-on-the-spot so i decided it was time to head home, eat some lunch and send the little ones off to "peter pan land".

Friday, August 15, 2008

My "Yittle Airpwain"

After i put Ethan down for a nap today i heard him up in his room so i went in to check on him. He quickly moved towards his bed while still searching for something. He asked "do you know where my "airpwain went? My yittle one? It flew away and i can't find it!" A few minutes laster after being tucked in bed again he shouted "mommy, i found it!" all is well in the world and nap can go on cause the "yittle" plane is found!

Ethan is convinced that Santa mows the lawn at our church. The guy that does the mowing has a long white beard and white hair and is affectionately named "ho ho" aka-santa by Ethan. He will stand out side when he is mowing and yell "hey ho-ho" "ho-ho kindly let Ethan sit on his riding lawn -mower one day and he thought that was the best. He may be listening for the lawn mower on Christmas Eve this year. Ethan was in the Christmas spirit this morning and the whole way home from school was saying just what he is saying in the video...


Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Day Of School

Avery and Trey's first day of school
yesterday we labeled all their school supplies and sharpened 50 pencils!

Avery's first day of 2nd grade
Trey's first day of 4th grade
Avery putting all her things in her desk

Today the kids had a half day of school to start the year off. The morning went very smooth and we were out the door just on time so that we could get to the school and take pictures. Trey decided he would pass on mommy taking pictures at school but Avery wanted me to come to her class and take a picture of her.

The kids were very excited when they came home, they both love their teachers and had a great first day!

My morning was extremely quiet. Raegan was so exausted from waking up so early that she went down for a nap by 9 and i had to wake her to go get the kids.

Monday, August 11, 2008

What? There Is Room For Dinner?

We are still getting used to the table looking so big in our kitchen, probably because our other one was so small
thank goodness for 5 point harness systems in a high chair!!! Why you ask???
this being the very reason-she will not sit and will crawl right out of the high chair

We can actually put serving bowls on the table when we eat dinner! Yay, it's the little things in life :). Johnny's parents got a new set of table and chairs, so we were given their old set. We like to wait till we outgrow things to the fullest extent around here :) The little farmhouse table with 4 chairs just wasn't cutting it, although we were making do. It was so fun to cook dinner tonight and put EVERYTHING on the table! Raegan's seat will have to wait for her a little longer for she will be in her 5 point harness for the time being! The thought of her in a booster... no thanks!

Ahhh Naptime!

This summer nap time for Ethan has been pretty much non-existent, not that he doesn't need one (he desperately does) but i just haven't been very successful at keeping a regular nap schedule with the two oldest out of school-with each of the little ones (yep i was a "little" one and now i am using the term with my kids as well) using up a bedroom the oldest two have nowhere to go, sooo therefore naps were most of the time skipped leaving a very cranky boy! Today Trey and Avery are spending the day with Grandma and i am having a few hours of NAPTIME a.k.a.: a time to get things done!

The kids start school on Thursday, i bought the last school supply item that we needed today so we are set to go. We go on Wednesday to get their classroom assignments (Trey is crossing his fingers for a particular teacher that he wants. Avery is just excited period, she is pretty sure her teacher is going to be super nice. She has been freshening up on her reading skills lately. One thing left to do...label all the school that is something for during naptime for sure!!

Friday, August 01, 2008


Today we were killing time waiting to go pick up Trey, the kids were driving me nutso, so i put on some music, turned it up, and let them dance. Raegan has the cutest little jig that she does any time she hears music come on. It kept them busy and happy for awhile!