Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy 7th birthday to our blondie

Ethan turned 7 on October 11th!


 He wanted to laser tag for his birthday so he and his good bud Mile and their siblings went at it for the Friday evening and then we ate some pizza.

You will always be our little blonde hair blue eyed miracle that God blessed us with Ethan! We love you and hope you had a special birthday!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

7 years and a field trip

It happened that Ethan's 1st grade class field trip to the pumpkin patch and Louisburg Cider Mill was on his 7th birthday. For a 7 year old that is fantastic news! A friend and i tagged along behind the bus and spent the day with our first graders.

Ethan's class...

having lunch on the hay stack

and then doing what just comes naturally to every 7 year old...

They loaded up the bus again and headed to the cider mill. I have never been there so i enjoyed the little tour and then i indulged in not 1 but two cider slushies! Oh my word, if you have never had one you have got to try one....SO good!

Happy 7th birthday Ethan!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Red Barn Farm

In October Raegan's kindergarten class visited the Red Barn Farm in Weston. I got to tag along with her class on the bus. It was a nice warmer day in Oct. Perfect weather for the pumpkin patch!

 Raegan picked a special little pumpkin and if you saw my facebook status was distraught when the pumpkin started rotting and finally was thrown away by Daddy! Because Mommy didn't have the heart. The tears and the watching her go out and write one more little heart on her pumpkin made me decide i would keep her pumpkin there till spring if that is what it took.


Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Cross country 2012

Trey and Avery each participated in cross country this fall. Avery was very much opposed to doing cross country going into school but i convinced her to give it a try and she ended up loving it and can't wait till track season. My "i do not like to run" little girl has ended up actually enjoying running much to her momma's delight!

6th grade girls lined up to run...

 coming in to the finish line. Finished her mile in 7:26 impressing her Dad and Mom!

I just realized that these photos are all mixed up so this is her second meet ready to run below...

her first loop of the course...

after her second meet with her dad...

8th graders taking off in the second meet

Trey on his first loop of the course on his two mile run (2nd meet)

Coming in to the finish of his 2nd meet finishing in 11:52!! We were extremely proud of him!!

Avery and i after her first meet

8th grade lined up for their first meet

rounding loop 1 first meet

rounding the corner to the finish on his first meet

Very proud of both Trey and Avery and the hard work they put in. Running every day after school and running hard and doing their best on race days! Great job guys! You should be proud of yourselves!