Sunday, May 03, 2009

What the kids are up to...

TREY- *won't let me comb his hair, says "all the boys have messy hair" i do insist on combing down the hair sticking straight up!
* is never full and is "starving" as soon as he finishes a meal.
* has an airplane tree house planned and designed on paper, ready for daddy to build.
* is enjoying playing soccer with his buddies from kindergarten and 1st grade that he
went to private school with.
* stays up at night in his bed drawing and writing stories
* has been improving in math!!!
AVERY * loves to read, her favorites being mystery books right now. She will
walk through a store with her nose in a book.
* takes extremely LONG showers!
* loves to sing and claimed daddy's casting crowns cd as her own and knows every song.
* talks in her sleep all the time...i have tried stating a conversation with her but
it doesn't work...
* is getting close to losing the first of one of her front two teeth
* changes clothes as SOON as she get's home from school.
ETHAN* favorite lunch is a cheese and peanut butter sandwich.
* races me to his bed at nap time every day always winning of course but has
but has informed me that someday he will let me win.
* says " God is bowling" when it thunderstorms. Was just recently told this
and believes it wholeheartedly!
* wouldn't know what to do in life if he didn't own his giraffe boots
or his crocs!
* is a big boy and dresses himself in the morning and for bed.
*get's really upset if the kids don't say goodbye to him when they get out of
the van to go to school!
RAEGAN* has started being a pickier eater...turning her nose up to things she
once liked.
* has mastered the art of fit throwing, even if it means hitting her head on the
* has taken her monkey business to a new level when she feel out of her
crib head first into her hamper.
* is obsessed with two things in mommy's purse...gum and lipstick which we spent 30
minutes scrubbing out of the rug the other night.
* goes to the toilet and lifts her shirt and sticks her tummy out with Ethan
whenever he pees.
* has to have her baby doll tucked in with her at naptime.

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