Thursday, May 28, 2009

Friends, food and flower clips

We enjoyed having Josh and Val and Joe and Michelle over for dinner. Later in the evening we broke out the craft boxes and had fun making clips for their girls. Josh and Val are headed back to the PI (can't spell it correctly, apparently so i'll abbreviate) so unfortunately we won't be able to do this again any time soon. We had fun guys, i'm so glad we were all able to get together!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Pool party in the rain

a pool full of cousins
raegan and brooklyn watching the older ones swim
please let the poor frog go!
a pretty physical game of pool basketball
potty time on the hill
Raegan hanging out with Grandma
my little warrior
It was a cloudy rainy day in KC, but that didn't keep the kids OR the dads from the pool! We went out to my brother's for Memorial Day. My Dad & Mom, Aunt Liz and Grandma even made a day trip and came up for the day.

The pool is heated so the kids swam most of the day in the rain and had a blast! I never did put Raegan in the pool, and thank goodness she was pretty content to just watch!

Tomorrow is the first official "summer break" day. I just finished turning off my cell the fun begin! We already used our pool passes Saturday and can't wait to use them LOTS!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Have you ever?

I was sitting at work the other night at the dr's office with a gigantic headache thinking "man, that tylenol didn't touch my headache!" When i got home from work Johnny and i were cleaning off the kitchen counters and he said "Elisa, you can't leave these white pills laying around with Raegan" I said "NO WONDER i still have a headache!" Johnny just shook his head. Sooo tylenol does still work if you can just remember to put the pills in your mouth...i tell ya some times you are just trying to do too many things at once as a least that's what i'm blaming it on!

Tonight Avery and i had a little girl's night. We went to Chili's and ate and then went to Target to pick up some nail polish and Avery's prescription for her massive ear infection...then we headed to the park to do our nails...the night was beautiful and the company was a little sweetheart. When i tucked her in tonight she said "i can't wait till the next time mommy" I am sporting a neon yellow nail polish tonight by the way if anyone wants to borrow it! :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

soccer marathon

Trey getting some action
just hanging out at the goal waiting for some action
umm close those eyes Avery, your supposed to be praying!
Avery playing defender
this isn't hard at all mom!
who's child is this??
Avery and Emma, yep it's decided they are friends for life
Raegan roaming the fields
who knows what these boys might be scheming!
Raegan wiped out by the fourth game of the day

We had a full day of soccer games today. They each had two games starting at 11 am and the last one at 2 pm. The morning started out chilly but ended up being a beautiful day! It was a very relaxing day , we enjoyed hanging out with friends and watching all the kiddos play! Trey got 2 goals and Avery got one. Way to go guys!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I remember

I knew the phone ringing after 11 pm was not good, even though i knew for several days now that the phone call was heart sank when it actually did. Grandpa Tucker had gone to be with Jesus. It's a happy and a sad day both. He lived a full life, yet we will miss him very much!

I remember going to the farm in Salina and seeing all of Grandpa's big farm machinery, and being in awe of how huge those combines were and that Grandpa actually drove them! I remember hearing Grandpa sing in church when they would come visit with his big strong voice, i remember Grandpa always wearing suspenders, i remember "getting whiskers" when he would rub his scruffy cheeks on ours, i remember his Christmas socks that he wore every year, i remember his "i'm gonna get your gizzard", i remember him getting emotional at the Thanksgiving table giving thanks and watching the whole table try to hold it together when Grandpa cried. These are just a very few memories of my Grandpa Tucker.

I am thankful for a Grandpa that loved God and left a Godly heritage for his children, grandchildren and his great- grandchildren. The youngest of the great- grand kids might not remember Grandpa but will certainly be told about their ornery Great Grandpa!

I will miss seeing Grandpa but happy that he is in a much better place, walking the streets of gold and probably stopping in at the corner donut shop for some coffee, and i'm quite certain it's the best coffee he ever had!

We love you Grandpa, you left an impression on all of our lives!

Monday, May 11, 2009

sittin by the fire

Johnny has been working hard at completing our privacy fence around our back patio...he completed the gate the other night and the pile of pavers sitting behind us is his next major project...he's going to cover the cracked patio. We spend most every Friday night now by the fire.

10 days...that is what the kids have left of school. They were excitedly talking about all of our summer plans this morning on the way to school. The pool opens the day after school get's out so we are hoping for a warm weekend so we can start off the summer using our passes!

I didn't get a picture but Trey had his best soccer game ever scoring 2 goals this weekend. Daddy almost ripped his shirt off and ran out on the field! :)

Thursday, May 07, 2009

cute little lady in a hat

miss serious
I am on my little library outing...yea still no computer at the house. Adjusting a little bit to this but my winding down time after work is just sitting at my computer so that drives me a little nutsy. I have been having lot's of time to keep the house clean and laundry you would think should be caught up...not so, i'm afraid to say. I now refuse to bring the youngest two with me to update due to our last incident that involved a lost, crying boy with a librarian looking for me...he was supposed to be with big brother i swear!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

wiped out at 11 am

I was getting ready to go somewhere and it was not naptime yet! (i enjoy my kids naptime!!) I woke the poor girl up so we could run our errands...

Sunday, May 03, 2009

What the kids are up to...

TREY- *won't let me comb his hair, says "all the boys have messy hair" i do insist on combing down the hair sticking straight up!
* is never full and is "starving" as soon as he finishes a meal.
* has an airplane tree house planned and designed on paper, ready for daddy to build.
* is enjoying playing soccer with his buddies from kindergarten and 1st grade that he
went to private school with.
* stays up at night in his bed drawing and writing stories
* has been improving in math!!!
AVERY * loves to read, her favorites being mystery books right now. She will
walk through a store with her nose in a book.
* takes extremely LONG showers!
* loves to sing and claimed daddy's casting crowns cd as her own and knows every song.
* talks in her sleep all the time...i have tried stating a conversation with her but
it doesn't work...
* is getting close to losing the first of one of her front two teeth
* changes clothes as SOON as she get's home from school.
ETHAN* favorite lunch is a cheese and peanut butter sandwich.
* races me to his bed at nap time every day always winning of course but has
but has informed me that someday he will let me win.
* says " God is bowling" when it thunderstorms. Was just recently told this
and believes it wholeheartedly!
* wouldn't know what to do in life if he didn't own his giraffe boots
or his crocs!
* is a big boy and dresses himself in the morning and for bed.
*get's really upset if the kids don't say goodbye to him when they get out of
the van to go to school!
RAEGAN* has started being a pickier eater...turning her nose up to things she
once liked.
* has mastered the art of fit throwing, even if it means hitting her head on the
* has taken her monkey business to a new level when she feel out of her
crib head first into her hamper.
* is obsessed with two things in mommy's purse...gum and lipstick which we spent 30
minutes scrubbing out of the rug the other night.
* goes to the toilet and lifts her shirt and sticks her tummy out with Ethan
whenever he pees.
* has to have her baby doll tucked in with her at naptime.