Sunday, September 01, 2013

Mexico 2013

Avery was checking the blog the other day and said "are you ever going to do another blog post, your last one was in July and that was a long time ago!" Soo, i decided to get my rear in gear and get a blog post up. 

Back at the beginning of the summer John and i went back to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico to celebrate 18 years. We went to the same resort that we went to a couple of years ago because we love it there!

This is the courtyard of the building that we stayed in...

We had amazing weather! No rain which made us very happy since we had a couple days of rain last time!

One of my favorite parts is going out to fancy dinners every night! Just chill all day long on the beach and in the pool and then everyone gets dressed up for the evenings. John decided to follow my lead this year in what to order since he ordered some doozies last year. I just order anything that i recognize some of the words in the description...that's is the safest option! The food was amazing every night!

We did our little shopping night to Playa again this year to shop for souvenirs for the kids

Since we ate a lot it was good that we walked a lot too. Didn't make us feel quite so guilty. This was the walkway to the main buffet that we ate breakfast at and lunch. We finally wore my garmin one day to see how far it felt like much longer but it was only .4 mile.

our home away from home for the week... 

This year we decided to do an excursion so we went ATV riding through the jungle and then went snorkeling. Absolute blast! I would lie if i didn't say i was terrified on the atvs while in the jungle...driving over some of the rocks we did i was sure i was going to flip mine! 

This was our snorkeling destination. I have never snorkeled and am very claustrophobic so was very nervous for this but ended up loving it. As long as i stayed under the water i didn't panic but when i came up and then went back under i would have a slight feeling of i just stayed under most of the time!

We also had a little tour of the caves while we were in the jungle...pretty cool!

This part was my favorite since it was very level ground and you could fly! And so beautiful!!

It was such and amazing trip! I was ready to see my kids though,5 days was just the right amount of time! Can't wait to do it again some day!!

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Val said...

Oh, SO FUN! It makes we want to go back to MX! :) I'm glad you had such a great time. We'll have to double-date to MX one of these years :)