Thursday, February 21, 2013

Finally fit for14

Trey put up with having trucks on his curtains and on his walls into his teen years. I have promised him that as soon as i could he was getting a "new" room! The other day while the kids were at school i shopped all afternoon for things for the boys new room. I had already purchased new sheet sets and blankets several months ago and had a plan in my head but just needed to get all of the stuff and needed to take my hubby to the paint store because i don't do well with paint choices and it stresses me out BIG time!!

When we moved into our house over 13 years ago John drew a mural on Trey's bedroom wall. Lot's of hours of painting and drawing. Last night it took about 1 minute to cover it all up! Of course it made a Mama a little sad that my boys are pretty much done with trucks and moving on to sword collections...

There wasn't a whole lot of daylight when i took this picture tonight so the colors don't show very well 
We did 3 gray walls and 1 smoky black wall. We took advantage of the snow day and John painted last night and today and got it all done. I don't have a picture of the black wall because it was still tacky tonight and we couldn't decorate it yet.

I went to Walmart last night to get some more pillowcases and a bean bag chair for the corner of their room and found this little bean bag chair. Most comfortable little thing ever! I told Trey and Ethan i might hang out in their room during the day while they are at school just to sit in their chair!

I was happy to finally get this project mostly complete! The boys love their new room!

Monday, February 18, 2013

A new ride

We recently made a pretty big purchase! After our beloved "goldie" (yes, we name all of our vehicles) had a rough night on Trey's birthday, we decided that it might be time for something new(er). 

I was driving down the highway and went over a bump and something did not feel right so i slowed down a little but kept driving because i didn't know what else to do. Another bump and the back axle bit the dust. Scared the living daylights out of me but thankfully i was able to pull off the highway safely! 

Our insurance towed our van back to our house and as i was laying in bed that night i started googling info on the back axle on 2000 Ford Windstars...yea, that brought up a whole lot of information! Huge numbers of these vehicles were recalled in all of the cold weather states surrounding us for this very problem. The salt that is used to treat the roads corrodes the undercarriage and causes it to eventually break. KS was excluded in this because we evidently take better care of our roads???

We called the Ford dealership just to check to see if by chance we were under this recall but the above is what we found out....The dealership advised we bring it in and they would take up our case with Ford and try to get it paid for! Our insurance company again towed it to the dealership. It was a bit of a lengthy process as Ford wanted a whole lot of pictures from the dealership but in the end, they approved the repairs and replaced the entire undercarriage front and back axles without any cost to us!

We decided during this whole process that it was time for a newer vehicle anyway so we looked around a bit and ended up back looking at the Chrysler town and Country's. We fell in love with them last summer when we were looking at them. I had my heart set on black but John won with stone white which i ended up really liking. The kids love it and i need to get a picture of all four with their headphones on watching a movie! It is blissfully quiet!!

I am very happy to have something reliable that is going to last us for hopefully lot's and lots of miles!

Our 2012 Chrysler Town and Country