Sunday, November 03, 2013

Delayed training

While we were in Mexico my 18 week training program for the planned Chicago Marathon started. So, coming home i was already a week behind schedule. Not a huge deal but i do like to follow the schedule fairly closely so i needed to get right on my running when i got home. One of the first runs that i took when i got home, as i jumped a curb and ran across the grass to get to the sidewalk i stepped in a hole of some kind and turned my ankle. No big deal, i was able to run home everything was fine. 

We went to church and when i got up after church the ankle wasn't feeling so great and i noticed that i was starting to limp. When we got home i iced it for a long time. I was scheduled to work (serving) so when i got up from icing my foot and couldn't put any pressure on it at all i freaked out. I kept trying to walk around the house but was unable to bear weight without a whole lot of pain! 

Needless to say i called in to work and we went to urgent care. Thankfully the ankle was not broken but they were not ruling out a stress fracture so he put me in a remove able cast. He thought the whole healing process would be much quicker without the ankle moving. I was very good about leaving my cast on unless i was showering and i healed up quickly and was back to running within a couple of weeks. (i started a bit earlier than i was supposed to) but Johnny made me hop on one foot to prove to him that my ankle was strong enough to go for a run. So, a few weeks behind i finally got to start my marathon training! Thankful it wasn't a lot longer! 
Now...just 20 more posts to catch up! My kids have been nagging me that i never update the blog anymore. I thought life was busy when  the kids were younger, but my goodness...i feel like i am running in all directions now days and rarely find time to sit down and blog! We will see if i  can catch up!

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