Friday, May 22, 2009

Have you ever?

I was sitting at work the other night at the dr's office with a gigantic headache thinking "man, that tylenol didn't touch my headache!" When i got home from work Johnny and i were cleaning off the kitchen counters and he said "Elisa, you can't leave these white pills laying around with Raegan" I said "NO WONDER i still have a headache!" Johnny just shook his head. Sooo tylenol does still work if you can just remember to put the pills in your mouth...i tell ya some times you are just trying to do too many things at once as a least that's what i'm blaming it on!

Tonight Avery and i had a little girl's night. We went to Chili's and ate and then went to Target to pick up some nail polish and Avery's prescription for her massive ear infection...then we headed to the park to do our nails...the night was beautiful and the company was a little sweetheart. When i tucked her in tonight she said "i can't wait till the next time mommy" I am sporting a neon yellow nail polish tonight by the way if anyone wants to borrow it! :)


Michelle said...

Sounds like fun! Maybe I can borrow that yellow nail polish!

Kerry Shealy said...

Sometimes I wonder how many times a day I brush my teeth, or do other things because when I think about it...I wonder if I did it and then I go do it, but I had probably already done it anyway.

I love dates with my kids! I was sporting blue nail polish with Lauren last weekend!