Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hospital Hill 2013

The beginning of June was the Hospital Hill half marathon. This is a half marathon that i love and hate at the same time! The word hill in the title...well there are 4 hills in this race that have names if that tells you anything! I have been out of town the past two years for it so i was excited to be able to run this year.  I worked the night before and then headed down to the hotel where my parents had a room right by the start and finish line! They were so nice to let my sister, nice and i crash in their room! It is so nice to just walk out to the start line in the morning and avoid having to stress about traffic!

A friend of mine had asked if i would run on her daughter's team. She had shirts made up for the team...

The first 6 miles of the race felt great. My only real goal was to beat my previous time on this course from several years ago (2:01) At 6 miles this race became a beast of a mind battle for me! Everything in me wanted to stop and walk on some of the hills and i did about 4 times. My stomach hurt, my legs felt dead...it just pretty much sucked...but once i got to within 3 miles i gutted it out and ran it in. The smile on my face was only because my parents and hubby were loudly cheering me in...and i was soo stinking happy to be done! Oh, and it is a down hill finish, that always helps!

My parents both ran the 5k so we didn't get to cheer them in since they finished long before us. We did get to cheer in my sis June...

With Trey having had a seasonal job this past Spring and early summer, John was not going to be able to come to the race as he needed to take Trey to work. At the last minute he arranged to have his parents take him (Thanks Dad and Mom Seaba!) so that he could come down to cheer me on. Even though sometimes he gets sick of the hours that i spend running, he does love coming out to support me and i always love coming to the finish line when he is there hollering at me to keep moving!

Even though i was not happy with how i ran this race i did beat my previous time on this course. My finishing time was 1:57.

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