Thursday, January 31, 2013

Avery turns 12

January is birthday month at the Seaba house! Avery is 12 years old! Can't hardly believe it! She had a choir festival at school on her birthday so had a fun day at school. We ate at pizza shoppe for dinner because Avery's favorite food is pizza and the girl can put more pizza down than her big brother!

She is celebrating this weekend with a couple of her friends from school. We are going to go to an indoor water park and  slide and swim the night away!

Avery was my little chunk when she was born. She weighed 9lb 2 oz and following Seaba tradition had a full head of hair! My sisters commented that she looked like a little toddler when she came out :)

Today, you would never know she was a chunky little baby! She is tall and lean! She takes tumbling and has recently mentioned going out for cheerleading next year in 7th grade. She ran cross country this past fall and is very excited for track season. She is especially excited to run the 800 because she loves that distance!

She can often be found sitting in her room curling or straightening her hair. She loves to shop, she loves stuffed animals and was super excited to receiver her very first American Girl doll from Grandma  "mckenna". She was on the honor roll this year at conference time so was very excited!  


We love you Avery and are so proud of you and so happy you are a part of our family! Happy Birthday!!


Val said...

What a great girl!!! Happy Birthday! We're excited to hang out with you guys on Sunday. =)

Barbie said...

Happy 12th birthday, Avery! You are becoming a lady now :) Enjoy your birthday celebration this weekend!