Thursday, January 31, 2013

Avery turns 12

January is birthday month at the Seaba house! Avery is 12 years old! Can't hardly believe it! She had a choir festival at school on her birthday so had a fun day at school. We ate at pizza shoppe for dinner because Avery's favorite food is pizza and the girl can put more pizza down than her big brother!

She is celebrating this weekend with a couple of her friends from school. We are going to go to an indoor water park and  slide and swim the night away!

Avery was my little chunk when she was born. She weighed 9lb 2 oz and following Seaba tradition had a full head of hair! My sisters commented that she looked like a little toddler when she came out :)

Today, you would never know she was a chunky little baby! She is tall and lean! She takes tumbling and has recently mentioned going out for cheerleading next year in 7th grade. She ran cross country this past fall and is very excited for track season. She is especially excited to run the 800 because she loves that distance!

She can often be found sitting in her room curling or straightening her hair. She loves to shop, she loves stuffed animals and was super excited to receiver her very first American Girl doll from Grandma  "mckenna". She was on the honor roll this year at conference time so was very excited!  


We love you Avery and are so proud of you and so happy you are a part of our family! Happy Birthday!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Trey turns 14!

Some handsome dude in this family just decided to turn 14! His birthday party was not without excitement as the back axle on our van broke while i was on the highway to go pick up pizza and the wheels literally almost fell off...more on that in another post.

In some ways it seems like yesterday this little guy was born and in others it feels so loong ago! He was by far an "easy baby"! He slept through the night by 6 weeks (little did i know he would be my last to do that!), napped like a trooper and was a pretty easy going kid! He had to have his first hair cut when he was 3 months old because he looked like a little monkey and it was so unruly!

Today he is happy go lucky 14 year old.  He is in the 8th grade. He loves to write stories, play xbox, run cross country and track and hang out with his friends, and likes to torture his cat and still believes that he can train it to do things a dog would do!  He has a contagious laugh and a great sense of  humor!


Happy Birthday Trey! We love you and look forward to see what you have ahead of you in life!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas continued

Since it is mid January i suppose it is time to finish blogging about Christmas!

On Christmas Day we spent the day with John's side of the family. 

Trey and his cousin Dylan bought for each other...

Raegan got a little porcelain doll  who sleeps in this little box at the end of her bed

Avery got hooked up with some cute boots!

Ethan talked about how Grandpa promised him last year he would get him a remote control truck this Christmas. Grandpa came through just like Ethan knew he would!

Dylan was way more creative with the 20 bucks he gave Trey than Trey was with the 20 bucks he gave Dylan...

Avery and Grandma Seaba

This picture just reminds me just how fast she is growing up...she just looks so grown up to me in this picture...

John's brother David was leaving for Afghanistan the day after Christmas for a year so it will be awhile before the original Seaba family will all be able to be together again. 

Our family snap shot on Christmas Day...

Raegan playing on Grandma's kindle fire...

It was a great Christmas! I hated not being able to be with my side of the family at all this time around but it was relaxing not doing any traveling/packing/unpacking. After Christmas for me it takes about a week to reorganize the house with all the new gifts/toys and things (not that it's a bad problem to have of course) I think i lasted about 3 days after Christmas till i took the tree down...that's much better than some previous years! :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Eve and morning

Our Christmas plans were to go to my parents on Sunday morning and spend Christmas Eve in Hutchinson and then head back home late Christmas Eve to be with the Seaba side on Christmas Day. Our plans went right out the window when i was unable to take Sunday night off (just too many people gone and it is my regular shift) so instead we stayed home and went to our church's Christmas Eve candle light service which was very nice. John's parents were able to join us for the service and then we went out to Jose Peppers afterwards. Our kids were getting pretty antsy because they get to open 1one gift on Christmas Eve. We actually let them open a couple because we had so many since we had everything at our house from the Neir side.

These pictures are a mix of Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at our house...

Ethan's cousin got him just what he wanted! I think i have been punched with these fists more times than i can count...

Ethan was pretty impressed with his stack...

Trey was completely shocked to open his x-box game that he had been dying to get...especially after he got the first present that he opened which is further down...

Raegan got a princess Bible so that she has her very own Bible to take to Sunday school

Grandma Neir got her a new outfit for her American Girl doll that she got her for her birthday

Ethan had asked for a KU sweatshirt and Santa delivered!

 I had been shopping with Avery at the store and she came carrying this bear over and asked if i would get it for her for Christmas. She loves stuffed animals...always has and always will if you ask her. When she put it back on the shelf she gave it a hug and said "I will see you on my bed on Christmas Day" 

Pretty sure every middle school girl is in love with this group...her cousin hooked her up!

stocking time...

Raegan loved her cuddle blanket from her cousin. 

Avery and Trey had a present wrapped together that we made them open at the same time...they were pretty happy to each open an ipod touch. Yay for black Friday deals!

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Hey Santa

We went to Bass Pro to visit Santa again this year. We lucked out in the timing and had no more than a 5 minute wait! 

Raegan freaked out when he asked her what she wanted and told him "rudolph the red nosed reindeer" so was worried after that he wouldn't know what she really wanted. I assured her i could update him.

They have so many little activities for the kids to do while they are there including riding the reindeer. 

(No, Raegan didn't get glasses...she just likes wearing her big sister's attitude glasses)

The last day of school was party day of course and holiday sing a long and pretty much just a full day of hanging out at the school

Raegan got to perform with the spirit squad. I think her favorite part of this was the 1 2 3...


Ethan's class made his principal (left) and his teacher into snowmen. It was so cute and the kids had so much fun doing it!