Thursday, September 22, 2011

First jogathon

Every year the kid's school does one major fundraiser...jogathon. This year it was in the evening which was nice because Daddy could go watch the kids too. Ethan's group was up first and he was ready to run. I missed getting a picture of a lot of the kids down doing push ups for their warm up...very cute!

Ethan was off and running. After the first lap i joined him and ran with him. He would have little bursts of energy when he would take off sprinting when one of his classmates would come up and say his name and he would race them and take off and leave mommy

they would get a wrist band each time around and he got 23 wristbands! Way to go Ethan! He went on to run during Avery's run to get another 12. When i took this picture he had already cooled down, i wihs i had gotten a picture of his bright red face right after running

Up last were the 4th and 5th graders. Here is Avery, a little more interested in chatting with her friends than anything else

I ran with her a couple of laps and then Daddy wanted to run with her so ran the rest of the way with her. I believe she got 25 laps but i'm sure she will correct me if i'm wrong. She was way more excited for her first tumbling class that was taking place after the jogathon than running. I think her close to exact words were. "sorry mommy i'm your girl but i just don't like running, so i'm not your running girl" :)

And they were off...and so was my camera...after this picture my camera batter went dead so that was the end of the pictures for the evening...

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