Thursday, February 21, 2013

Finally fit for14

Trey put up with having trucks on his curtains and on his walls into his teen years. I have promised him that as soon as i could he was getting a "new" room! The other day while the kids were at school i shopped all afternoon for things for the boys new room. I had already purchased new sheet sets and blankets several months ago and had a plan in my head but just needed to get all of the stuff and needed to take my hubby to the paint store because i don't do well with paint choices and it stresses me out BIG time!!

When we moved into our house over 13 years ago John drew a mural on Trey's bedroom wall. Lot's of hours of painting and drawing. Last night it took about 1 minute to cover it all up! Of course it made a Mama a little sad that my boys are pretty much done with trucks and moving on to sword collections...

There wasn't a whole lot of daylight when i took this picture tonight so the colors don't show very well 
We did 3 gray walls and 1 smoky black wall. We took advantage of the snow day and John painted last night and today and got it all done. I don't have a picture of the black wall because it was still tacky tonight and we couldn't decorate it yet.

I went to Walmart last night to get some more pillowcases and a bean bag chair for the corner of their room and found this little bean bag chair. Most comfortable little thing ever! I told Trey and Ethan i might hang out in their room during the day while they are at school just to sit in their chair!

I was happy to finally get this project mostly complete! The boys love their new room!


Val said...

Looks terrific!

Our Plain Life said...

What's funny, I am looking at adding trucks and tractors to the walls in Landon's room. :) Cool "makeover." So much more mature. ;)